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Monza WSB Results

The fourth round of the WSB series visited the Monza circuit on Sunday.  In race 1, Marco Melandri (BMW) won a near photo-finish over second place Tom Sykes (Kawasaki) and third place Eugene Laverty (Aprilia).  In race 2, Laverty took the win over Melandri with Sykes finishing third.  Sykes third place finish is still under review, however, as a result of him running off the track in turn 5 of the final lap.

Aprilia’s Sylvain Guintoli has the series points lead after four rounds.  For additional details, results and points, visit the official WSB site here.


  1. bikerrandy says:

    Guess I’m a purest ’cause I like WSBK races better than MotGP races, but have to watch them on Tuesdays since I don’t know how to program my hardly used video recorder. But that’s OK ’cause that means that Sunday I can ride and still not miss the WSBK races. Plan to go to Laguna Seca this year for the AMA/WSBK races but will skip the MotoGP races there because it’s too much of a clusterf#ck for me then.

  2. Norm G. says:

    i’ve just had an epiphany. with 2 cracking races (1 with a controversy that’s set the net ablaze everywhere else), the reason there aren’t more comments on THIS site for WSBK, is because WSBK is clearly for the purist, for the “true race fan”.

    a knock-on benefit of it’s 25 year history, is the passage of time effectively serves to “weed out” the low to ZERO investment types (ie. fan boys). 4T MotoGP doesn’t enjoy such history… hell, not even by half…? WSBK’s marketing tag lines are “Pure Excitement”, “Pure Motorsport”. hmmmn, makes sense.

    • mickey says:

      Yea…that’s it (insert rolling eyes emoticon here)

    • TomS says:

      Too bad I can’t get it on TV any more.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Too bad I can’t get it on TV any more.”

        alot of that goin’ round. these same words are now being spoken in the powerhouses of Italy and the UK…

        …but in the context of MotoGP.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with the excitement typically seen in this series, but Monza has a way of doing that. Too bad the track is otherwise outdated and generally boring, and rumored to be out of the calendar soon.
      With TV issues, I missed the Aragon races, but it doesn’t sound like those were the barn stormers of usual with Davies dominating both races…

      Stupid DVR didn’t work for these races on BeIn sport channel. better luck next time I hope.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Too bad the track is otherwise outdated”

        easy, i believe the PC term is “classic”. 🙂

        re: “and generally boring”

        i was with you… and you were making sense… until you said this. 🙁

        • Brian says:

          well, just meaning going straight, then a chicane. then straight, then a chicane, then straight, then a curve, then a straight…

          Classic I agree. Sometimes a bit more variation makes for exciting racing. Like the long straights at the Austin track or the long straights at Aragon just don’t make for the interesting parts of racing like the curves and turns. Overtaking by breaking and turning are a bit more exciting that seeing who has the most horsepower. Taking Ducati out of the races at a track like this due to not matching up with the 4’s takes away some of the thrill of the race.