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Erik Buell Racing Introduces New Production Street Bike: The EBR 1190RX (Updated)



After mourning the death of Buell Motorcycles a few years ago, many of us wondered whether Erik Buell would ever produce another full-production, street-legal bike employing his unique and often brilliant engineering solutions. Although we were introduced to the limited production 1190RS in 2011, we were waiting to see if a more reasonably priced and more readily available model was in the works. Perhaps, spurred on by the relationship with Hero Motorcycles, Erik Buell Racing has answered that question in the affirmative with the unveiling today of the 1190RX.

This is still an expensive motorcycle at a U.S. MSRP of $18,995, but you get a lot for your money (full specs below).  The fuel injected 1190 cc twin features very high compression at 13.4:1, and makes a claimed 185 hp at 10,600 rpm. With 102 foot/pounds of torque at 8,200 rpm, you’re looking at serious performance in a claimed 419 pound package (wet, no fuel). Contrary to the published specs, we understand Brembo might end up being the manufacturer of the brakes on the production units.

The 1190RX is scheduled for 49 state availability in late December (California availability should be early 2014). What we don’t know at this point is how the bike will be distributed in the U.S, although we know EBR is working hard to build a dealer network. We just don’t know where that effort stands.  This will be critically important to buyers, but perhaps the financial backing of the giant Hero adds some sense of security.

There is also talk of a WSB team in 2014, so EBR plans to mix it up at the top of the sport.  It will be very interesting to watch this story unfold.


1190RX Specifications



Type ET-V2: 72° V-Twin, Liquid Cooled, Four-stroke
Bore x Stroke 4.17 in. x 2.66in. (106 x 67.5 mm)
Displacement 72.6 cu in. (1190cc)
Compression Ratio 13.4 : 1
Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel injection with 2 port injectors and 2 showerhead injectors
Exhaust Primary + Secondary
Peak Torque 101.6 ft-lbs. @ 8200 rpm (137.8 Nm @ 8200 rpm)
Peak Horsepower 185 hp @ 10,600 rpm



Primary Drive Gear Drive 36/65
Final Drive 520 Z-ring chain, 16/41
Clutch Hydraulic actuation, vacuum operated slipper
Transmission Ratios:
1st 2.46
2nd 1.75
3rd 1.38
4th 1.17
5th 1.04
6th 0.96



Overall Length 80.3in. (2040mm.)
Overall Width 29.0in. (737mm)
Overall Height 43.7in. (1110mm)
Seat Height 32.5in. (826mm)
Ground Clearance 4.7in. (120mm)
Rake 22.4°
Trail 3.80in. (96.5mm)
Lean Angle 55°
Front Tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 190/55 ZR-17
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal (17.lL)
Weight (Wet, no fuel) 419lbs. (190kg)
Load Capacity 375lbs. (170kg)



Frame Aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir
Swingarm Optimized stiffness aluminum
Front Suspension Showa, inverted big piston front forks
Rear Suspension Showa, single shock without linkage
Front Wheel 17 x 3.5 Aluminum
Rear Wheel 17 x 6.0 Aluminum
Front Brake 386mm (15.19in.) Single perimeter rotor, 8 piston inside-out caliper
Rear Brake 220mm (8.66in.) Disc, 2-piston Hayes Performance Brakes Caliper

2014 EBR 1190RX


MSRP $18,995
Body Colors Strike Yellow
Racing Red
Galactic Black
Secondary Body Color Charcoal
Engine Color Gunsmoke




  1. Cowpieapex says:

    The more bikes Erik brings onto the road the better. His unique vision has produced some of the most interesting motorcycles of the past two decades.

  2. Brian says:

    Come on powerball… Looks good to me.. Nice to see Erik rebound. Will be even better to see what comes about in the future.

  3. Dale says:

    To all at Buell: Well done.

  4. Jorge says:

    I really want to like this motorcycle. Motorcyclist has a video that covers this bike at the show in Orlando. The black helps integrate the frame and gives it a more modern look. I think it is the best looking of the bunch. The dated (sorry but looks very Japanese from 10 years ago) graphics are also more subdued on the black painted model.

    Still at $19K it will take a committed EBR fan to overlook all the missing details. At this price point details make the sale. e.g. The brake caliper looks a bit budget for a bike this expensive. I already mentioned the lack of signals in the mirror head stalk. KTM 1190 rc8 and the Panigale both have this so why Erik would think he could get away with not using the nice set from the RS seems misguided. The S1000RR sticks with the turn stalks but it is also a good bit cheaper. MSRP of 15K and I wouldn’t bring it up.

    I think they made a bike for the EBR faithful and I hope that will be enough for them to get off to a solid start. With a couple RS pieces added back it could be a legit option for anyone shopping a sportbike in this price range.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “The dated (sorry but looks very Japanese from 10 years ago) graphics”

      a sticker atop the clear coat. peel it off then go WTFO.

      (click crunch) Norm G. wears out his EZ button from so many presses. 🙁

  5. xlayn says:

    Nothing would do justice to this bike (or any sport bike) or help it sales than a couple of reviews stating out of the world acceleration, incredible handling and reporting that the ZTL brake works (and wonders) just as the other Eric’s trademark solutions.
    Hope he can gain enough traction to eventually make it cheaper.
    BMW for example were able to do it the first time, but it has the muscle (and bank numbers) to support it.
    If I had the money probably would go for a Duc.
    I would also love this machine to become a 100% american one.

  6. jim says:

    Curious about the SX and AX, anyone know?

  7. JPJ says:

    Great looking bike with a very competitive price point.

  8. Auphliam says:

    My old ass would require some extra padding to handle that slab for sure, but that is one sexy looking bike there.

    Nicely done…and while it’s not cheap, it’s not crazy expensive (Hello Motus).

    If it wasn’t such close competition for the RC8, I could envision a KTM/Buell conglomeration on the dealer network.

  9. Jorge says:

    They had an RS with a exposed carbon and red paint job in Europe, would have been nice to see something with that level of detail but sans the carbon fiber body panels and suspension. However, they cut too much out of the RS to make the RX, it may perform well against similarly priced rivals (yet to be seen) but it doesn’t have that exotic detail a bike at $20K needs. e.g. The subtle graphics, the brake and clutch levers, the integrated turn signal in the mirror head stalk from the RS are gone. These are relatively cheap items that should have carried over. Also, more exotic exhaust routing could help.

  10. BOSCOE says:

    I’ll buy it. If I can find one to see in the metal.

  11. Nicholas says:

    I’ve never understood complaints about comfort on a sportbike. It will never truly be comfortable, because it is a sport bike. If you want comfort, buy something less aggressive. Personally, I think riding a sport bike on the street is just silly in the first place. They’re built for the track, so using them on the street is like killing flies with a bazooka. If you want performance, accept the compromise and stop whining. If you want comfort, buy a comfortable bike and accept the compromise to performance.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      If I had a bazooka, I’d reach for it 10 times out of 10 over a flyswatter whenever I would hear something buzzing. Silly? Sure. But oh, so satisfying!

    • Gary says:

      You could still have a sportbike with a comfortable seat. They’ll never be as comfortable as a touring bike, but 1.5 inches of seat foam isn’t enough for street duty. Track duty, ok, but most of these will be on the street like most sportbikes.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “If you want comfort, buy something less aggressive.”

      like a chevy sonic.

  12. powermad says:

    I see a lot of well wishes and I wish it had this and if it only had that.
    I don’t see anyone saying ‘”I’ll buy one.”
    Well wishes and ‘gee thats neat’ don’t feed the bulldog.

    • sl says:

      I agree with you, but remember without a 9.5 gallon tank and center stand no one here is going to open their wallet :). This crowd seems to respect super sports, but would be happy for an after noon ride, not a long term relationship. The positive response seems to be in EBR’s corner. I am.

  13. Jdilpkle says:

    Give me a (more) comfortable naked EBR version and game is on!
    Pulling for you Erik!!

  14. Vrooom says:

    It looks like a nice bike, perhaps a bit pricey, but it’s hard to make money at low volumes. Dealer support is the issue, Aprilia is going to have a far better dealer network than EBR unless he manages to hook up with a major manufacturer for dealer support.

  15. Jay says:

    I love the motorcycle but I miss the underbody exhaust.

  16. PatrickD says:

    Head-to-head, it looks like a competitor with a KTM 1190 RC8. With enough cool detailing to make it special in its own right.

    Are Buell making their own engines at tis point, or is there a Rotax connection?

    As for seat comfort – this is a sportsbike. Also, a racing cyclist would look at this with envy, and he/she would sit on their seats for hours at a time. Buy some cycling shorts for underneath your leathers if you’re stuck, because they are more effective than any seat-foam modification/addition.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Are Buell making their own engines at tis point”

      better not be. ’tis a herculean task. to paraphrase solo (and he would know these things)… “making engines ain’t like dustin’ crops boy.”

      re: “or is there a Rotax connection?”

      on this all depends. (yoda voice)

  17. Hot Dog says:

    Anyone know what the apparatus is in front of the right front fork leg? Is it dealing with air flow? This is a very nice bike! Harley has tunnel vision.

  18. Gary says:

    Looks wonderful to me! Except… if this is not only a race track machine which considering the lights it isn’t, that seat looks awfully uncomfortable past about 5 miles of travel. So please Erik, give us a comfortable seat, and maybe a cover over the area just below the seat (easily removed for shock adjustment). Other than that, the best of luck with the new EBR… and I hope Harley is feeling really stupid right now.

  19. sl says:

    Function over form, but it still looks good. I like the fact that the exhaust is where it fit. Like most I hope it finds its way to the top of the hill.

  20. Krisd says:

    Does that seat looks high to anyone?
    Aside from that I love it. Kinda reminds me of the Yami Thunderace I had years ago…..and not at all like the Buell Lightning I had years ago….(the former I hated, the later I loved!)

  21. Ricardo says:

    Awesome machine, not only it looks fast, it has the performance numbers to deliver, i take mine in red please.

  22. denny says:

    Actually, I must say I like it. Even the price sticker, is not out of this wold, still pretty realistic for real fan. I wish him all the best.

  23. allworld says:

    Way to go Eric, 2 thumbs up.

  24. Jdilpkle says:

    Listen up Gabe (and the rest of MD) –
    You got me into real big trouble!
    First off, because of your “Stop me before I buy a used Buell” write-up, I bought (my third) XB Buell. I thought I was over the whole Buell thing until your article started stirring up rememberences of railing apexes and recalling the ‘own the corner’s’ advertising lingo from Buell.
    Thanks bunches Gabe 🙁
    Things were then finally calming down after the most recent Buell purchase and I started going about my life – totally content with the current Buell and its Buellish quirks. All was right with the world. Certainly, one of the best handling bikes on the planet when set up correctly. Bliss. Harmony.
    THEN, Gabe – MD puts in front of me today a Buell 1190RX staring me in the face and calling my name out loud in some kind of alien MD computer language. What’s the deal??!!
    Is this how you guys work?
    MD (years ago)sucks me into its clutches, makes me use MD as my opening webpage at work, makes me read it every day, then YOU and your pen wielding, keyboard punching cohorts rip out my insides leading me down a path of motorcycle mayhem in my head and life!
    Tell me the truth Gabe, does MD have some kind of imbeded high frequency signal that scrambles mens brains and makes buy something like a Buell??!! – or whatever else MD puts before us?? Fess up. Then now the 1190RX!! What are you doing to me? I beg you to stop!! PLEASE!!!

    Ok, ok….
    I’ve calmed down.

    So, to Gabe and the rest of you brainwave bending MD guys – – keep up the good work!
    Its a real joy to be part of the MD family.
    Love ya.
    Joe D.

  25. Ulysses says:

    Nice job Eric, now lets get to work on that AX!

  26. david kingdon says:

    riding for 45 yrs.had most of the best literbikes and some 600s and sv suzukis. owned a 09 1125 cr for 3 years and 35k miles. easily the best performing bike i ever had! cant wait to own another. made track days almost too easy considering my mediocre talent.

  27. Michael H says:

    Gotta admire Erik Buell. The guy just does not give up, and the engineering in his motorcycles is often unique and always top-notch. I hope this bike takes him down the road of great success. The guy deserves it.

  28. Jeremy in TX says:

    Those specs put it just above mid-pack in the liter-bike category if they aren’t too dolled up for the brochure. Specs aren’t everything, of course, and the riding experience may indeed make it a real contender for the crown in comparison tests. It will be exciting to see how the bike stacks up against its brutally effective competition, especially given the RX’s relatively high price.

    The bike looks really good, too.

    Gotta love an underdog! I hope they sell all they can make.

    • Dirck Edge says:

      Torque advantage and handling advantage (versus the Ducati). The 72 degree V angle allows proper weight distribution (Ducati sticks with 90 degrees). I expect the bike will be a very effective race weapon, but EBR will need competitive riders.

  29. Scotty says:

    This is the real US superbike and I wish Buell all the very best of luck!!!

  30. Jdilpkle says:

    Hey Erik –

    YES! YES! YES!
    I’ve owned 3 Buell XB’s and I’ve been waiting a long time for this, as many have. Now for dealers…

    • goose says:

      Hey, they couldn’t be worst than most of the Harley shops that sold Buells. If EBR can find ten really good dealers they will have more really good dealers than they had when they were part of H-D.


  31. chris says:

    Great job I must make room in my garage for one! it’s amazing what erik buell can do now that he is out from under the constraints of the bumbling cast of idiots Hardley Ableson They did not want anything to over shadow the antiques that they are so hung up on making .way to go EBR

  32. falcodoug says:

    Nice work!

  33. roadrash1 says:

    Nicely Done!
    A good value for that money/performance.
    I like it in arrest me red….

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