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BMW May Release ‘Conventional’ Sportbike to Coincide With MotoGP Involvement

The recent proliferation of rumors regarding BMW’s probable involvement in MotoGP (starting in 2007) have left us wondering what marketing benefit the German manufacturer hopes to gain from competing in the world’s premier roadracing series.

Although BMW has recently begun to revamp their image by releasing more performance-oriented models like the four-cylinder K1200S, the firm has yet to let go of their fixation on unconventional design features such as their Duolever and Paralever suspension systems. However, if they do participate in MotoGP in 2007 as rumored, their entry is almost certain to be a much more conventional racing machine, with many similarities to the bikes being raced by Ducati and the Japanese manufacturers. This means that it will have little to connect it in the consumer’s mind with their road-going models.

Logically, this means that BMW must be planning to introduce a more conventional ultra-high performance sportbike to coincide with and take advantage of their MotoGP venture. This machine would probably use an aluminum frame and conventional forks and shock, similar to the design of current Japanese literbikes.

As for the engine, no one knows exactly what BMW is planning, but the road bike is likely to use the same layout and number of cylinders as their race machine (currently rumored to be an inline triple).

We know that BMW is trying to attain the same performance image for their motorcycle line as they have with their automotive ‘M’ models. A conventionally-designed superbike with the power and handling to battle with Japan’s best could be just what they need to revamp their image and attract younger buyers looking for something just a little different (but not TOO different) from the now-standard formula offered by the Japanese 1000s.

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