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Ducati Confirms Production 848 Streetfighter

Apparently unable to maintain deniability, Ducati decided it couldn’t credibly wait until the November EICMA show in Milan and officially announced availability and some details of a new middleweight roadster, the Streetfighter 848.

As we recently reported last month, the new model will be based on the 848 chassis, but there are some important differences between it and the 848 EVO. The motor won’t be a tuned-for-torque 848 motor—instead, it will be a smaller (probably via bore and stroke) version of the 162 horsepower Testastretta 11º motor found on the Diavel. The new motorcycle will also be equipped with Ducati Traction Control and “improved ergonomics.” There is no information about what those ergonomic improvements could be, although comparing photos of the old SF with the 848 shows slightly higher bars on the new bike, which can only be a good thing. An even better thing is the 15,000-mile valve-service intervals the 11º motor offers. If the horsepower differential between the two 11-degree motors is similar to the delta of the two Superbike motors, we can still reasonably expect this bike to make about 130 to 135 hp, or around 115 at the wheel.

The other equipment is as expected. Brakes are cast, not monobloc Brembos, and the front fork looks like the same fully adjustable 43mm inverted Marzocchi unit found on the Monster 1100 EVO. Paint colors will be red, matte black and the yellow (that looks more like gold than the bright yellow we’ve seen on other models) you see here.

Although the press release states the bike will be in North American dealers in February 2012, there is no pricing information—understandable, as the Euro-U.S. Dollar relationship is a volatile one.  We’ll stand by our prediction of the bike being priced right between the Monster 1100 EVO and 848 EVO, around $12,500.

Here is the press release from Ducati:

Ducati confirms their 2012 Streetfighter 848 with the first officially released images of the brand new model set to add everyday accessibility to the Italian manufacturer’s famous naked sport bike family.

Combining a new and brilliantly engineered 848 Testastretta 11° engine with the enhanced geometry of a chassis that provides confidence-inspiring agility, the Streetfighter 848 has enriched its user-friendliness with a smooth and flexible power delivery, revised ergonomics and Ducati Traction Control.

The Ducati Streetfighter scored a round one knock-out when it entered the ring for the first time at the Milan show back in November 2008, winning the ‘Most Beautiful Bike’ award and raising the bar for extreme naked bikes. Its asphalt-ripping reputation became the desire of sport naked connoisseurs throughout the world and the Streetfighter 848 will now widen that appeal even further with enhanced usability.

Available in North America from January 2012 onwards, the new fighter is dressed in red for Ducati traditionalists, while yellow makes a return for mid-range purists and “dark stealth” provides a matte-black reminder of the Streetfighter’s aggressive image.


  1. Brian says:

    That bike looks bad-ass! I don’t know what is wrong with you haters! Red or orange for me!

  2. Steve says:

    Street fighter is a dumb name. It also looks like it was uglied up for desert warfare. Silly pretenders.

  3. Norm G. says:

    i love this color. i believe it was inspired by the mustard bmw debuted on last year’s S1000RR. which is also the same (or nearly the same) as the yellow available on mini coopers.

  4. yetimcclin says:

    Neither of the Ducati Streetfighters do anything for me. I’m sure they’re great fun to ride. But to be honest, they’re better than I am and there’s cheaper, better looking bikes than are also better than I am. I want something that’s not hideous looking.
    Mark got it right…it looks like a transformer. I’m not 6 years old anymore. I don’t want a bike styled by Hasboro or Mattel.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I’m not 6 years old anymore. I don’t want a bike styled by Hasboro or Mattel.”

      then that’s probably the first sign that they are deliberately targeting GEN-Y and NOT the ever thinning herd of us “altacockers”.

  5. Phil K says:


    You just convinced me never to buy a DUCATI!

  6. vato loco says:

    Looks like a more road-worthy version of the orignal Street Fighter. I like it but will keep my 2-generation Tuono for a few years yet…

  7. BirdeyeDrew says:

    It’s a Ducati, it will have a great motor, handle great and while it is an OK looking bike, it just doesn’t have enough of a ‘Ducati-ishness’ about it to differentiate it from everything else. Maybe if I could see it in red….

  8. Podantius Maximus says:

    Can we stop saying front fork and rear shock? There is no rear fork, and in most cases no front shock. Just effing stop it already.

    The fork is a fully adjustable Marz from the Monster EVO and the three way adjustable shock is from the 848. (or whatever wgaf)

    Did anyone not understand that? Was anyone confused by that sentence and requires further asssistance as to what or where the fork is?

  9. Dean says:

    I could like the color if it is brighter in the sun, but why does “agressive” styling mean the headlights are drooping half off the forks? The Kawi Z1000 was the same way. It looked like the front end got too hot and the plastic bits had melted and were sagging down to the front fender.

    Seems like “agressive” means the tail of the bike is higher than the tank, and the tank is higher than the front end?? Kind of like when cars used to be all jacked up in the rear. Very 70’s, baby! I guess I’m officially old now.

    • Bud says:

      I’m with you 100% on this one, though the Ducati isn’t as bad as the Kawi. That thing’s just a mess.

      But the “streetfighter” look on the Ducati doesn’t work for me anyway. I prefer my Ducatis to have the leanness of the SS, looking like they might weigh in at 325 lbs, not this denser styling that appears to be packing an extra 150 lbs. I don’t want my Ducati to be a V Max.

  10. RD says:

    I’ll need to see it in the sun to really say yay or nay on that particular shade of yellow. Seeing as how I ride a yellow Buell I’m not that afraid of it. Ducati’s should be red thou…. Just Sayin

  11. Denny says:

    It’a a gorgeous bike, leave along it’s ‘streetfighting’ purpose. But the colour… hmmm, is unducati like.

  12. Superchicken says:

    I can’t say for sure on this bike, but if the valves are as easy to adjust as my ST3, it’s still something you can do in your backyard. I had to add a total of 3 tools to my existing arsenal to complete this task at a cost of a little over $100. I don’t know why people are so scared of the desmo system.

    I’ll agree with you on the rest though, it doesn’t look like there’s any space left in that frame: that engine appears to be shoe-horned in there. I think that’s what makes it look porky. Hopefully the looks are deceiving, though I’m not in the market for this anyway.

    • mark says:

      I had a Cagiva gran canyon with a monster 900 motor.The motor was so tightly tucked in it had to come out of the frame to get to the rear cyl.If I remember FBF charged me like $800 plus to do the job.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I don’t know why people are so scared of the desmo system.”

      because 4V’s are a different animal. checking is one thing, but adjusting takes serious commitment in time and materials should you find even ONE out of spec. and this assumes “best case scenario” that it all goes smoothly (and it never does). so one has to ask themselves, did i buy it to RIDE in between one’s busy schedule…? or buy it to WRENCH on in between one’s busy schedule…? the boy tells me he’s got a game on sunday. great, that answers that question. besides it takes most owners 4 years to build up enough miles to even WARRANT that first service. LOL hell, if i can’t discipline myself in that time to save up the few hundred bucks to take it in and have it tended to timely and proper (with the bonus of supporting local business), the problem isn’t that a vehicle needs service…? the problem is with budgeting.

  13. MGNorge says:

    Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think this color looks fine. Not the best in the pix here perhaps but after looking over the lead photo it started to come together for me. I’m tired of the dark side black colors, leave that to the cruisers.

  14. Fat Old Man says:

    I wouldn’t call it naked. Immodestly dressed perhaps. It’s not like the piston heads are hanging out there for everyone to see. But the color definately exceeds local community standards, disgracefull, shame, shame!

  15. Bob says:

    Nice! Looks very sinister in the pictures and bet it will look even better in all black. I could see having an interest in this bike if they dont price it too sky high.

    • Steve says:

      yes… all black would be cool…. maybe a flat black model for less $$

      The mustard or whatever color that is ruins it for me..

  16. Trpldog says:

    I’m sure it’s not the case in person, but the the the pics sure make it look porky. Looks like simply “too much stuff” shoved into a small space. I bet it can really rail around corners. I guess I’ll just have to stick with my adjust the valves in the backyard 130hp Speed Triple. Oh sigh, I’m so bummed…

  17. Kjazz says:

    The brits found it’s bigger brother the worst of a four bike test….. hmmmm. Better stick with the original….SpeedTriple, I mean StreetTriple (in this case).

    • Kjazz says:

      I will also say, this is the best looking modern Ducati motor I’ve seen……. snicker. Seeing how it’s all blacked out and hidden and stuff.

    • Kjazz says:

      And since nakeds (nekkids) are supposed to show off their motors….. this is tacet confirmation that EVEN Ducati realizes their motors are ugly.

      • Phil K says:

        I think the left side of the bike in even uglier…more plumbing and unidentifiable junk hanging off of it.

  18. Austin Hunt says:

    Very nice except the baby pooh color. Would love to see other manufacturers do this. i.e. ZX-6R naked, ZX-10 naked, CBR 600 naked, R-1 an R-6 naked…etc.

  19. mark says:

    I guess it’s just me, but all these new ducks are uglier than the last. They all look like transformer toys. Looks like it should stand up and knock over a building or something. Not for me.

  20. monsterduc1000 says:

    SAWEEEET!!! I’ll take mine in red please!

  21. Jeremy in TX says:

    15000 mile clearance interval on a Ducati? I am suddenly interested in this beauty! I wonder how much that actually sets me back every 15K? What is the going rate to check/adjust eight desmos?

  22. Steve P says:

    I’d like my Multistrada in a 848 short please.

  23. ABQ says:

    No complaints from me. It is a beautiful bike. In New Mexico we call that color ‘Adobe’ and we cover it with a ‘Day of the Dead’ motif…very cool.

  24. endoman says:

    Triumph had a very similar color on the 675 Daytona a few years ago. It did look better in person than in pictures, but still one of those colors you like or hate.

  25. brinskee says:

    Not so sure about that color… Might be one of those “you have to see it in person” deals.

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