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Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

Suzuki UK’s SV650 Sport Would Appeal To Young First-Time Buyers in the US

The photo above shows Suzuki’s new SV650 Sport, which is being sold in the UK this year. The Sport is identical to the standard SV650S (with lower bar position than the naked SV650) with the exception of the attractive full fairing and rear seat cowl. It retails for a mere $190 (100 British Pounds) more than the standard bike.

The SV650 has been the subject of almost universal praise from the press since its introduction, and the current model is one of the best bargains on the market. Typically considered an excellent beginner bike, the SV650 has an extremely competent chassis and a real-world useable motor that make it fun even for experienced riders.

The problem? The young, testosterone-driven males that are an important category of new bike consumers are typically attracted to the look of the fully-faired, race-replica sportbikes. With all their buddies riding 600 sportbikes, few of these new riders will choose an SV650, even though it is probably a better bike for most inexperienced riders than the current crop of 600 four-cylinder sportbikes (which produce more than 100 wheel horsepower). With a bike that looks this sharp, a new rider wouldn’t look out of place riding with a group of current sportbikes.

Of course, there is a fully-faired 650 twin available in the US – the Kawasaki Ninja 650. However, the Ninja 650 is not meant to look as edgy as modern four-cylinder sportbikes. The Ninja 650 also has dirt-bike style bars that give a much more upright riding position. A great beginner bike, to be sure (see our first ride), but it doesn’t seem quite as sportbike-like as the SV650 Sport. Remember, we’re talking about a bike intended to pull young, first-time buyer’s eyes away from a modern 600 sportbike.

Another attraction the SV650 Sport would have for young, first-time buyers is the massive variety of aftermarket parts available for the SV650. Any suspension, brake or engine parts designed for the current SV650 would fit the Sport model. Since these young buyers come from a generation that thrives on taking standard economy cars like Honda Civics and modifying them to increase performance, the appeal of improving an SV650 to let it keep pace with a 600 sportbike in the canyons is clear.

The inclination of these young males to modify their vehicles could benefit Suzuki in another way. If Suzuki offered a comprehensive accessory line for the SV650 Sport, featuring upgrades for both performance (exhaust system, camshafts) and looks (carbon fiber body panels), it would make this bike even more attractive to younger buyers.

Let’s hope Suzuki brings the SV650 Sport to the US.

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