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Two-Time Champ Chad Reed Goes His Own Way in 2011 With TwoTwo Motorsports

As one of the most successful supercross riders in history, with 38 wins and 2 championships (2004 and 2008), Chad Reed doesn’t have a lot to prove.   Well, maybe one thing.  He needs to prove that he has the energy and focus to win again this year without a factory big rig behind him.  Reed has formed TwoTwo Motorsports as his own team, and will campaign a Honda CRF450R tuned by Pro Circuit this season.

The video below is short, and created by one of his sponsors, Shift Racing.  It does remind you how fluid Reed is on the bike.  He is one of the smoothest riders in the history of the sport. 

He and James Stewart both failed to finish the 2010 series after suffering injuries, and they will be the two “old men” battling the likes of defending champ Ryan Dungey and young Ryan Villopoto.  We didn’t mention it in our last supercross article, but this Saturday’s opening round in Anaheim, CA, will be shown live on SPEED TV at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.


  1. RG says:

    Yea. He’s going his own way alright – Backwards. I imagine that the factories have had enough of his prima donna ways. He does not seem to be very well liked in this country, probably because every time he is interviewed, he has something bad to say about someone and blames someone else for his performance, or lack there of. He seemed to be getting better at the PR stuff as he matured a bit.
    I was surprised that he placed as well as he did ay Anaheim 1, though.

  2. p. pitzel says:

    Gary F, I don’t know if you ride mx but riders do not get scared, we hone our skills to attack a track. Everyone has crashed, it hurts. To say this about reed when the crash that hurt his had happened in a corner that happened at a speed that could be compared to was almost falling out of your car door as you backed it out of your drive way. His hand was injured by fellow competitor James Stewart’s handlebar pinning it to the ground. Your comment about learning that a crash hurts to me is saying you think these athletes are as Forest Gump puts it, “Stupid is Stupid Does” This is not true. May of these guys are way smarter then your NFL defensive line, way smarter.

    go to and tell me this guy is dumb.

  3. GaryF says:

    I have this theory about pro motocross racers. Once they learn how much it hurts to crash, they lose the wanton abandonment of sanity they need to compete at the highest levels. The Big Hit usually happens between 25 – 30. Chad is 29 now …

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Reed is a class act. I have enjoyed watching him race.

  4. Spud says:

    Fitting name. He may as well have worn a “tutu” after the way he rode last season…

  5. Honker says:

    Good luck to him. Anyone competing against factory teams needs all the help they can get.

    Does make me wonder, what went on behind the scenes that makes him go in this direction.
    With his talent and resume he should be on a factory ride.
    Just wondering if he has had a problem that has not been reported.

    Again, good luck to him. He will need it.

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