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American Motorcyclist Association promotes Earth Day values

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — With the annual April 22 Earth Day celebration approaching, the American Motorcyclist Association salutes the millions of motorcyclists who support conservation and responsible stewardship of the land.

“Off-highway motorcyclists and all-terrain-vehicle riders demonstrate their concern for the environment by staying on designated trails, volunteering for trail maintenance days and keeping riding areas free of trash and litter,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “Street riders contribute to the health of the environment simply by leaving their heavier, less-efficient vehicles at home and riding their motorcycles to work or for a relaxing outing.”

Off-highway riding provides wholesome family-oriented outdoor recreation that helps children learn respect for the land, plants and wildlife. Each year, thousands of off-road riders devote tens of thousands of hours to trail construction and maintenance, tree-planting programs and forest cleanup efforts.

On the street, motorcycles and scooters provide efficient use of fossil fuels, many registering 50 to 100 mpg, while reducing traffic congestion and easing parking issues.

In the past few years, electric motorcycles have gained popularity among street and off-highway riders. The electric motorcycles produce no exhaust fumes, little sound and increased efficiency.

One manufacturer, for example, states its electric motorcycles achieve the equivalent of 462 mpg in city driving and 236 mpg on the highway. As utility companies make the electrical grid more efficient through use of wind and solar power, electric motorcycles become even more eco-friendly.

“There is no question that motorcycling contributes to the social good and the health of the planet,” Dingman said. “If everyone rode a motorcycle, the planet would be a greener, less congested place.”

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