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Kawasaki Introduces 2011 KX250F With Fuel Injection and Unique Fork

Kawasaki announced some early release 2011 models yesterday, and the most interesting is the substantially revised KX250F. You can read our glowing review of the 2010 model here — a bike that Pro Circuit tuned and raced to two Supercross Lites championships earlier this year with Christophe Pourcel and Jake Weimer aboard.

The new fuel injection system fitted to the KX250F is basically the same as the one on the KX450F, which automatically adjusts to atmospheric conditions and is designed to provide crisp, immediate throttle response. This system, as tested on last year’s 450F, has been well received by the press. The weight of the 2011 model is almost identical to the 2010 model in large part due to the fact that no battery is required to power the fuel injection system.

Once again like the 450, the 2011 KX250F’s fuel injection system can be fine tuned for engine modifications or other unique circumstances, or for different power delivery, with an optional ECU Setting Tool available from Kawasaki. There are plenty of other changes to the 2011 KX250F (nearly 30 in all), including an increase in engine compression (now 13.5-to-1!). The higher compression combines with new cam timing, improved ignition and better flowing intake and exhaust for a claimed power increase, particularly on the low end. Despite this, the bike is now quieter.

The fork is all new and separates spring and damping functions between the right and left leg. According to Kawasaki, this design results in 25% less friction, lower weight and easier adjustability. To further reduce friction, the fork legs are titanium nitride coated.

Stay tuned for our test of Kawasaki’s latest Lites weapon.


  1. George says:

    My 2012 Wish : a 250 & 450 , street – leagl , motard .

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