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Harley-Davidson Reveals XR1200 Prototype Targeted at European Market

Harley-Davidson chose the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne as the venue in which to unveil the XR1200 ‘prototype’, which, if it reaches production, will be the sportiest H-D product in quite some time. Revealing a new model at a European show is very unusual for Harley-Davidson, and this bike’s appearance at Intermot further emphasizes the company’s statement that the XR1200 is targeted at the European market, where H-D has experienced huge growth in the last few years.

The XR1200 features styling inspired by Harley-Davidson’s famous (or notorious, if you raced against them on any other brand!) XR750 dirt-track machines, and is powered by a specially tuned version of the company’s venerable 1200cc air-cooled V-Twin. The motor features downdraft fuel injection, and is claimed to produce an impressive 85-90hp.

The XR1200 appears to feature a tubular steel chassis, with suspension duties taken care of by sporty 43mm USD Showa forks up front, carrying an eighteen-inch ‘lightweight cast-aluminum wheel’ wrapped in a Dunlop Qualifier tire (120/70ZR18) and slowed by twin four-piston Nissin calipers clamping dual discs. Out back, an aluminum swingarm is damped by twin side-mounted shocks (likely also from Showa), and carries a seventeen-inch, cast-aluminum wheel, this one with a Dunlop Qualifier sized 180/55ZR17.

The use of the word ‘prototype’, rather than ‘concept’ to describe the XR1200, is a strong hint that this bike will be coming to production sometime soon. Further hints can be found in the extremely ‘finished’ look of the prototype – it even features reflectors, which we’ve never seen before on a concept bike. Although it was apparently designed to target the European market, it seems unlikely that Harley-Davidson – THE American motorcycle company – would fail to offer the bike in the US as well, especially if it receives the enthusiastic reaction we expect its dirt-track style will bring from American enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more info.

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