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2010 Kawasaki KX250F: MD Ride Review

With Jake Weimer aboard a Pro Circuit tuned version, Kawasaki has won every round of the AMA Supercross Lites Western Region series so far this year with its new KX250F (3 for 3). The KX250F is not new to racing success, nor is Pro Circuit. This combination has won numerous titles, both in supercross and outdoors, over the past decade.

Last year, our test rider Russ Somers loved the 2009 version of the KX250F. Could the stock bike get any better? We sent Russ to investigate.

We have already gone through the technical changes and refinements to the 2010 KX250F in our article dated June 17, 2009. To summarize things, the new bike gets a “bridged-box bottom piston”, new exhaust system, lighter and larger radiators that better resist damage during tip-overs, chassis changes (including a new swingarm), along with lighter wheels and a lighter rear hub and spokes. More than just refinements, these are big changes for 2010.

As soon as Russ got on the track, it was clear Kawasaki had improved an already great motor for 2010. The power is outstanding for the 250cc class, coming on low and pulling hard through a very strong mid-range and top-end. This powerband is huge, and very usable for novices and pros, alike.

The transmission effectively uses that power by making easy, positive, clutchless gear changes. Russ never missed a shift during a long day of track testing the KX250F.

Russ is a big guy at 6’3″, but he was happy with the ergonomics. The bike feels narrow, and it never seemed to catch his boots or otherwise hang him up when moving around in the saddle. The seat is hard as a rock, however, and could become quite uncomfortable during a long moto.

The already excellent handling of the 2009 model again seems even better for 2010. The chassis tweaks and new swingarm allow the bike to easily drop into corners, but hold its line. The 2010 KX250F is also very stable on fast, choppy straights. Really nothing to complain about in the handling department.

The brakes are strong and controllable, and the suspension holds the bike up well while entering corners, and hooks up well on exits.

If it sounds like we fell in love with the 2010 KX250F, you’re right. This bike has been winning races and championships for a long time, and Kawasaki seems to find ways to make it better every year. 2010 is no different. For additional details and specifications, visit Kawasaki’s web site.

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