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Yamaha Reveals FZ8 (Official Photo)

Yamaha has decided to stop teasing the public about its FZ8 naked, which will make its official debut more than a month from now. It has released the photo above after several internet sites ran unofficial pictures of the bike earlier this week. We don’t know yet whether the FZ8 and its sibling (the Fazer 8) will receive all-new motors, or a version of an existing FZ1 or R1 motor, for instance. Perhaps, some of our more observant readers could email us with their thoughts on the engine cases pictured above.

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MD Readers Respond:

  • thanks for the fun and informative website. I was hoping the next FZ would have a crossplane crank. I have a 2009 R1 and absolutely love the engine but I have trouble touring on it because I’m tall and older. I don’t think the FZ8 has a crossplane crank. The exhaust headers don’t cross over like the new R1, so I’m guessing it is a 180 degree crank. I think the new FZ8 looks great! I’m happy they ditched the underseat exhaust of the FZ6. An underseat aftermarket pipe costs too much to buy, it’s a pain to install and they weigh a lot more than a simple 4 into 1. Also, a 4 into 1 is the best for power. If a the underseat exhaust were superior, Rossi’s M1 would have it ( actually everyone with an inline 4 would)).

    I hope Yamaha sells us an FZ1 with the crossplane crank, 4 into one exhaust, radial mount brake callipers. But in the meantime, I think Yamaha did a good job with the FZ8.   Vince

  • Yamaha FZ8 = yet another soul-less UJM with robot personality coupled with Maytag appeal. But, what do I know, I ride a bland 1050 Triumph Speed Triple. Right.   Joe
  • IMO: I think the pictures of the FZ8 look like the FZ6, (which was a great bike – thank you), with a deformed tank and a scooter muffler.
  • Why are manufacturers determined to release bikes with gas tanks that make a magnetic tank bag impossible / difficult to use? Don’t they ever talk to anyone who actually uses their motorcycle?

    But I like the rest of the bike,,well the exhaust is ugly. Wonder how much it will cost?   Alex

  • Nice bike Yamaha. Now go build an FZ4 that I can afford!   Paul
  • The Fz6 and Fz1 are sold in Europe with ABS and my guess is that FZ8 will as well. But not in the US I wish that the US versions of all motorcycles would have this option. Not that ABS allows faster stopping but in does allow for better stopping. I really enjoy this on my FJR 1300.
  • Old past century tasteless styling and design, ugly naked wannabe like new Z1000 what has nothing to do with naked bikes.
    Fairing proto picture give some hope for neo-modern naked direction but this is truly failure like new YZ450 tank shroud.
    Something has gone wrong in leading Japanese design company lately. No more innovation, no more design.
    Ten points for this Miami Vice ´80s style turning signals :))))
    And of course exhaust, what a brilliant piece of engineering and top design :))))
    Probably designers where at lunch when some project manager decided to make “real smash hit bike” of the year … :)))
    Truly are you joking at Yamaha or what, after Moto Guzzi new prototypes and all what is happening in motorcycle design you come up with this ?!?!?    jOosep

  • Overall, I like it. I like the idea of a modern inline 4 powering this baby and the resulting sweet sound. However, I could do without the engine covers/facie that masks the frame. That has been a common styling complaint on my Zuk SFV650 (Gladius); get rid of the plastic already. All it’s doing is covering up a tubular steel trellis frame that actually looks nice ‘naked’.

    I think Yamaha is onto something here assuming they can keep the price reasonable.

  • I recognize that manufacturers must design products that will sell, but must the Japanese copy Ducati so blatantly in the process? This is a design rip-off of monumental proportions; can you say Streetfighter?   Roger
  • Seriously – that might be the perfect naked bike. Most of the torque of a liter, most of the revs of a 600, dead sexy without overdoing the styling. I wish they’d bring the naked one (or at least the naked Euro version of the FZ1) to the USA. I’ll be replacing my 06 R6 soon, likely with a Speed or Street Triple, but I’d love a nice naked Yamaha that would be a fun street ride and able to handle light touring.   Brian
  • Looks very tasty indeed! I had a 2002 FZ1 and this looks like a nice replacement. But will it be priced the same as the current FZ1? U.S.?? There are still some new FZ1’s on the sales floor. What would make this better if anything?   Neil
  • I hear it’s a sleeved down FZ1 of some kind… I was really hoping for a Cross Plane 800; it would have been awesome and directly related to their MOTO GP bike in a way. Oh well…   Craig
  • I like it! Not usually a fan of blacked out motors or frames. The gold wheels make it work. Would rather a headligh style like the Brutale but this bike looks great with the bent headers and low muffler. 800cc is kinda strange, the VFR got over looked beacause of it but I think I’d like one, especially in the beautiful blue! Sorry, don’t now any engine details.   Mark
  • Huh? Months worth of teaser photos and hype and that’s what all the fuss was about? A downsized FZ1 with the same oddball pleated styling? Did I miss something? I sure hope there’s something revolutionary about the drivetrain because as a styling exercise there’s really not much to make noise about. I sure hope the new Super Tenere has more to it than this… and that it comes to the U.S…. and that anyone over here can afford it. Just sayin..   Steve
  • I don’t know about the engine cases, but I do know I like the looks of the bike! Finally a Naked that doesn’t look X-Treme, or radical to the point that it looks like parts of the bodywork melted (front of the Kawasaki Z1000).

    A Standard bike that looks new, but standard, and should have great balance in performance, economy, and utility! The new UJM! Thanks, Dean

  • Dunno. But that’s a really ugly exhaust can, on a pretty nice looking bike. I liked my FZ6 and I’d look at the 8. (the Fazer version)   Noam
  • Hi Dirck and everyone at,

    I did a visual comparison (as you suggested) between the official FZ8
    photo and an image of the current FZ1N from the Yamaha Aus website.

    As far as I can see, the FZ8 and the FZ1 appear to be the same apart
    from the following:

    • styling grooves on engine block/cam chain cover on FZ8
    • different fairing/headlight
    • different mirror shape (rounded on FZ8, hexagonal on FZ1)
    • different fuel tank covers (both painted forward cover and
      unpainted side covers are larger on FZ8), but what looks like the same
      fuel tank

    • no radiator shrouds or grille on FZ8
    • different pillion seat front section shape (“bump” on FZ8, notch
      on FZ1)

    • different tail fairing shape (blockier/stepped shape on FZ8,
      longer/smoother shape on FZ1)

    • smaller, less stylized muffler, no/hidden EXUP (exhaust) valve on
      FZ8; also possibly longer exhaust headers (or just the slightly
      different camera angle)

    • different front brake rotors with smaller, simpler rotor carriers
    • wheels with simpler central hub styling

    Apart from these differences that I could find, the FZ8 appears to be
    a lightly restyled FZ1 with a modified engine.

    I really enjoy the analyses and commentary on your website; keep up
    the great work!   kit

  • Big Banger all the way. Guessing she’s full on in a high state of tune. Approx 135 at the rear wheel. Yee haw.   Brian

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