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Ducati Brings Bayliss Back for WSB Round 2 in Thailand


Approaching 46 years old (on March 30), Troy Bayliss will be back on track with the relatively young stars of the WSB championship at Round 2 in Thailand.  We wrote about his exploits at Phillip Island a few weeks ago as Ducati’s replacement for the injured Davide Giugliano. Let’s see what the former champ can do with a bit more preparation, albeit on a far less familiar track.  Here is the press release from Ducati:

Arezzo/Borgo Panigale (Italy), 4 March 2015: The Racing – Ducati Superbike Team is pleased to announce that three-times world champion Troy Bayliss will return to the track with the Italian team and the Panigale R for Round 2 of the World Superbikes, taking place from 20-22 March at the Chang International Circuit in the Buriram province of Thailand.

Bayliss, who will turn 46 on March 30, already competed alongside Chaz Davies at the opening round of Phillip Island in place of Davide Giugliano, injured during the first day of testing, and will substitute for the Italian rider once again, this time at the Thai track, new not only to the Australian but to all of the Superbike riders.

The Australian rider commented: “I’m really excited to be able to ride the Panigale R again and I thank the Racing – Ducati Superbike Team for the opportunity. It will be great to work with the team again. Compared to the Phillip Island round, organised pretty much at the last minute, this time I’ve had the chance to train and prepare myself properly. I’m really motivated and feeling ready; I can’t wait to get back on track!”

Davide Giugliano continues with his recovery, which requires him to rest for another few weeks before recommencing with a measured training programme. He aims to be back on his Panigale R in time for the fifth championship round of Imola, taking place from 8-10 May.

No decision has yet been taken by the Italian squad with regard to the substitution of Giugliano for the rounds of Aragón (12 April) and Assen (19 April).


  1. Gutterslob says:

    I never liked Ducati, and never supported a single Ducati rider (Hailwood was before my time). Not Fogarty, not even Rossi. Troy Bayliss was/is the only exception. Personally, I rate him as the King of Superbike. Go get em, Troy!!

    Having said that, I fear not even The King can ride around the problem of not having a frickin frame.

  2. Martin says:

    Let’s see if they let him race this time and not test race setups and practice pit stops.

  3. Ron H says:

    I rode better at 46 then when I was 20 because I was smarter. So should TB!

    • Vrooom says:

      You probably don’t count on the speed of your reactions as much as a WSB racer will. I love Bayliss, predicted he would finish top 5 in the first race, but was wrong. I too rode better at 46 than 20, but I hadn’t been professionally trained and required to have incredibly fast reactions to manage the late braking WSB riders use. He won’t be faster, but he’ll still be fast.

      • mickey says:

        I might have been smoother at 46 but I was certainly faster at 20, quicker thinking, better reaction times, better balance, better vision, better hearing, and a lack of fear… all I lacked was experience. then again hard to get a lot of experience from 16-20. I honestly wonder how I survived the first 10 years, I can only put it down to youthfulness and lady luck smiling on me.

        How fast did you think Marquez will be at 46? There will be kids showing him the way around the track. he will be smoother but he won’t be as fast as he is today.

        BTW at 64, I’m almost totally lacking in skills now lol

    • Glen says:

      I rode quicker at 20. But, now I change my own diapers!

  4. Paul says:

    time to prepare… TB will kick a$$ like he always did. if he wants to ride then he will ride the wheels off.
    how many times has he picked his bike up off the tarmac, remounted, and filtered back to the front?

  5. TimC says:

    OH YEAH.