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EBR Unveils Naked 1190SX at Indy Press Event


Gabe is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to test the EBR 1190RX, and EBR unexpectedly unveiled the naked version of the 185 hp v-twin, dubbed the 1190SX.

Gabe had a chance to take the video embedded below (sorry for the poor quality, it was literally taken at the spur of the moment). Aside from the screen grab from Gabe’s video, these are the first photos we could get our hands on.

EBR has no additional details at this time, although they state on the video that the bike is already in production. Stay tuned.





  1. kjazz says:

    Everyone should buy one and ride it, that way, you wont have to look at it. Jeez, really…??? Is hiring a decent styling/aesthetic engineer that much trouble….?

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      But if everyone were riding one, then we’d all have to look at it, no?

      I personally think it is a good looking bike. Nothing jaw dropping, but I like it.

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Is hiring a decent styling/aesthetic engineer that much trouble….?”

      They did and the bike looks exactly like they want it to.

  2. bob says:

    headlight too minimal….just like ktm superduke….put a dual round headlight like on the old buell ulysses with a small windscreen…that would make a huge diff.

    and the side radiator plastic cover things…just like on the 1125cr…they look tacked on…maybe go with a single radiator with back mounted fans so you can open the look up and see more of engine and look more like a true naked bike.

    i’ve ridden the 1190rx what a bike….friend has one and its a great machine…but if they could shave $5k off the sticker they’d own the market.

  3. thmisawa says:

    That headlight is a disaster. Love the return of Buell. The new EBR name also resonates. I am really happy to again have an american make of sport bikes and, well, any bike that is not a cruiser. Just fix that cheap, plastic toy looking “headlight” with something resembling a real motorcycle part.

  4. Agent55 says:

    While the headlight is a travesty, this is clearly the EBR to buy for the street. Looking forward to the inevitable tests with all the big sporty-naked bikes going toe to ugly headlight surround.

  5. Buzz says:

    It’s kind of odd the Buell pioneered the muffler under the frame (since copied by just about everyone) and the new EBR models both have the old-school high pipes.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      There isn’t anything old-school about this particular pipe other than appearance:

      “Our engineers found that a secondary resonator has a large benefit to helping a V-twin make power and mid-range. The resonator provides an opportunity for a quarter-wave tuner that adds mid-range performance while meeting noise regulations.”

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “It’s kind of odd the Buell pioneered the muffler under the frame (since copied by just about everyone) and the new EBR models both have the old-school high pipes.”

      and now even the WSBK has it. i said last time we discussed EBR, you should only expect to see MORE of the so called “old school” pipe. all those shorts pipes were nothing more than “fashion statements”, “exterior decorating” if you will. style trends may change over the years, but POWER is still made the old fashioned way.

  6. Brad Jarvis says:

    I usually don’t like bikes that’ll “put yer eye out” but I like this.

  7. Gronde says:

    The “Ugly Muffler King” is now vying for the “Ugly Bike King” moniker.

  8. YellowDuck says:

    I like the look of this much better than the Tuono or any liquid-cooled naked Ducati has but our since the S4R. Nice job.

  9. EZ Mark says:

    Nice bike. Hate the name EBR.
    He should have gone with Pegasus, which was the logo on the original Buell.

    • Jdilpkle says:

      I agree. EBR – yuck.
      Why would HD want to keep the rights to the Buell name anyway? I don’t get it. Somebody high up in HD has serious insecurity problems.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Hate the name EBR.”

        re: “I agree. EBR – yuck.”

        love it, embrace it, coddle it, cosset it.

  10. wayne says:

    buell. the non conformist bike

    ugly as a hat full of a#$holes
    hard to find parts

    will be prettty fun to ride
    will sound awesome

    • Jdilpkle says:

      I’m on my third Buell. Zero issues.
      Your first comment is correct. All of your second group of comments are wrong. The third set most likely true.

  11. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    I normally like Buell styling…not this time. The headlight is just clumsy. No lust factor

  12. SD Louis says:

    Shame you can’t see the engine..

  13. Norm G. says:

    and to think, instead of throwing all that engineering and race success out the pram…? Honda could’ve morphed the SP1/RC51 into this a DECADE ago. Erik demonstrates a critical difference between the thinking of small and large companies. while it’s good to be large and have lots of resources, it unfortunately begets complacency and lack of focus.

    however (comma) when you’re small like EBR and don’t have all these cards to play…? you don’t have the luxury of discarding opportunities. miss an opportunity at 9am…? and 5pm could see you filing chapter 7.

    • Dave says:

      Buell is building a brand, not a business. That 2nd part will come later.

      Honda committed to I-4’s with the CBR-1000rr and CB-1000 (naked, SS swing arm). They do not aspire to build Buells.

  14. Gronde says:

    Is be happy with a Buell that made 100 hp and sold for $10,000. Not too many riders able to safely use that much hp without ending up in jail, the hospital or cemetery. To each his own.

    • allworld says:

      I think those bikes are coming, they will be badged as Hero. Time will tell, but certainly there is more to come.

  15. jim says:

    Question: Does the set level out when seated? If not, wouldn’t that angle pitch weight onto your hands and jam your nards?

  16. Frank says:

    Should be a good ride, but I never cared for the looks of that ugly wide gas tank frame. If Ducati can move off the trellis frame for its high end sport bikes, maybe one day Buell will step away from this particular ‘innovation’ on at least this one high end model and give us a ‘naked’ with a more traditional build…gas in a tank above the engine and a better looking steel tube frame.

    Also, a little more padding in the seat please..

  17. KenHoward says:

    I really can’t imagine anyone living in such a vacuum that they’d consider this thing over a 1290 Super Duke.

    • Jeremy in TX says:


      • KenHoward says:

        If you are THE Gabe, whose reviews I _greatly_ enjoy, I can only sadly picture that torture-rack of a CB350 cafe racer of yours to understand your liking this EBR. Keep up the great writing, though!

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I really can’t imagine anyone living in such a vacuum”

      I really can’t imagine a people so unwilling to support domestic products and domestic manufacturing…?

      this is unheard of overseas. Germans support Germany, Italians support Italy, English support England, French support France, Japanese support Japan and is the primary reason how their products got to be where they are.

      in stark contrast, Americans shoot their eye out in support of everything but, as though this behaviour were “consequence free” and had no chance of ever coming back to bite them in the arse…? weird innit…?

      • Tank says:

        Tell that to the people that bought GM cars.

        • Norm G. says:

          tell that to the people who bought Toyotas…? or BMW motorcycles…? should be fully understood at this point no man made product is above the human propensity for error. that was just something we told ourselves.

      • Dave says:

        Re: “this is unheard of overseas. Germans support Germany, Italians support Italy, English support England, French support France, Japanese support Japan and is the primary reason how their products got to be where they are. ”

        Most of those countries legislate favorably for home brands so it’s advantageous for their citizens to buy products domestically. In the US all brands are on more of an even playing field, where US makes have had the Japanese mopping the floor with them on quality and value. That’s changing (now that they’re bringing in their EU market products..), but still has a way to go.

        And England? There are more import brands on the road in the UK than I’ve seen in any other Western country.

      • HM says:

        Tell it Norm G!You are exactly right!And most of those countries impose crazy tariffs on any goods entering their own markets too!Not much of that here in the land of the free (comma)free for the grabbing or stealing.

  18. allworld says:

    This is a bike I have been waiting for.
    It won’t belong before we see, a full line up of bikes from EBR and smaller displacement versions sporting a Hero badge.
    EBR the one to watch.

  19. Craig Jackman says:

    Naked Buell? Fantastic. The obvious step to improve market share. Now, waiting for the AX version, the step up from the Buell Ulysses … which was perhaps one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden.

  20. Gary says:

    I like the looks very well, except it appears that seat would be hard and uncomfortable. I would also prefer to see a panel just under the seat to cover that “trellis” frame. Leave the shock exposed for adjustment. Wouldn’t mind the bars being just a little higher also. JMHO

    • Gabe says:

      Do you know that subframe is made of magnesium? It weighs less than a pound.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I would also prefer to see a panel just under the seat to cover that “trellis” frame.”

      there will be no covering of the university student’s thesis.

    • Gary says:

      I know, some like to see that “frame work”, but just my opinion or likes, I would rather see a color coordinated panel there. The material it is made out of makes no difference. I’m just going for looks.

  21. Auphliam says:

    I haven’t checked the stock market recently, but have foam futures gone the same way as crude oil and gold these days? This is a “street” bike. Jeezus H Tap-Dancin Christ, PUT A DAMN SEAT ON IT!

    Otherwise, looks like a great bike…I just couldn’t imagine spending more than a few miles on that tail slab. Might as well just take my old Ironhead out for a ride.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “This is a “street” bike. Jeezus H Tap-Dancin Christ, PUT A DAMN SEAT ON IT!”

      no, unfortunately the burden of sorting that now rests squarely with us and the aftermarket in the form of an additional transaction.

    • Mr.D says:

      I’m totally with you Auphliam! The industry seems to have this obsession with low seat heights, and every inch they have lost in the past 2 decades seems to be at the cost of comfort. It just seems wrong that my ’74 185 Suzuki has more foam than my KLX or Vulcan.

  22. Jdilpkle says:

    I have to give Erik vast amounts of credit where credit is due – from the HD head chopping of Buell in ’09, to whats on the menu today. Helmets off to you and the second generation Techno-Elves!

  23. paso100 says:

    Erik stole my toaster oven in ’98 and hid it behind those handlebars. Well played, Erik, well played.

  24. Perko says:

    Erik, nice job.

    I’ll swing by next week to take a peek, it’ll be a nice rustic road ride from HeIllinois.


  25. Ice says:

    Ok, Now before everybody starts drooling over this, don’t forget to put some money aside for leaky clutch & blowen up stator.
    I lost a lot of hard earned money on buells bulls*it bike.
    For reference it was the buell 1190CR. My greatest regret in motorcycling career. Buell owes me lot of money for his crappy bike.

    • Jdilpkle says:

      I’ve had three Buells and they have all been perfect – and XB’s at that. I do think the CR was rushed out the door too fast and needed more development before it was turned loose.

    • zuki says:

      Hmmm. Confused, or is there a bit of exaggeration and maybe a little dishonesty in this claim? Trolling perhaps?

      There never was a Buell “1190CR”, and I’m sure that if you had problems like that it would have been covered under warranty unless the problem wasn’t actually due to product design flaws but rather organic-servo operation/maintenance malfunction.

    • stinkywheels says:

      My friends CBR Hondas also like to eat stators. I understand how you feel about the CR, I own one. The ride makes it worth it to me. Luckily it’s not my only bike so it’s shakedown didn’t hurt as much. It was rushed out and the plug pulled too soon. I hope he gets a dealer network like the one with HD going. He’s gonna have to pair up with a current manufacturer, and I hope Hero is in for the long haul.

  26. Karlsbad says:

    OK I think we all knew it was just a matter of time, mmmm what next? hopefully a Ulysess replacement.
    Kudos to all the folks in East Troy all the mags must be anxious to get their hands on this one.

  27. Tank says:

    Who said Americans can’t build real motorcycles? Now make a 500 and we’ll forget about the Blast.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Everyone’s already forgotten about the blast. Memories like that often get repressed. It is a normal defense mechanism of the human brain.

  28. John says:

    Okay that’s pretty freaking cool. Out of my price range for sure, but pretty cool. I remember sitting on a Lightning and absolutely LOVING the ergos. Just, you know, the engine. I hope they can start to make some smaller, less expensive offerings in the future.

    • zuki says:

      You only sat on a Lightning, but never rode it? Without actually riding it how can you have an opinion on the engine? Being a previous owner of two Lightnings (the 1000 and the 1200) I can have the opinion that the engine were really fantastic and balanced in the overall package of the motorcycle. The real problem with Buell wasn’t the engine, it was HD’s lack of dealer support and poor treatment of Buell customers.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        I am no fan at all of the XB engines. They were a disservice to the bikes and Buell’s marketing efforts (as were the dealerships).

  29. Buzz says:

    Is this where the “If America made a proper motorcycle I’d be the first one in line” guys get in line?

  30. Norm G. says:

    looks good, damn good.

  31. Chris says:

    I’ll take mine in white ,and all you’ll see little biaggi while you are on your Aprilia is a faint view of the taillight. (no chicken strips on this ride)

  32. MG3 says:

    I don’t know. As a consumer of ‘standard’ motorcycles (comfortable, affordable), there’s not much here for me to get excited about. If I had $20K sitting around collecting dust, and a strong desire to have my license suspended, I guess I’d be sideling up to my local EBR dealer about now. The machines are beautiful, but impractical and way too expensive (for me anyway). I keep hoping that Eric will build something for the masses, but I guess that’s just not in the cards. If the new Harley Street 750 takes off – well that would prove that there is a market for a basic, modern, inexpensive v-twin built here in the USA. Buell could have built that bike years ago, and used the profits to design and build all the exotica that he enjoys so much. I am rooting for Buell, but I am rooting even harder for the Street 750 to be a success.

  33. Blackcayman says:

    How about a version to compete against the Motus??? I’d trade 20 HP for a bigger, broader and sooner Torque curve…

  34. Blackcayman says:

    Headlight Nacelle….well its unique. The saddle looks steep, narrow and thin; all OK for a track-bike, but less so for a Naked-Sportbike. You ought to be able to enjoy the better ergos, which would mean a little more weight on the seat rather than on the bars.

    But, in this open class of high-output nakeds; that kind of saddle seems to be De Rigueur

    Bring on the Comparos! The Lone American against the Europeans

  35. xlayn says:

    Hey you there massive and beautiful chassis…. <3

  36. motowarrior says:

    It’s easy to have a great deal of respect for Erik Buell and what he has accomplished. I don’t, however, really understand this bike. It is called a naked bike, but it appears to be their sport bike with a few bits of body work removed. Does anyone really know what the purpose of a 185 hp naked bike is, other than bragging rights and unlimited wheelies? I really enjoy seeing Buell expanding his lineup, and I guess this is an expected extension, but I really hope the next model makes more sense.

    • Dave says:

      Re: “It is called a naked bike, but it appears to be their sport bike with a few bits of body work removed.”

      This has become pretty much standard for premium “nakeds”. See BMW, Aprilia, Ducati Hyper Motard, & KTM.

    • xlayn says:

      For the same reason than S1000R and the Tuono…
      Make “prettier” a ugly piece of metal that keeps in place the radiator…

    • richard says:

      I get it if its not your cup of tea…however if you love the streetfighter look like i do…i dig it.

      This is what Erik builds…hes not about to build

    • ABQ says:

      A bikini instead of a one piece still isn’t naked.
      But I still like the looks.

    • stinkywheels says:

      As long as you have to cover enough radiator to cool 150+HP, and cover the headlight/speedo it can only get so naked. All a naked really is, in theory, is a sportbike with fairings removed and different triples for MX style bars.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Does anyone really know what the purpose of a 185 hp naked bike is, other than bragging rights and unlimited wheelies?”


  37. Roadrash says:

    As someone who owned 5 Buells, all I can say is……..I LOVE IT !

    • stinkywheels says:

      As someone who still owns 3 Buells, I love it but really very seldom use full throttle on the 1125CR, I can’t imagine how inept I’d feel on this beast. I do wish he could find a way to bring the belt drive back. It is very nice as long as it doesn’t mess up as my 96 S1 finally did.

  38. Jeremy in TX says:

    I am fond of the design. I really like naked bikes, and to my eye, the look of this one bests all of the newcomers to the high-performance naked group with the possible exception of the new KTM Sooppa Duke.

  39. sliphorn says:

    Go Eric!!

    • rwven says:

      Go ERIK!!

      • xlayn says:

        People come to an agreement eriC or eriK, we have enough with the fights about how much performance per pound (right now around 100 per pound but tamed to 1 per 100 via ABS for the newbies and the everyday joe)

  40. Neil says:

    Cool but once again if you use the same sport subframe that is high in the back and high rear footpegs you will slide into the tank and or get a wedgie like there is no tomorrow. But the bars may be low enough for the seat to be comfortable. Nice looking rig. I would lower the subframe anyway and lower the pegs as well. And since we’re possibly paying that much, how about adjustable pegs and controls? How hard would that be? Come on engineers in EBR Racing. Get those thinking caps on.

    • Daytona James says:

      “those thinking caps”???
      Ring-ring… it’s Kindergarten calling… Is Neil there?

      • Neil says:

        Ha ha! Well, whatever it takes to inspire your mind to greatness as an engineer. Has anyone seen the Honda Jet lately?

    • goose says:

      Neil, I’m with you. One of the reasons I’m hoping for an adventure bike from EBR is seat to foot peg spacing.

      Also with you on the seat/ tank, it looks like it was designed to destroy a male rider’s “attachments”.

      That aside, really great to see what EBR is doing with Hero’s money. The bike looks pretty good and, based on what I’ve read about the RX, will be a great bike.

      Keep it up EBR, great to see American bikes move into this space.


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