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Metzger Completes World Record Backflip

If you read my article yesterday, you know that Mike Metzger was planning to attempt a world record 110′ backflip today in Las Vegas. Metzger’s record attempt, coinciding with both the 40th anniversary of Caesar’s Palace and the release of the movie Mission Impossible III, went off without a hitch this evening and was televised live on ESPN.

After around 45 minutes of fanfare and hype, the jump itself was almost anticlimactic; Metzger pulled the backflip off with his typical relaxed ease, landing almost perfectly with the front wheel just a tad high. His back wheel contacted the landing ramp what appeared to be a little more than halfway down, giving him enough distance to easily snare the Guinness World Record certification.

No word yet on audience numbers for the jump, but we expect that freestyle motocross in general, and Metzger in particular, have gained quite a few new fans today.

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