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Mac Motorcycles – Stripping Away Technology and Plastic

It may be an odd way of putting it, but “retro” isn’t new. It seems every modern manufacturer has a bike designed to look like something out of the past. Mac Motorcycles is a new venture that is not purely focused on retro design, but rather de-contenting of motorcycles, both in terms of technology and bodywork, in order to reach the “essence of motorcycling.”

Indeed, Mac Motorcycles describes its goals as the following:

  • Simple to maintain.
  • Nothing surplus-to-requirements.
  • Chopper and bobber references/details.
  • The lines of a rigid frame but with suspension.
  • Use a Buell ‘Blast’ motor and exploit its shape.
  • Harley posture, flat-tracker manners, Ducati handling.
  • Exploit the power-to-weight ratio of a 500cc single in a lightweight chassis.
  • A return to the spirit of motorcycling – the journey is the experience / story.

Pictured above (and on our home page) is the Pea Shooter model, one of four models that would employ essentially the same frame and engine (a Buell Blast single-cylinder, air-cooled, two-valve, pushrod 492cc engine with 5-speed transmission). Good for 34 hp without the hop-up kit (that can take the simple engine all the way to a claimed 50 hp). The Blast unit seems to fit well with the Mac design principles.

We have seen reference to prices beginning at well over $10,000, and there is no indication when Macs might become available (if ever). Nevertheless, the intention is to market these in Europe, as well as the United States. Let us know what you think about the Pea Shooter and the other three designs shown on Mac’s web site here.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • perfect styling but need a better engine (honda 650 thumper?) for $10k
  • The bikes themselves are not a bad idea. Light and simple and economical is cool. However, the thought of a bare bones, semi-styled, Buell Blast engine motorcycle for more than $10K points to a marketing director that has a SERIOUS mental deficiency. TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH.
    I wouldn’t by one. Larry

  • $4999.00 not a penny more. It’s nice but their dreaming for $10k Jeff
  • Get rid of the Harley/Buell engine and put something reliable in it and it could sell for 5K, and sell a lot. Dennis
  • yawn….

    try REAL engine for starters.

    honda 450 or the like. or even better the small Italian twin.

    rather ride my GB 500 any day. mike

  • Just go on ebay and look at how many dealers have brand new, zero mile, bikes there for “buy it now” prices well under $10k and you’ll see how ridiculous this building this for $10k+ Scott
  • Love the idea of minimalist bikes, nakeds, street-trackers, bobbers,
    but it still needs to perform especially at that price. Can’t see
    buying a dressed up Blast for Brutale money.

    PS – these guys here have been doing interesting things in this vein for
    a while…
    Would like to hear more about folks in the States pursuing this line. Bob

  • The models I viewed look simple but why use the 492cc engine from
    Buell? They should consider the Rotax that now comes in the 1125 Buell

    The price for these bikes with the 492 engine at well over $10,000.00
    may attract some with more dollars than cents but I won’t be one of
    them. Maybe $5,000.00 would make it an interesting bike.

  • 34 hp, really! is it for children? Joe
  • Great concept.

    Wrong base.

    Why use a piece of junk Buell engine as the base? And I don’t understand why ‘minimalistic’ should cost more than ‘fully featured’. It looks great, but if it’s not competitive price wise _and_ comes with a generally poorly regarded engine, where’s the incentive to purchase it. I know looks alone sells a lot of bikes, but at the end of the day if I ended up having the option of the Katana mock up you showcased recently with a great technology base and this … well the choice would be obvious. Bjorn

  • I love it!
    Gorgeous to look at. Lightweight. I’m sure it handles well.
    Now let’s see a version with a lightweight 750 V twin. Keith

  • My first reaction is “Cool!” and then “Over $10K, no way!” like most of the responses here. A bit of back-and forth about it with a more thoughtful head (and you know who you are) made me think again. I looked back through the 74 responses listed and did a crude poll, too. My interpretation (YMMV):

    Sort of yes………..16%
    Not the Blast!……..24%
    $10k is too high…..42%
    No (other reason)… 7%

    This isn’t a mass-market bike (obviously, if 73% of responses are negative) and probably shouldn’t be compared to that. It’s a very cool machine that will be rarely seen and interesting for that if nothing else. Some folks want that, and really, $3000 or so more than a mass-production bike is not going to hurt some buyers who want something special. Also, hand-built in small volume there is no way the costs can get down to the levels of the Asian manufacturers.

    Let’s give him credit, though: this brief story and a picture on MD generated an immediate and pretty strong response. Why? Maybe it’s because we all went “Wow!” when we saw that profile, and then had the brief dream dashed by the reality of the cost at the end of the story. I sure felt that way.

    I really love the street tracker layout and general stripped-down, air-cooled look of the Mac designs, and I’m a fan of street singles (there are eight or so in the garage, in various states of readiness). It’s not a tourer but I’m happy enough to carry my stuff in a courier bag if I can’t strap it to the bike. I’m not likely to buy one because I don’t have that kind of spare cash, and I’d want to have confidence in the Blast motor. I’d want to build something simple myself.

    I’m not the customer Mac is looking for. But, of the 27% of positive responses, maybe a few percent will buy it, and that may be enough to stay in business, making and improving a damned nice-looking fun motorcycle. John

  • $10,000.00!!! No Effin Way. At $5,500.00 or so, they would have a winner, but at this price: Gimme a break.
  • In a perfect world we would all have several bikes in the garage – I’m lucky enough to have two – a good distance munching road bike and a cheap but trusty dual purpose.

    What’s missing is a bike that is all about “soul”, and the Pea Shooter screams “soul” to me. There are others, like the Triumph Speed Triple and the new Vmax, but none that really capture its essence as neatly as the Pea Shooter.

    Can I afford a US$ 10 000 machine with only 34hp and fairly limited application? No – but if I could I would. Marc

  • I love singles and have owned several. The MAC concept appeals to me as a former Honda GB500 owner. However, I have also owned a Blast and the motor is really a disappointment and has an appetite for oil. Price is ridiculous at >10 k. -Todd
  • I love the concept but only the Roarer in execution. I just don’t like the fat Confederate style, rear frame member that looks like it’s made from a piece of 3″ electrical conduit. The idea of a 500 single is perfect but I think they are missing the mark with the Buell Blast engine. Even though it will no doubt be much lighter, by the time you put a 200 lb rider on each of them I doubt that a Mac would have more power to weight than a Bonneville. Paul
  • $10K and that horrible Buell single what are they smoking. I am still waiting for Ducati and MV Augusta to build a 500cc sporting single. What happened to rumoured 650cc triple and 500cc single from MV Augusta? Check out for similar concepts from Australia both twins and singles using engines that work. Tim
  • Great concept and Beautiful bikes… no way anyone is going to spend 10k on one… Hop up kit for this motor? sounds like something that will self destruct.. I would be interested if HD was allowed to style a clean bike with the Blast motor and maybe some Buell motor isolation tricks… but really 10k
  • Very cool lookin, shame about the Buell blast motor tho … There should be a twin in that chassis
  • If they build it, I wiil come. Ron
  • Sheesh, and everybody complained about the MZ Skorpions being overpriced. What a great motorcycle they were and still are. That ancient Yamaha Genesis 5-valve 660 remains light years ahead of any Buell single out there. Of course, Mac is most likely looking for something special in a relationship, more dear to the Harley aficionado. Let’s just they don’t bother marketing it as “sporty”. Bruce
  • Borile already did this several years ago. And I can’t imagine anyone doing it better. The B500CR only weighs 230lbs! Randy

  • These models are truly elegant in their minimalism, the way a bicycle with a motor is elegant (check out Ridley’s Vintage line). I won’t belabor the better choices for powerplants (even a Suzuki S40/Savage motor might be preferable), but again provided the wet weight is under 300 lbs even the Blast’s might move it along acceptably well. I will however remind MAC why the sun set on the British Motorcycle Empire in the first place: even if your unique and elegant toys are a third of the Confederate price, there are much better products out there that cost a fraction of ten grand! ROBERT
  • It looks kind of like an adult version of the Madass scooter. But seriously, 10 grand for a tarted up Buell Be-Last? I don’t care what Buell claims, that engine makes about 22 horsepower and vibrates like a jackhammer. Give Rotax a call, Mac. Mark
  • Please send a box of whatever medication they’re taking if they think
    that could possibly be worth a dime over $6K. Neat idea on some
    levels, but not at ‘well over $10,000’. John

  • I don’t no what market their going after. Doubt it will sell at over 10000. With only 34 horses, they look a bit heavy, as well. Have to give it to Mac, they are kind of cool looking and probably handle well. Ian
  • This company will go down in flames and I’ll be glad to see it happen. At “well over $10,000” this is highway robbery. Sell your Briggs and Statton powered bicycles somewhere else!
  • I was at a rider training course where the local Harley/Buell dealer
    had loaned a couple of Blasts. The instructor started one up and over
    the next few minutes the Blast shook and vibrated itself around no
    less than three slow, shuddering pirroettes on it’s sidestand. This is
    NOT a motor to base any kind of motorcycle on, simple or not. Chris

  • All four Mac models are beautiful (my favorite being the Ruby), BUT, at over $10,000 MSRP with a puny 34 horses and in this economy, they should definitely keep them out of the American market.

    However, if the 50hp “upgrade” came as the standard motor with an $8,000 MSRP, they surely would have better probabilities of market acceptance in the USA.

    Realistically speaking though, shipping from the UK, dealer mark-up, advertising and operational costs from he distributor/importer (and their mark-up) would make an $8,000 price target very difficult…so, have them built under contract by Harley for the US market and sell them thru their vast dealer network.

    My 2 cents worth! Jaime

  • I like the boober streetfighter matrix. Zen vibe. cool stuff.
    I enjoy the look of Radial Calipers, I would add. I like top shelf
    components, and superbike queues are perfect.
    For 10k I might like to see some hints of carbon, decent (adjustable)
    I might add more contemporary design or lines to the light-
    Other then that the bike looks legits. Makes my R1 look fat and
    bloated ha
    Keep up the great work MD. df

  • I don’t see anything on that bike that would make it cost more than $6000. Plust the blast motor is the worst possible choice. I mean I know it probably needs to be an air cooled motor but id source the motor from a japanese company. Ben
  • Great idea at $6K. A bad joke at $10K. Clyde
  • $10,000 for a 34 hp motorcycle? OK, excuse me while I have a quick google:

    Triumph Street Triple – 107 hp – around $8500
    Ducati monster 696 – 80 hp – just under $9000

    Let’s not even go into the Japanese rivals.

    Or let’s look at it from the other side. This has 6hp more than a Royal Enfield Bullet. Which will set you back about six thousand, depending on the model.

    So what is Mac selling, exactly? Handling? Yeah, right, it will out-handle the monster. Style and exclusivity? OK, I can live with that. What I can’t do is justify paying that much for so little.

    Boutique bike makers lurch from one bankruptcy procedure to the next at the best of times, and that is when they are selling big-horsepower items. Bimota comes to mind. Is there any indication of a market demand for exclusive, expensive underpowered bikes? Not from where I am sitting. Sure, people will fill up the blogs talking about how they always wanted something like their old Yamaha SR500 or BSA Gold Star, but they won’t actually buy one. If they did, the showrooms would be full of big singles. So, if you like the style of these bikes (and they are nicely styled, although Confederate should sue them for something) and you have excessive money lying around, buy one quickly. While you have the chance. Michel

  • I appreciate minimalism in general, and for the purposes of a general motorcycle for commuting/playbike type use I would definitely consider something like this… if it cost no more than $5000. Paying ‘well over $10000’ for something like that is simply ludicrous, especially when you can get DR-Z400SMs, or even something as exotic as an Aprilia SXV, for the same general purpose for far less money from a reliable well-known manufacturer. Nice concept, but there’s no way I’d pay for that the same amount of money I’d spend on a new literbike, much less more. I guess what I’m saying is, a minimalistic motorcycle should also come with a minimalistic price tag. Mike
  • Love the design and idea behind it. Think it would sell to some of us old timers. But not at 10Gs a copy.
  • Great Idea…at 60% of their requested price. $10K for a bobber-blast? No
    thanks. I can do better resto-modding an XS650 for $4K total when it comes
    to riding experience. Simple, essential, basic…should also mean
    inexpensive. Ken

  • I was interested right up to the point you mentioned the price. I love the
    idea of a back-to-basics motorcycle, but a basic 500cc single costing nearly
    the same as a supersports 600? A bike like this needs to cost less than a
    Kawasaki ER6 or a Suzuki Gladius. Al

  • I like it and it’s a beautiful design but there is no way I’d pay 10k
    for it. I’ll stick with my old Yamaha SR500. As I age and can no longer
    kick it over due to bad knees or whatever I’ll transplant a late model
    electric start single into it and carry on. On the other hand if they
    can produce it in larger numbers and price it at around 4-5k it begins
    to look much more enticing. Mark

  • While the prototype presented in the article is simple, clean and
    appealing, it would only serve the needs of a fairly small segment of
    the rider community. The lack of any storage or any place to attach
    bags, briefcases and the like would prevent it from being the machine
    of choice for daily commuters. The lack of wind protection would
    prevent it from being considered by those interested in touring. The
    lack of raw power would hinder its acceptance by those seeking a sport
    bike experience. Dan

  • Love the concept. The most important thing I”ve learned about motorcycles in my 30+ years of riding is that less is more. However, why does less motorcycle mean more money? Get the price in line with the actual bike and the Mac line should do well. For that kind of money, it should come with the engine hop up kit already installed. Andy
  • I find it absolutely gauling that Buell, whose engineering excellence is indisputable is usurped of refinement and updating of it’s own Blast to this saavy bespoke upstart. Mac’s efforts are laudatory for their daring designs, in taking the often dissed half litre Blast motor and transforming it into something mouth watering. Why oh Why couldn’t Buell take the current Blast and improve it with better componentry. Keep the dent proof plastics, (sorry MAC) which were designed and are proven in the newbie mishaps of Harley’s Rider’s Edge learners program. Keep the belt drive; another proven design (sorry MAC) and revamp the Blasts wheel size, bearings, woefully undersized front end, and offer it as their own hot rodded Blast Ultra. The Blast is already a fine little canyon carver; albeit a bit puny. If MAC’s design excercises ever see fruition, the’ll be too pricey I’m sure. Buell could do all this with a model they already have and beat the otd price by a flat track mile. Is Eric up to the challenge? Why simply sell motors when he could be selling motorcycles. How much R&D would it really take? I’d surely prefer this as my urban assault hooligan commuter. If he builds it, I’ll buy it. That’s my challenge! Rick
  • 10K+ for a Buell Blast powered machine???
    I love the sentiment, light weight, minimalist, but with the reality of emissions controls is requiring fuel injection and digital ignition systems. Which in turn demand decent size batteries and alternators. Sorry a kick starter and a magneto won’t cut it. Liquid cooling will probably be needed for emissions, sound and performance reasons.
    Why not the 650 single from the DR650, lighter with a better transmission. Jim

  • It looks fantastic, reminds me of a GB500tt I just wish it wasn’t powered by a Blast engine. Spencer
  • 10 grand for a glorified B-last? In this economy?? Yeah, uh, good luck with that.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a sporty single. However I don’t think it would work on a wide enough scale using half a Sportster motor. I would think to be successful you are going to need something rorty like a street going Japanese 450 MX motor, or something torquey like a KLR motor, only with more power. Good luck selling something that is kick-start only too, it’s going to need some plastic to hide the battery for the electric start. Oh, and “Harley posture, flat track manners” would need some kind of MX type handlebar … ditch the clip ons. Craig

  • I’d say “bring it” it’s exactly what I’m looking for in my next motorcycle. Unfortunately there is nothing here in the US like it.
    How come nobody in the US thought of doing it?
    My guess is there are a lot of US motorcycle enthusiasts looking for the same thing I am. Moderate displacement, simplicity, light weight. Kind of like the UJM’s I remember from my youth in the 70’s. Ross

  • Love the looks and idea of the bike, simple, smart, fun. However the Price seems a stretch. If they stick with the minimalist concept, keep it under 10 large. Also, not too crazy about the front tire. Matt
  • I’ll buy a Suzuki Bandit 1250S it lists at $9299.
    more fun less money.
    comfort power handling what more could you want.
    well, shaft drive would be nice. Harry

  • Love the looks and the idea of a simple bike but not the price. Kevin
  • I love the looks of the Pea Shooter & the other 3 MAC models but I’m a bit wary of the Buell Blast motor…. I’d prefer the 690 KTM thumper motor in the MAC bikes. Now THAT would be cool! I’d like to see the data on the reliability of Buell motor post-hop-up. If the 50hp Buell motor were proven reliable, then I would definitely consider buying a MAC although nowhere near $10k….. maybe $6k-$8k tops. The 2008 KTM 690 Enduro sells for $8900. The 690 Super Duke w/slipper clutch sells for < $10k. In my opinion, these guys have a good plan & a nice bike but the price point is way out of line! Steve
  • The idea is great. “A return to the spirit of motorcycling – the journey is the experience / story” I totally agree with. 10K plus on price? Wah wah waaaah. Lame O! Brian
  • Great concept. About time for a simple no nonsense, simple fun bike. John
  • You had my full attention till I got to the part about the Buell Blast motor. Are you kiddin’ me?! Stuff a Rotax in there and now you’ve got something. Few people are paying $10k for a bike w/ the Buell lump. Scott
  • Nice but not worth 10K J.B.
  • The MACs would of course be awesome. The price should be where someone of average means can get one and they could hire tons of out of work people who would be happy to stay busy. They could also cut costs by being super efficient. The Buell motor may need a tweak or two. But I would buy one unless they price it like it is some diamond or something.

    For now we have the Suzuki TU250 which is very nice in person except for the weird seat set up. Neil

  • Fantastic design. Really will appeal to people like myself who really appreciate light weight, functional and reliable machines.

    It won’t get into production though, and I am really getting the hump with these designers, that sketch something on a piece of paper, and say this may be in production next year. Bollix!!

    And another thing. Someone should blow that Gezzi –Bezzi Italian character up!!! He’s the worst.

    Me. I’ll stick to the here an now. The real world. I’ll keep on enjoying my SRX6 single. The Jappo’s did it back in 86 and made a really good job of it.

    And that Mac crowd. They should seriously consider using the SRX6 engine. None better. And maybe a girder front end like the bikes in their old time photo’s.

    I’m here, but not waiting. Craig

  • Looks pretty clean, and it might sell for $4000. Definitely not 10 grand. Alan
  • They should do a version that replicates a Norton Manx style. Not a fan of the swoopy tank. Thomas
  • While it looks nice I will just pay $5k for a Buell Blast and take the fairings off. Scott
  • Looks nice but why are the prices always so high. I remember the essence of pure motorcycling when you didn’t have to pay a fortune for a simple motorcycle. Why does everything have to be such high tech which pushes the price up to astronomical prices. Why cant they build a good basic upright commuter that is not on a baby frame and sits 26 inches off the ground. Motorcycle manufactures should look at their history to enhance our future. Michael
  • The choice of engine alone is hideously bad.

    That air-cooled Buell thumper is not only underpowered, it is
    overlarge and overweight. Especially if asking for >$10K for the
    rolling sculptures, a far more competent engine would be appropriate.
    The power to weight will be pathetic: A Ninja 250 would be better.

    If minimizing weight and size are important, something like a 450cc
    water-cooled dirtbike motor would be a good choice. If designers
    can’t deal with a radiator and water pump (which is, lets face it, one
    big part, two hoses, and a reservoir bottle) they don’t understand
    design. Nicholas

  • The bike is really cool. Too bad the engine is so pathetic.
    Slap a decent H20 cooled 450-550 single in there and the thing would be killer. John

  • It’s a nice looking bike and generally a solid concept, but the reality of modern noise and emission standards means that bike will be for “offroad use only” or not look near as unfettered. I see lots of hoses and canisters in that bike’s future if it wants to make it to the street (legally). Beyond that, I have read very few positive words about the Blast and/or its motor, so choosing that mill is quite curious to say the least, especially for a premium priced product. There are a lot of proven high performance singles out there, with Rotax being the most obvious source. If they are looking for the “Made in America”, no one has a problem calling ATK dirt bikes “American made” and they have sourced Rotax and other foreign built engines. The Buell 1125 is put together by Rotax as well. My only guess is that HD/Buell has too many Blast motors sitting around and is willing to sell them for very, very cheap. James
  • I love the look, I love the idea of a lightweight 500cc single. But an iron pushrod engine with a 5 speed transmission does not fit my idea of what works in that design. More HP and less weight would be better, something on the lines of a CFR450 engine with maybe a little more displacement. Yes you have a radiator to deal with but there are cleaver ways of hiding it and it makes a better bike. Brad
  • Pretty cool!!!!! Mark
  • I’m a 63 year old long time motorcyclist. I have a history with thumpers. My current bike is a Suzuki DRZ 400SM. I like the Peashooter with its basic starkness and would be tempted to purchase one. The cost of the machine is a little high, and would sell better if kept below $6000. Dan
  • Naked 500cc single, $10,000, “Sheesh”, “forget it”!!!! Morris
  • Simple can sell. Nice looking bike, the Buell motor makes it almost unridable for more than 50 miles. Steven
  • Great idea. I have seen various dirt-tracky and chopper-y type customs with that Blast engine also. I have had a 1st gen (no different than current, but when originally imported) Super Sherpa and a DR650SE and now have a oh-so-heavy KLR 650. Obviously, I love thumpers. I am not sure about paying 10+ grand for a Ducati supermono or one of these, but the idea is great. I would spend 9 grand on a Husky supermoto, so who knows! Andy
  • Although I do like it however it simply appears to be a stripped down Monster Thumper. Won’t do well at all. I’ll take a slightly used Hypermotard, 950SM, of S4R etc. for that price. Jonson
  • I don’t know why you and everyone keep referring to ‘retro’ when a bike doesn’t have plastic on it.

    For years the Japanese have taken the CHEAP way out by building ugly yet powerful motors and covering the up with plastic.

    Now even they are doing such things as the Fury….is it retro? No just a bare bones motorcycle.

    The real essences of a motorcycle and its draw as evidence by Harley’s long run of success despite old tech is that they have a great looking motor.

    What drew many into motorcycling besides the freedom is how the look and sound. There are no better looking bikes than naked bikes with good looking motors.

    So whenever a company decides to make a “motor”cycle with the bare essentials don’t call it retro, call it what it is a motorcycle. Calvin

  • Wow! Stunningly gorgeous bikes. Mac’s four models definitely have no identity issues. Each one has its own unique look, albeit with the same chassis. The Roarer looks like it could have been Batman’s motorcycle back in the fifties. It’s easy to imagine there will be tons of interest solely based on the looks of the bikes alone. The smaller engine size might turn off some, but the purists will certainly not turn away. And lastly, while a price over 10,000 $ might be a bit pricey for something so minimalist, it is unfortunately the reality of a smaller boutique manufacturer. Personality is, after all, rather expensive. Sign me up! Christian
  • If they can truly keep the “extra” fat off the bike it’s potential
    looks good. NO PLASTIC CHROME, plastic if need be, but keep it black.
    LESS IS MORE. Doug

  • Great bike, but I think part of getting back to the “essence of motorcycling” would also include a price tag that isn’t outrageous. 10K for a 500cc single with no bells and whistles is outrageous. 5 or 6 grand and now we’re talkin’. Bryan
  • Hey Motorcycledaily Team,
    1st – Great online page. Keep up the good work.
    2nd – Mac Peashooter is a winner. Love the principle, looks and lines. $10K+ though? I hope that figure is the only wrong figure we see from Mac. Jason

  • Well, they’re interesting, but, in all honesty, a $10 000 single
    cylinder is going to be a pretty hard sell. Why not get an actual
    Blast? It even comes with a warranty from a company that’ll still
    exist in 6 months…

    There are probably a few other models from mainstream companies
    available. A GS500 comes immediately to mind. Or a KLR 650.
    Make a few personal mods and you’re good to go… Rene

  • Simple? I like that. Easy to maintain? Ditto. Excellent handling?
    Check. $10K+ for a 500cc single? Huh? Kinda defeats the purpose of
    the whole “simple, lightweight, etc..” objective. Pretty sure you could
    start with, say, a mid-’80’s Honda Ascot single and build something just
    as pretty simple for (a lot) less than half the price. Keith

  • They look good and I think the world needs some moderate displacement
    machines. Thumpers are great, that’s what I grew up on. I don’t think
    I would ride one though, just not my style. I’m a scooter dude and get
    my kicks riding Vespas, Piaggios, Burgmans and the like. David

  • This concept is what I believe a lot of us are looking for in an everyday bike. Few of us get to ride as much as we would like, so a light, stylish, fun and easy to ride bike that we can use for all our around town jaunts fills the bill. The emphasis needs to be on light, fun and easy to maintain.

    These concepts are a great start although I wonder about the $10,000 starting price. Dan

  • Looks interesting, uncomfortable, and for 10 Grand?, no thanks. Jim
  • Pea Shooter? Would anyone buy a bike called a pea shooter? Buell Blast motor? Would anyone ever buy a motorcycle with a Buell Blast motor? $10,000. Would anyone ever pay $10,000 for a 34hp single cylinder motorcycle called a pea shooter? The design, though, is delicious!! Please change name and motor. Pete
  • I would love another motorcycle sitting in my garage, especially a bare bones, just ride it and have fun machine. The four variants on the simple, stripped down machines that Mac Motorcycles is showing all look great, loads of fun for short around town rides, or anyone with easy access to twisty bits of road. Save the bigger and faired motorcycles for the long haul and nasty weather, these look great. The only thing that could be a deal breaker is the $10k price. I know, you can’t build a small number of bikes and not recoup the cost of the R&D cost, but things are tight these days, people are talking scooters, electric bikes, hybrid cars, so maybe in the next up-market phase it will be an easier sell. I guess in the mean time, if you build a few, people will likely buy them. Fred
  • I like the looks of it, it looks fun but $10,000? I don’t think so. And why a B-last motor? I know there has to be better singles out there, hello Rotax. Ed
  • I’ve been dreaming about exactly this type of motorcycle – a stripped down, lightweight thumper. However, just like the KTM Duke 690, it misses the mark due to price. There is just no way I would pay that much for a single cylinder motorcycle. Especially one with a Buell motor. I keep wishing that Yamaha would build a 650 version of the WR250X and then build a café racer / roadster based on the motor. I guess I’ll have to keep on waiting. James
  • Its would be an incredible commuter and weekend warrior. Back in the early 70s, I rode my neighbor’s Manx 500, It is was what motorcycling was all about; One cylinder, one seat, two tires and clip-on bars. It doesn’t get any better than this. Hwy 49 here we come. Doug
  • I like the concept, if not the result. Too much pose, too little goes. I question the rigidity of the frame design. The engine is a loser from day one. Blasts have a dismal record of reliability at 34HP, making 50HP will probably convert them into grenades. Make it a Rotax, put some down tubes in the frame, and give it a sensible exhaust and it might be viable. Alan
  • Wow! Sharp looks as well as the retro/naked look to boot!

    If these bikes could be mass produced at less than $10K,

    I’d say he has a chance of breaking into the nitch market

    of custom bikes. Even if these bikes could be offered as

    a ‘kit’ with paint ready parts, I still think they would

    have the potential of decent sales… Tony

  • Thank goodness someone will produce/offer a simple, capable (&
    hopefully reliable) standard that DOESN’T look like an oragami
    Transformer. Less is more! Mac should note that the same is true of
    price as well. Heck, make it affordable and I’ll take TWO of them.
    I hope to see these stateside. John

  • OK, didn’t Miguel Galluzzi do this back in 1993 with a motorcycle called the Ducati Monster? Ciao, Victor
  • I really do like the designs. They say that they have aimed for basic stripped down purism, and they seem to have succeeded. But lets face it, 10K + is an awful lot for a basic machine with no expensive techy additions and a Buell Blast engine. I certainly wish them success, but they really should sharpen the pencil a bit more pricewise.
  • I love the idea of a small, lightweight motorcycle and these designs look fantastic. Throw a supercharger on it and the ten grand they want doesn’t seem quite so ridiculous!
    The blast motor is a great idea, but buell should have built a bike like that in the first place and missed the boat on styling with the blast. Jason

  • Stripping down bikes to their basics is a compelling idea in some ways, but only if the motorcycle is treated as a toy, ridden for short posing trips on warm sunny weekends. If you use a bike for transportation, as a daily rider, then the lack of wind protection, no pillion seat, inability to attach luggage, and an uncomfortable riding position are not so compelling and not so useful.

    Also, a Buell Blast engine? Really? Why would anyone do such a cruel thing to an innocent motorcycle? There are plenty of better, more powerful, much more reliable engines out there, even if you insist that it must be an air-cooled single-cylinder.

  • It’s nice to see some interest in bare bones fun and the joy of
    simplicity, but that price point is a bit steep. Am I the only one
    tired of the “designer bike” = big $$$ thing? It’s as bad as
    “designer” jeans. Okay, now I sound like a grumpy old man. I
    understand that design does cost time and money, but that’s some
    serious cash. My Mantra? Simpler = cheaper.

    When I started racing Buell twins out at Willow Springs, the Blast
    was the next step. Ya, ya, racing a 25 horsepower…uh, monster? Break
    out the sundial and get some laptimes… But it was FUN and CHEAP!
    So I jumped in, and with a couple local Buell dealerships, started
    going crazy developing the motor and playing with different chassis.
    The stock frame is fine, but a tweaked Blast motor in a great frame is
    amazing – fast, light, fun, (so Mac is on the right path there) and
    did I mention CHEAP! (Mac is so not on the right path there).

  • LOVE THE LOOK! This should be BUELL’s next bike.
    But, I can think of WAY better engines… ROTAX 650 for one…Denny

  • I like the Roarer best but there is a lot of room behind the motor
    where a supercharger would fit just right. If it had a supercharger
    then I would think about it being a fun for the money, bike. Other
    wise it’s just exercise in design. Steve

  • Love it. Stupid price though. Why can’t one of the Japanese makers do this style of bike again (ala the SRX-6)? Kent
  • I’ll take one immediately. Sign me up. The raw essence of motorcycle fun. Frank
  • There’s definitely an appeal to such a simple-looking bike. But when you
    consider that they’re essentially stripping away extras off of a Buel
    Blast and want to charge twice as much for it, the appeal evaporates in
    an instant. Price it the same, and you’d sell out rapidly, making much
    more money in the process. Nathaniel

  • What a beautiful machine! But, please do not import them to the U.S. Because, then I would have to make a decision on a Pea Shooter vs. my first wife… and, she probably will not like the decision. Drew
  • I like all the designs especially the Roarer but “well over $10,000” is the biggest problem with this bike. If it’s so simple and the barest-of-bones in concept and components shouldn’t it be well under $10,000? Then I might be interested.Then everybody might be interested. There is a lot of cheap stuff that looks bad and a lot of expensive stuff that looks great and little in between. Maybe at $10,000 these could be a hit. Tom
  • Good attempt. Might go in Europe. In U.S. it would need Honda XR650L power and a price the real riders among us could afford.
  • They should throw a modern Triumph Bonneville motor (all black) in one. Pete
  • If it sold for normal to bargain pricing it might become a cult special, maybe like the Honda Hawk of old. It then might have a good chance as a “sellable” bike and start it’s own following! Kevin
  • A stripped down 500? You had me till the price. David
  • Non counterbalanced single cylinder engine which must be solid mounted in any of those frame concepts to give the bike adequate bending & torsional stiffness = major vibration problems. Maybe they shouldn’t strip away all of the technology. Eric
  • Let’s see: lighter, less expensive to produce-insure-repair. Less weight for: the engine to accelerate, the brakes to slow and the suspension to control. No goofy styling panels, only functional form. Maybe they have something here, no wait, we used to call them standards and now they are prized collector bikes. Steve
  • Mac Roarer is the new object of my affection. The other three look like hunchback Confederates, but the Roarer says cafe racer and Vincent Black Shadow and lots of daylight through the engine and chassis and I want one now.
  • I love the look and idea behind these bikes. Sadly I think the emissions
    and noise (intake) police will stop the fun cold.

  • It looks cool. I’d buy one for $6k but not for $10K. Jeff
  • At $10K plus, I don’t think about it at all. Tom

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