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Indian Unveils 2015 Scout at Sturgis



The new Indian Scout will be tested by MD Editor Dirck Edge tomorrow in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is a 69 cubic inch (1133 cc) liquid cooled V-twin with belt drive and a six speed transmission.

Indian is claiming 100 hp and 72 foot/pounds of torque with a wet weight of 538 pounds (no fuel).

Indian interestingly chose to give the new Scout 16″ wheels that are relatively narrow, including a 150 section rear and a 130 section front. The Scout has 298 mm disc brakes front and rear, with a two piston caliper in front and a single piston caliper in the rear. Fuel capacity is 3.3 gallons.

Indian Scout pricing starts at $10,999 and four colors will be available at launch, including Red, Thunder Black, Silver Smoke and Black Smoke. Indian has all of the details on its web site. Stay tuned for our first ride report.

Here’s the complete press release from Indian:

Sturgis, S.D. — August 2, 2014 — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, today announces the launch of the 2015 Indian Scout™, a contemporary yet classic interpretation of one of motorcycling’s most famous and coveted bikes. With a starting US MSRP of $10,999 and a DNA that will appeal to riders of multiple skill sets and abilities, the new Indian Scout was unveiled Saturday night to a gathering of press, VIPs and celebrities at the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Rally attendees are encouraged to be among the first to test ride the 2015 Indian Scout at the Indian Motorcycle Demo Experience on I-90 @ Exit 30 in Sturgis, South Dakota, which runs through Saturday, August 9.

2015 Indian Scout

Weighing in at a wet weight of 558 pounds – lightest in its class – the 2015 Indian Scout was derived from a clean sheet design, creating a potent and precise middle-weight cruiser that carries forward the spirit of innovation that made it one of the most storied bikes of all time. Boasting advanced technologies, design and engineering innovations, it offers a breakthrough chassis design featuring a lightweight and rigid cast aluminum frame coupled with a low 25.3-inch seat height for exceptional comfort, balance and maneuverability. Powered by an all-new and proprietary liquid-cooled, 69 cubic inch, 100 HP V-twin engine, the 2015 Indian Scout is powerful yet approachable. Its low seat height, low center of gravity, maneuverability and lightweight and compact design makes the Scout appealing to riders of all sizes and experience levels while the high horsepower and superior handling make it a bike that will thrill even the most experienced riders.

This is the first truly new Indian Scout in more than 70 years and marks the return of the legendary bikes that conquered the infamous “Wall of Death” and carried the legendary “Indian Wrecking Crew” motorcycle race team to multiple victories. Technology and designs derived from Scout models played a significant role for Allied Forces in World War II and a 1920 Indian Scout earned the title of the “world’s fastest Indian” as proven by Burt Munro in 1967.

“Over the course of 30 years of countless innovations, racing wins, world records and industry firsts, the Scout has earned its reputation as a versatile, multifaceted bike that appeals to just about every rider and every riding style, with superior handling, balance, performance and craftsmanship,” said Steve Menneto, VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “Our designers and engineers have taken that heritage and those characteristics and fused it into the 2015 Indian Scout, and we think just about everyone who rides this incredible bike is going to feel like it was built just for them.”

Superior Design Details for Unmatched Beauty and Control

The new Scout was designed from the ground up for a superb balance of comfort and control, delivering a superior riding performance for both newer and experienced riders. It offers:

– The look of a classic “rigid triangle” design that is synonymous with original Scouts, coupled with a set of premium coil over monotube rear shocks that deliver exceptional ride, handling and comfort

– A 25.3 inch seat height, 61.5 inch wheelbase and 5.3 inch ground clearance, delivering a confidence-inspiring 31 degrees of lean angle and low center of gravity, along with exceptional high and low speed maneuverability

– A premium, genuine tan leather solo bucket seat, making the 2015 Indian Scout pure Indian and the only brand to offer this seating as standard

A Reimagined Engine for Power and Precision

The 2015 Indian Scout is powered by an all-new, in-house designed and proprietary 69 cubic inch V-twin engine that combines all the design, power and reliability elements that made the original Scouts unbeatable and mates it with state-of-the-art components and modern technologies. Smooth, flawless power throughout the power band featuring:

– Liquid-cooled design for 100 HP of pure power, along with enhanced durability and reliability

– Out of respect for the legendary Scouts of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, the 2015 Scout carries forward classic engine design cues with purposeful styling that honors both form and function

– Closed loop fuel injection and drive-by-wire throttle actuation mated to a 6-speed overdrive transmission for peak torque of 72 ft./lbs. of torque at 5900 RPM

Pricing & Availability

The 2015 Indian Scout is available for immediate ordering at a starting US MSRP of $10,999 with expected delivery in dealerships across North American in late 2014. Pre-orders may be placed on; visit “Scout’s First Run” to learn more. It is available in Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red, Silver Smoke (matte finish) and Thunder Black Smoke (matte finish).

Sturgis Rally attendees are encouraged to experience the 2015 Indian Scout at the Indian Motorcycle exhibit at 3rd & Lazelle St., or by taking a demo ride at the Indian Motorcycle Demo Experience, I-90 @ Exit 30. Visit the Indian Motorcycle Sturgis event page for details.



  1. gary ritts says:

    New world order- Indian #1, Harley #0

    • Gronde says:

      Do you really think this little bike with an industrial look to it is going to topple Harley? It’s a nice design, but not everyone is going gaga over it. I walked into the local Indian dealer on Saturday and I was the only one looking at bikes. A sleepy sales lady appeared from a back room to greet us. No Scouts were in there, yet, but the big Chiefs had no interested buyers. We then rode to the Harley dealer and found a lot of customers gathered around the bikes and all the sales people were busy with customers. Because Indian is new and different it is going to generate some interest. I would hold off predicting the demise of Harley just yet.

      • Hyperbeat says:

        So when you were at the harley dealership how many used indian motorcycles did they have for sale? My point is one of my local indian dealerships have 2 2014 streetglides for sale and 1 2013 ultra classic for sale as we’ll. 2 of them were traded in for indian chieftains.

        I am not saying one brand is better than other – because I really don’t know. I actually think Indian will push Harley to deliver a better product, and so I think they are good for each other

  2. cthuskie says:

    I am in love with the looks of this Indian Scout.
    A big part of me wants to order one today .
    after 45 years of riding :
    and the likes
    I just CANNOT embrace the concept of RIDING a bike with your feet so far out forward.
    Wish I could get past that , as I really,really like this Scout’s looks.

  3. mickey says:

    Another review recorded 45.1 mpg in mixed riding ( for those interested)

  4. Jim Cherry says:

    I just hope it will shift like my Honda CB-1100. If this Indian can come even close to my Honda, I will buy one. Every thing else is fine. It would be nice if the sidestand had a switch that would kill the engine if the sidestand were left down. And after I spend about $500.00 on a custom seat, I will be fine! Go Indian!!!

  5. Ron says:

    They should have put the Thunder Stroke engine in it.

    • todd says:

      No way. MotorcycleUSA dynoed it at only 73 hp. I imagine its quite a bit heavier and taller too. Nope, this motor’s extra power and the bike’s lower weight means it will out accelerate all those bigger cruisers. Being around 100 pounds lighter than a V-Rod with only 15-25 less hp means it’ll be snapping at its heels too.

      • Blackcayman says:

        There’s no way they don’t go after the FX line of bikes from HD


  6. richard says:

    Whats with the cylinders…..weird

  7. John says:

    It’s pretty, but a Scout could just as easily been a shaft drive upright roadster to compete with BMW or Moto Guzzi, rather than yet another cruiser. I guess it’s just easier to sell pretty than useful.

  8. mickey says:

    You know they show an optional rear passenger seat, but I don’t see any rear passenger footpegs, or a convenient place to mount them?

  9. dave says:

    I think it is kind of ugly. The tank is too small for practical applications and the seat is to low to move the footpegs back where I would want them. That being said it is way nicer than anything the motor company has produced and it is going to makes a Sportster look pathetic performance wise.

  10. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    Are people really b*tching about the gas tank size? Really?

  11. Adventure Seeker says:

    Someone was listening! HD Sportster 1200 is running too hot for Ca. Then Polaris delivers a 100hp cooled cruiser. HD listen next time I talk.

  12. Double-O G says:

    What happened to the test ride on Sunday? Canceled?

  13. Tank says:

    Does anybody know if these are hydraulic valves?

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      That would be a pleasant surprise, but I find hydraulic tappets to be a very unlikely addition with a 9,000 rpm redline. Honda is the only motorcycle manufacturer that I know of that ever put hydraulic valves in something that spins that fast. Here is hoping that Indian is the second.

  14. beasty says:

    There’s a large pic out there somewhere and shows the young lady in profile riding the bike.She’s kinda short and looks a little cramped on that seat. I think the bike is great, but the more I look at that seat, the more I don’t like it. Kinda reminds me of the seat on a Yamaha 650 Custom. Lotta padding at the rear, narrow nose and not enough actual seating area. I think taller folks are gonna wanna sit on the rear fender.

  15. Dennis says:

    When I first saw this, I was not impressed at all. While a great looking bike, I figured it was just another cruiser.
    Until I started really reading the specs and accessories options.
    Liquid cooling? 100 hp? Aluminum frame and under 600 .lbs?
    And the price isn’t bad at all considering what you are getting.
    I just sold my sport/muscle cruiser, a Yamaha Roadstar Warrior, and wasn’t really interested in any cruisers anymore(even if that one wasn’t a typical cruiser).
    This changes things a lot.
    Some of those who have commented on the seating position should look to see the options they have for this bike.
    You can get controls that move out farther or closer, as well as several seats and bars to change the riding position.
    This looks very forward thinking to me on Indians/Polaris’s part.
    As someone else said, I hope they sell a boat load of these things.
    I, for one, am going to test ride one when it’s available.
    And I want one in Indian Red, please.

  16. mickey says:

    A lot of us wish this were more standard/racing heritage Scout, but the truth is, they will sell many more of this model than they would the model a lot of us wish it was.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Very true. I am one who had hoped for a “sporty” Scout. Still, I must admit they nailed the design on this one. I hope they sell a boatload of these things.

  17. todd says:

    100hp and less than 600 lb. this thing will be fast (for a cruiser). Not quite catching up to 600cc sport bike fast but blow the Sportsters into the weeds fast.

    Would be really interested to see a standard, non-cruiser version. Isn’t that what the Scout is supposed to be?

  18. Neil says:

    Great looking machine. Very elemental. Nice riding position without being the 1st Gen VROD. LoL! The motor looks the business. Water cooled. Overhead cams. A real seat! Ya think! Cool pipes. Nice lay down shocks. Did they call me in my sleep or something?! I’ve been saying this all about the Sportster for years! If you want more, they have the bigger Chiefs. Look at the size of the brake discs. It’ll stop too! Cool fenders. I want one. I think the black on their web site looks killer.

  19. Bob says:

    Without a doubt the best looking cruiser available. Kudos to Indian. I have owned one HD, a 1976 AMF Sportster. My dreams or reliving my mis-spent youth by getting another Sportster just died in dust cloud left by the new Scout.

  20. cthuskie says:

    beautiful bike , just wish it had the mid-mount , peg/controls option

    • Yoyodyne says:

      It does.

      • cthuskie says:

        @ Yoyodyne
        sorry…….but every photo I have seen shows foot-forward pegs/controls .
        even the TEST REVIEW that went online here the day after this article
        mentions foot-forward controls.
        where exactly are you seeing an Indian Scout pic with mid-mount
        pegs/controls ?

        • mickey says:

          Hes saying there are options. The op wished for options. Maybe not the option the OP was looking for however

    • richard says:

      Harley have nothing to worry about

  21. Dave P says:

    Probably the nicest looking cruiser out there and the price is right. Love the new engine, would definitly buy one if I was a midget (I’m pushing 6′ tall w/long legs).. Other problem is the nearest dealer is 2 states away.. Have a victory dealer within a short distance but really digging the new Indians though.. Hopefully they will expand their dealer network..

  22. Stacius says:

    WOW. I was expecting a Scout, but this exceeds my expectations.
    I’m sure folks will find something to nitpick, but I think they’ll sell these by the boatload.
    If I hadn’t just gotten a new bike, I’d be really tempted to pick one up!

    Bravo, Indian!

  23. KenHoward says:

    Looking at Indian’s website photos with actual riders, the peg positioning doesn’t look too far forward, as some have guessed. I’ve been hoping Indian would debut a Sportster rival, and they certainly have. ‘Hope the new engine uses hydraulic valves. Looking at the additional photos, I think I’d gladly forfeit generous fuel capacity for that beautiful tank (with a couple extra quarts of gas in the saddlebags, when necessary).

  24. stinkywheels says:

    Too bad they didn’t go 17” wheels so the tire choices would be more numerous. It’s good to see some lighter, freer revving engines come to this genre. I own a bunch of bikes buy my cruiser (Harley) is the least favorite. These things just feel and ride industrial, this might be a step in the right direction. Maybe not industrial, more 67 Caddy Eldorado.

  25. motowarrior says:

    How many V-Rods would H-D have sold if it was styled like this?!

  26. Hair says:

    I entered the sweepstakes. 🙂 So I must like it.

    If this is the Indian starter bike then we might as well get the kiddos started off on the right foot. i.e. water cooled.

  27. Jeremy in TX says:

    Funny how people rarely ever mention “Indian” when referring to Indian motorcycles, especially since Polaris acquired the rights to Indian for the history and prestige of that brand. It is always “Polaris”.

    Oh, and I LOVE this Polaris Scout. Stunning, and the more I look at it, the more I appreciate it. I haven’t seen such an appealing design arise from mass production in a long time, certainly never a cruiser. I don’t think the bike could be more aesthetically perfect to my eye. It looks completely modern and yet so retro-Scout at the same time. Love it.

    I have always said I would never buy a cruiser because they do not fit my style of riding at all, but right now, I am trying to come up with a good rationalization to put one in the garage. I really do want one and for no good reason other than I think it is beautiful.

    • Hot Dog says:

      Easy fella, take a deep breath and think about implications of your actions. It’s sorta like seeing a beautiful woman across the bar, having your eyes meet and suddenly your mesmerized. You take her home and go for a spin and then the trouble starts. You’ll suddenly stop riding your other bikes, they’ll sense there’s another and then gaskets will start leaking, batteries fail, mysterious flats…the list goes on and on. It is beautiful.

  28. mpolans says:

    Is still like to see them do a sport bike and a standard. Indian didn’t make it’s name by leisurely cruising.

  29. Kagato says:

    I love the look of the engine–I think Burt would approve

  30. Jamo says:

    Pretty nice bike. It’s the best looking ride Polaris has come up with. 100 hp is a lot.

  31. takehikes says:

    driving a stake through the MOCo’s heart with this one…..price is right and you whiners about the fuel tank….check historical size of tanks OK? Only recent history has given us these bulbous 5 gallon abortions. Think of the Bonneville tank and Sporty tank.. perfect tank look and no where near 5 gallons.

    • Kagato says:

      yah, we need to know the mpg of this scoot before we diss the tank size–if it gets 60 mpg that’s 180 miles–about the same as my Ninja 500.

      • bikerrandy says:

        Dream on Kagato. Dirck won’t be giving a mpg report, just a 1st ride report.

      • Snake says:

        It *can’t* give 60 mpg, it is a 1300 with 100HP and 72 lb-ft of torque. Power is commensurate with fuel consumption – you can’t get power without the equivalent level of fuel used.

        We’ll be fortunate to have high 40’s for gas mileage, I bet mid to low-40’s more average. The Honda 750, for example, gets 55 MPH and here is a bike with almost twice the displacement and definitely twice the power – 60 mpg just ain’t gonna happen.

        • zuki says:

          I regularly got 60 mpg+ with my 2006 Buell XB12Ss (1203cc), and never dropped below 52 mpg even when riding aggressively. If I remember right they were EPA highway rated at 65 mpg. It’s very possible with the right gearing and power to spare.

          • zuki says:

            Forgot to mention… Buell XB12 was rated at 103 hp.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            I usually averaged around 42 – 44 mpg on my ’06 Ulysses depending on the driving mix. High-thirties if I was really wringing its neck. Near 50 on a relatively slow and lonely road. 60 mpg on an XB is way outside the norm.

          • zuki says:

            Could be your Ulysses was outside the norm? My XB9S was about the same as my XB12Ss.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            I was pretty active with Buell groups, and I’d say my mileage was typical, a bit on the low side perhaps. Most guys got mid-40’s. Some of the more gentle-handed guys get closer to 50 on average unless they rode ’08+ bikes (all of which seemed to do low 40’s no matter what.) 60mpg is impressive.

        • mickey says:

          I get 55 mpg out of my CB1100 although it has 12 less horsepower than this, and 50 mpg on my ST 1300 with 125 hp…both have to feed 4 throttle bodies with fuel injection. Funny I only get 65 mpg out of my 400 Majesty scooter with a single cylinder and 29 or something horsepower.

        • Blackcayman says:


  32. Peter G says:

    As one of the previous comments said ” this bike is attracting so much attention from non- cruiser riders, it must be good”.
    I can’t agree more, I have NEVER been interested in cruisers, but this Indian looks so good in silver smoke that I could easily be persuaded to buy one. Modify the pegs and I’m sold on it!

    • arbuz says:

      It is true. another ‘non-cruiser’ person here, looking for an excuse to get this thing. Love the looks. I am 42, not sure what group I belong to (started with SV 650). But this even beats Motto Guzzi in looks department

  33. gah says:

    Does it look like the front fender is on backwards? If its a jap. motor it will be bulletproof. If they make the trans to go snick and not thunk, I’m in.

  34. Kagato says:

    I hope they have a peg/control option for the non-gyno crowd. Bike may be too low for that though

    • Auphliam says:

      The Pre-Order feature on the web site shows options for both Extended and Reduced Reach controls (pegs, bars, seats)

  35. Norm G. says:

    re: “The new Indian Scout will be tested by MD Editor Dirck Edge tomorrow in the Black Hills of South Dakota”

    BRING IT…!

  36. David Duarte says:

    great looking bike, but I’d want a bigger gas tank too.

  37. Terpinator says:

    I just checked the Indian website and they offer “reduced reach controls,” defined as:

    “Reduced Reach Seat, controls, and handlebars provide comfortable seating and customized ergonomics for shorter riders and riders who would feel more comfortable and confident when seated closer to the foot pegs and lower controls.”

    So Indian might have really gotten this right by offering something usually unheard of in motorcycles. Actual options.

  38. ABQ says:

    As I sat drooling over the scout, my first thought was I may need a sugar daddy/momma to get one. But, no, the price is right.
    Then I saw the fuel tank. ONLY 3.3 gallons. Do they not want us to ride their bike any distance? Come ON! Give me 5 gallons or go home. Now I have to think that it is a bar hopping poser bike designed around style rather than ride.

  39. Terpinator says:

    That is one nice looking motorcycle. I’ve never really considered a cruiser before, but will give this one a serious look. Especially at the $11K price point. That is more like it Indian! Agreeing with mg3, my one concern is the forward placement of of the pegs/break/shifter. I would choose a more traditional under seat placement. IMO, it would better match the spirit of this motorcycle.

  40. Matt Gustafson says:

    I have to give Polaris a ton of credit for not just making another air cooled twin cruiser. A few rules may have been broken here, but who really cares when the final product appears to be this good. My hope for the near future is to see either Indian or Victory to branch out and get into a few other markets. Why not an adventure bike? Polaris certainly has the off road chops to blend that with what they have learned for the street. How about a honest to God bare knuckles street fighter? Give the engineers a challenge and let them roll with it. Cruisers may be a huge market, but its not the only market.

  41. mg3 says:

    Man, this company has thrown together some incredible products in a very short time. This is beautiful motorcycle. I am a little disappointed on the placement of the pegs as they look so far forward, (this sounds like it might be an actual ‘rider’s bike) but that might be fixable with a kit. The weight sounds reasonable at least, and the design and detail are just perfect,IMHO. Nice job Indian! I think this will be their best selling bike.

  42. Scotty says:

    It would make a great 3rd bike for me after a dirt bike and my current Guzzi 750 naked tourer. I think the styling is spot on. Lets face it, if non-cruiser people are talking about it…its going to be a hit.

  43. Fastship says:

    I pronounce this one fine motorcycle!

    One immediate expression of total disrespect by the fine company that is Indian/Polaris for us British is the asking price – $10,900 in the US or 70% extra here in the UK at £10,399.

  44. bikerrandy says:

    What I don’t understand is why so much power for a bike that isn’t made for high speed riding?

    • steemin says:

      cos cruising is best when you don’t have to rev the crap out of it – this is a sweet bike

  45. Norm G. says:

    visually (to my eyes anyway) so many styling cues on this bike that I would characterize as “perfect”. viewed as a whole, my radar’s picking up a sorta “steam punk” vibe too.

    engine style, perfect.
    tank shape, perfect.
    side shocks, perfect.
    exhaust routing, perfect.
    fender shape, perfect.
    wheel design, perfect.

    while not a styling cue, you can tack price point on to the end of that list. that’s some kind of a record innit…?

    • clasqm says:

      My first thought was “dieselpunk” rather than steampunk. Either way, it is remarkable that they broke so many rules – no fake fins, no fake hardtail – and still came out with something that looks so retro.

    • Blackcayman says:

      +1 Norm

      The styling on this Scout moves the ball forward in a meaningful way (for cruisers). Its got enough classical cues mixed in to make it attractive to the traditional crowd. The Steam-Punk or Diesel-Punk aspects move this desgin way ahead of anything else in that market.

      The performance of the motor also looks to set the rest of the cruiser market on its heals… Bring on the review!

      That motor could easily power a classic standard!

  46. Oz says:

    Looks even better after reading the details on their web sites special offers page.
    1. 5 year warranty that includes a 1 year limited warranty plus a 4 year extended service contract. Subject to $50 deductible, no mileage limitation.
    2. Honoring Heros program for active duty or honorably discharged armed forces with an additional $1,000 cash back on the purchase of any new 2014 Indian Motorcycle®

  47. motowarrior says:

    The first cruiser and the first chick bike I could see myself owning. This is a game changer for Indian.

  48. Nick says:

    I like it a lot. This will KILL the Sportster 1200 — kill it and hide its body in the woods.

    • Provologna says:

      Well put! Considering the “Sportster” makes about 35hp less (a distinctly un-sporty sixty-something), I don’t think this post generates a lot of disagreement.

  49. RD350 says:

    Wow .. it appears a worthy company finally owns the Indian name and is building cool looking bikes.

    This one looks great .. and I don’t really pay attention to cruisers.

    Go Indian!

  50. Don Fraser says:

    Polaris has been very busy, nice to see an American company being this creative.

  51. beasty says:

    Good looking bike, although it needs a beak, 35″ seat height, 27″ of suspension travel, invisible radiator, 60 more HP and rearsets. Other than that, I’m in. Oh, and a Dakar version would be nice. JFC!

  52. Provologna says:


    IIRC H-D XR1200 was 575 lbs curb, full tank. This bike’s weight looks similar, but with I estimate +25 hp. Should walk away from a stock XR.

    It’s difficult to nail styling on such liquid cooled cruisers, but they got pretty close to the bull’s eye here.

    Maybe this motor in a SuperMoto package, ala Hypermotard?

  53. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    Finally, a cruiser I could own (in grey). Well done.

  54. Texinohio says:

    Man I hope this thing is on the demo list when Indian brings their demo truck to Columbus next month!

  55. Chris says:

    Wow back in business for only two years and new owners and they already have a water cooled model It took the so called motor company almost one hundred years to make a water cooled engine (cant count the race winning rr250 and 350) they were designed and made in Italy. I wish this had mid mounted controls and better suspension and brakes,but oh well it is already a winner against the pain fully out dated bike they still call a Sportster.Now if Harley were smart Big if! they would bring back the XR1200X which was a pretty decent bike and lighten it up .then you could see consumers get excited for these once great American brands

    • Gronde says:

      Definitely going to hurt Sportster sales. Perhaps Harley will quit resting
      on it’s duff and offer a competitive machine at a competitive price? I think Harley’s version might even be better since they now have a target to aim at. I’m not going to hold my breath, tho.

    • jim says:

      The XR’s sold like crap.

  56. Jeremy in TX says:

    So a few things came to mind:

    1. I expected the Scout to be a somewhat sporty standard like a better version of of the Sportster 1200 X.

    2. It is a great looking bike in my opinion. Best looking cruiser on the market.

    3. Seems like a heck of a bike at that price.

    4. Victory is on borrowed time. I don’t care what the honchos at Polaris say.

  57. Bob says:

    The spec sheet puts it ahead of the Sportster 1200 in every category. But wait– liquid cooling and radiator?? Sorry, I’m out.


    • Scotty says:

      Why Bob? It looks like a fine bike and will go pretty well. Its not my cup of tea, but I ride a Guzzi 750 Breva…completely different handling brief.

  58. Rick D. says:

    With a six speed trans. you don’t need a larger tank (and more weight).200 plus miles on a tank and 55-60 mpg is definitely doable.

    • Charlie says:

      “200 plus miles” with a tank that’s only 3.3 gallons? That’s not going to happen…

  59. Tank says:

    I have owned 6 Harleys and they all had mid-mount controls. I don’t know why other motorcycle companies can’t see that one of the reasons Harley sells so many bikes might be that they offer cruisers with mid-mount controls. There are a lot of riders that hate the feet forward thing.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “There are a lot of riders that hate the feet forward thing.”

      no worries, there’s an app… err… drag specialties/jP cycles catalogue for that.

  60. mickey says:

    I wonder if riders of this bike will be shunned by the Indian faithful like Sportster riders are by the big twin HD riders….or if they will portray this as a “chicks” bike ( not that Indian isn’t helping with that with the enclosed picture)

  61. allworld says:

    3″ of rear suspension travel, not my idea of a good design. Overall it looks nice. In 2 years 2 power plants and 5 bikes, they are busy over there at Indian/Polaris.

  62. Auphliam says:

    I like it…ALOT

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the new Scout wasn’t just a Chief with different tins. There has been a lot of speculation, since these patent designs were revealed a while ago, that this would be the new Victory entry level bike. I think it caught a lot of Polaris/Victory fans off guard to see it as the new Scout. I hope there is something similar or technologically equal coming for Victory, or I see bleak times ahead for that marque.

    Great job, Indian. Pretty damn impressive “first year”.

  63. Harley Guy says:

    You sport bike guys are such babies. You keep expecting cruisers to be sport bikes. Don’t you get it? This bike wasn’t made for you. Do you see Harley guys saying that Hayabusa would be cool if only it had forward controls, a springer front end, and 5 gallon fatbobs? Hell no. We recognise that motorcycles are made for different uses and we don’t expect every motorcycle made to conform to how we wanna use a bike. When will you guys grow up?

    • Scotty says:

      I’m all grown up HG and can appreciate each bike for what it is. I like the looks of this one, and if I ever wanted a cruiser in the garage instead of a standard Guzzi 750, then this would be right up there, probably at the top. I couldn’t have one as my only bike; I like touring too much for that, but as a sunny Sunday bike – yeah sure!

  64. Norm G. says:

    whoa, this might not (technically) be the WORLD’S FASTEST INDIAN, but it sure does look it…?

  65. Ron says:

    Needs their ThunderStroke engine.

    • Blackcayman says:

      that motor WILL find its way into a lighter weight frame & sportier chassis a’la the FX.

      One step at a time! There’s just too much market opportunity to take from HD.

  66. cage free says:

    Looks like they are sourcing their radiators from Boss Hoss, other than that not too bad.

  67. Frank says:

    I’d like to see a re-think on the size of the radiator to where it would better fit the sleek lines of the rest of the bike. That said, it’s still one great looking cruiser.

  68. Dave says:

    Someone, somewhere is editing subtitles into that famous scene from the Hitler movie (when he freaks out) with the theme: “Harley Execs should’ve seen this coming..”.

    Not a criuiser guy myself but if I were, this would bump something off the list. Great style, presumably great engine performance and pretty light weight for the category.

    • Krisd says:

      “Someone, somewhere is editing subtitles into that famous scene from the Hitler movie (when he freaks out)”- it was “Downfall”- an awesome flick, and made by Germans….the guy was completely crazy!!!

  69. Gronde says:

    Whadda ya think the dealer markup will be?

  70. MGNorge says:

    16″ wheels? Suppose to keep seat height down and to counter those long barrels? Looks to be DOHC too.

    In this day and age, I was just wondering if Polaris is finding resistance in the Indian name? Maybe motorcycling doesn’t hit a large enough group of people’s radar to make it an issue. Or, that scowl that so many cruiser riders seem to adopt keeps the issue at bay?

    ..and can anyone describe what “Thunder” black looks like? 🙂

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “In this day and age, I was just wondering if Polaris is finding resistance in the Indian name? Maybe motorcycling doesn’t hit a large enough group of people’s radar to make it an issue.”

      this’ll be a good litmus test. if we track the time between when Polaris first revived the brand…? to when we see/read/hear the first national news reports of someone complaining…? hopefully it’ll help WAKE US UP as to how “niche” and “insignificant” motorcycling ACTUALLY is in this country.

      the NFL, MLB, Washington, Atlanta, Cleveland, etc are high profile. they’re all over ’em like cheap suits aren’t they…?

      • Eric says:

        While Washington’s NFL team is pretty clearly using an offensive nickname, I’ve seen or heard nothing about the term Indian being offensive – it’s no different than being called European or Asian. You would thing the initial re-launch of the brand would have been the trigger but there’s been nothing. I’ve read that Polaris held several discussions with tribal leaders prior to launch and there were no objections…

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “You would thing the initial re-launch of the brand would have been the trigger but there’s been nothing.”

          wait awhile. this is America. there’s always somebody on about something. it’s the benefit of not living in Jong-Un’s Korea or Putin’s Russia.

        • MGNorge says:

          Nice to hear that Indian may not offend to the same degree but look at how we trip all over ourselves to use the term Native American.
          I’d like to think the brand name is safe, if just for historical reasons.

    • Rene says:

      “Thunder Black Smoke” looks like matte black, as opposed to glossy black.
      Personally, I think this thing looks a lot nicer than the V Rod, but calling 1133 CCs midsize? What happened to 500-750?
      Where I live, insurance rates are based on engine displacement. (<400, 401-750, 951-1150, and 1151 +)
      So this thing would be too expensive to insure for some, even though the price seems pretty good. It's $12,199 in Canada.

  71. Chris03229 says:

    Wow, they nailed it! Bring the footpegs back some and raise the seat a little and i could see this in my garage

  72. Eric says:

    I like the engineering, look, and anticipated performance from that modern engine. What I don’t like so much is the ultra-low seat height and forward controls. Hopefully they have a ‘sport’ version in the works with better suspension (3″ in the rear – really?) and mid-mounted controls. THAT would really get my attention and $$$.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I like the engineering, look, and anticipated performance from that modern engine”

      just imagine, what if Honda boffins were clever enough to mate their venerable Shadow 750…? with an RC-51…? hmmmn…

      (Norm strikes a pose like Rodin’s the Thinker)

      oh wait, we don’t have to “imagine”, Polaris has gone and done it…! 🙂

  73. Louis says:

    Just when I thought all cruisers were of the same boring shape/design. I like the wheels, the engine but mostly the shape of the fuel tank. I also like the front fender. This will be a very common bike to see everywhere very soon. Not my style of riding because of the feet forward seating position but stunning to look at. Whoever the designer is, he/she is not paid enough!

    • Gronde says:

      I agree, the wheels and the tank look cool. I do think the cylinder head looks weird with its concave sculpture. The rear portion of the seat pointing up at a 45 degree angle doesn’t flow too well and the radiator is HUGE! The fuel tank, while nicely done, will have the same range as a Sportster 1200 with its 3.3 gallon tank, so riders should plan on frequent gas stops. I’m not quite ready to hand out a designer of the year award on this one.

    • clasqm says:

      Go read the website:

      Reduced Reach Seat, controls, and handlebars provide comfortable seating and customized ergonomics for shorter riders and riders who would feel more comfortable and confident when seated closer to the foot pegs and lower control

  74. bike breaker says:

    O.K. for version 1.0 Now for version 2.0 I’d like 17′ wheels in sport bike sizes,dual discs on the front ,upside down forks with all the adjustments, a single shock on the rear with all adjustments, mid placed pegs, more gas capacity, more grond clearance. more power, less weight…….that’ll be a good start.

    • jim says:

      Are you willing to pay for that as well?

    • Blackcayman says:

      Many of us are hopelessly drawn to standards…if they make one and its well received, you could see an R or S with those features

      …if they are as great of a company as I think they are

  75. mickey says:

    Good addition to the retro club which includes the Triumph Bonnevilles, the Guzzi V7 s, the Royal Enfield, and the Honda Cb 1100. If it really has 100 hp it will be the horsepower king of the group ( and torque king as well) and it will weigh less than the CB1100 DLX. i’d say they are going into the battle fully armed, however it’s not as sporty as I thought a Scout would be.

    • mickey says:

      Oh, and it’s priced competitively within that group as well.

    • Gronde says:

      Too bad the Guzzi V7 only makes about 50 hp or I would be all over it.. The Scout makes 100 (claimed) horsepower, probably at the crank. Guzzi doesn’t realize how many more bikes they would sell if they gave it modern horsepower.

      • MGNorge says:

        Not the same styling, and perhaps that’s your point, but for more push MG offers the Griso. But it’s only an 1100.

      • Scotty says:

        Wait for the first corner Gronde, and see what happens 🙂 Us Guzzisti on 750s might only have 50hp (more like 39rwhp) but we can bend swing at speed with the best of them. Its what Guzzis are for.

        • Gronde says:

          But wouldn’t more hp be nice? I’m used to 100 hp, so cutting that amount by 60% is gonna hurt. The V7 is A beautiful bike, tho.

        • mickey says:

          LOL and 50 yards past the corner the guy with 100 horses blows past… better hope the road is nothing but reasonably tight curves if you hope to stay ahead with 1/2 the horsepower, or that the other rider has no idea what he is doing.

          250 GP bikes carry more speed thru the corners but they still turn slower lap times than liter MotoGP bikes. HP has it’s advantages and it usually shows up before the checkered flag.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          I loved the V7 until I rode one.

  76. Random says:

    Well, it was wrong to expect a standard riding position. Maybe in ten or so models (years?) we can get a naked/standard/adv touring bike that is not a low back pain inducer. It looks nice and the engine seems to be up to modern standards, but I couldn’t (wouldn’t) ride it more than a few miles at a time

  77. Mike Simmons says:

    A well executed redesign of the V-Rod!

  78. slimlidlicker says:

    My helmet is off to these guys! Great job, Polaris! Keep them coming!

  79. EZ Mark says:

    Finally! A cruiser with decent horsepower that doesn’t weigh a ton.
    Great job Polaris!

  80. This will be a monster hit for Polaris. Incredibly sexy and affordable.

    • big papa in AZ says:

      I agree, 2 months after intro, there will be $1000 off sales, and the bikes will fly off showroom floor. Way better than the little water cooled bikes from Harley. This bike is a good way to round out their line-up.

  81. clasqm says:

    Damn, just when I thought I’d gotten the cruiser thing out of my system …

  82. Hot Dog says:

    Isn’t wet weight supposed to include fuel? If the cooling system was emptied, along with dumping the oil, would the press release call it “Just about ready to ride weight”? I like the looks of the bike although the front end is a bit “heavy” in it’s design flow, but who cares, I bet they sell a bunch of them. Why do cruiser riders think it’s cool to scowl and look angry all the time? The gal riding in the press release picture looks like she just caught her beau riding a (aghast!)scooter. Tsk tsk, lighten up a bit and enjoy the ride.

    • Eric says:

      She’s angry because it was the 47th pass she had to make for the photo shoot! The lighting had to be perfect you know…

      I think the heavy front end look is from that fairly massive radiator shroud. Otherwise It’s a nice looking bike.

    • paul246 says:

      …its because they watched Schwarznegger do that while riding a bike in Terminator, now all the popcorn munchers want to be like him.

    • MGNorge says:

      “Why do cruiser riders think it’s cool to scowl and look angry all the time?”

      Gotta look tough and unapproachable. Happy and free of spirit doesn’t cut it. 🙁

  83. MeanChuck says:

    I really like it, a modern industrial look with a nod to the past. Now I would like to see a “sport” version of this bike with adjustable suspension, dual disc front brakes and a bit more power but I am sure it is a lot of fun the way it is.

  84. VLJ says:

    Styling-wise, this thing is V-Max meets V-Rod.

  85. Daimyo says:

    Stunning….coming from sportbikes and loving sportbikes this appeals to me, love that they have kept the weight down and it’s liquid cooled.

    Clean lines from rear fender and into the tank, muscular engine – she’s a good looking machine. Looks like they didn’t skimp on the details, this could be the cruiser that wins my heart.

  86. Bosnbill says:

    Nice! Can I be first to call it the Papoose.

  87. jim says:

    I’ll buy one and start chopping fenders. It looks like a great blank canvas. I’m in.

  88. adaleb says:


  89. How many cruisers does Polaris manufacture now?

  90. Bobby Bee says:

    Wow. Cheap enough to beat out many Japanese bikes, made in the USA, has a good engine,
    (unlike the sportster)… yeah, they might sell a few.

  91. Gronde says:

    That radiator is big enough for a ’32 Ford. Also, where you gonna go on only 3.3 gallons?

    • jim says:

      Farther than many sportbikes can go on a tank I’d bet.

      • Gronde says:

        About as far as a Sportster which ain’t too far.

        • beasty says:

          Sportster- 4.5 gallon tank, approx. 50mpg for a 1200, approx 54mpg for an 883. I’ll leave the math up to you.

          • Gronde says:

            They produced millions of Sportsters with the 3.2 gallon tank. Heck, the Sportster ’48 only carries 2.2 gallons! We don’t know what the mileage of the new Scout is yet, could be a lot lower than a Sportster as the Scout makes 100 claimed HP. Have to wait and see…

  92. mechanicus says:

    Wow. Just reviewed their web site. 360 view shows no fake cyl fins, no swooping Ness Cardassian starship tail-end space pods. Just understated (for this day and age) seriousness. Motor looks serious. They may have a hit here.

  93. mechanicus says:

    OK, this looks good to me, both aesthically and technically. Right size and weight for me + water cooling. Blows the Vrod out of the water in my book based on prelim info; we’ll see. I would change the front fender immediately, though.

  94. Selecter says:

    *Cue heavy breathing*…

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