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BMW’s Concept Path 22: Ignore the Paint Job … Is This BMW’s Next Production Bike?


There is no secret in the industry that Ducati’s new Scrambler is a huge hit, both in terms of sales and brand building for Ducati. BMW’s R nineT is a standard style motorcycle that BMW pitches as a great starting point for customization, but it is expensive. Roughly $15,000, U.S. MSRP. It looks like BMW is about to release another production bike with a lower spec, and lower price, than the R nineT, featuring the Boxer 1200 cc engine. Not surprisingly, it will be described as a “scrambler”.

Aside from the special paint job for the Wheels and Waves event at the beach in Biarritz, France, we believe this is the new production model BMW is about to introduce. If you can ignore the somewhat garish decoration intended to fit with the surfing/motorcycling gathering, we think the bike is very appealing as a simple, standard-style motorcycle with comfortable ergonomics.

Take a look at the three videos produced by BMW that are embedded below, and give us your thoughts.






  1. Jonny Thunder says:

    I don’t think so

  2. richard says:

    now thats ugly ! bulbous looking

  3. Sabbie says:

    I live in a major west coast city that loves Ducatis and I still have yet to see a Scrambler on the street.

  4. viktor92 says:


  5. Jim says:

    A 1200cc anything is not a “Scrambler”. I could put knobbies on my Bandit and that would be just as stupid.

  6. Marty says:

    a 500 pound boxer in loose sand? Been there, done that, and once was enough. I’ll stick with my ’04 R1150R and stay on the street. But maybe an 800?

  7. LarryC says:

    An R9T painted to resemble a 1960s VW Microbus. Since when is it OK to design a motorcycle that isn’t capable of carrying a passenger? This isn’t exactly a track day bike, after all. BMW is searching for (faking) a retro past it never had. How about a retro themed bike with modern cycle parts and some R69US styling cues? That would be a little more honest and something Ducati or Triumph couldn’t do. At least BMW would be paying homage to their *own* heritage. This is blatant “me too” ism.

    BTW, is Ducati’s Scrambler really a huge sales hit? Or is it a summer love affair with the MC press? Not saying it isn’t selling, but haven’t seen any numbers yet. Nor any on the road. I remember when the Subaru/Scion BRZ/FRS was the hottest thing since sliced bread with the automotive press. That lasted, oh, 15 or 20 minutes.

    • dman says:

      BMW does indeed have a retro heritage. But it ain’t scrambler-related. And I live in a Ducati-heavy area and see Monsters several times a day, but have yet to see a Ducati Scrambler on the road. To me, the hipster/retro/scrambler bike that’s missing is an SL350 version of the new CB500 twin. Now that would be cool!

      • Provologna says:

        Honda SL350 redux, hell ya! Low cost purchase, maintenance, and insurance? Lime green metallic, flat black TT pipes? Beat most cars from a stop light, cruise fine on the freeway, rip up dirt paths, ride on the sand (well, a little bit)?

        Are you kidding? Abso-___’n lootely irresistible! Cut out the muffler internals, install a couple “Snuff’R Nots” (or was it “Snuff’R Nuffs?) and you died and went to MC heaven.

        Think how weird this is: When Honda is a still small but growing company, with a 600cc automobile two guys can pick up, they release home runs like the then-mid size SL350. Now they practically own the world and the thought of such a cool bike misses them.

        Oh, the humanity…………..

  8. Frank says:

    Great looking bike! BMW, how about putting a 900 in it to help lower the price, and still give us decent suspension and brakes.

  9. Norm G. says:

    i’m amazed at the new life the boxer has taken on as of late, considering just a few years ago you couldn’t get arrested on a flat twin…? such is the “hipster effect”.

  10. azi says:

    I would’ve thought a Grom or a DR650 would be more appropriate for carrying the surfboard.

  11. ABQ says:

    Okay, the R9T was the starting point for some customization. In this example they put on some knobby tires and raised up the mufflers. Call it ‘scramblerstrassen’. But, dump that surf board, it doesn’t fool anybody. Ride it out into the desert and thrash it around in the dust until that paint job disappears.

  12. Artem_T says:

    No. It will be heavy and expensive

  13. KenHoward says:

    It seems like Moto Guzzi has fallen off the map. I can imagine a great-looking Griso (or a more-powerful, light-weight V7), being more appropriate for a scrambler, with the raised cylinders of their V-Twins.

    • Grover says:

      You can buy 2 Ducati Scramblers for the price of 1 R Nine T!

      • stratkat says:

        … and ive got to tell ya the R9T is not worth the 14k they are asking for it. its a pretty bike for sure, but soooo lackluster. no power, really soft suspension. went for a fast 45 minute test ride today, crossed that one right off my short list!

        • Provologna says:

          Wow, very interesting. Compared to an FZ-1, or what?

          Suspension wise I imagine I’d agree. But surely, literally speaking, “no power” is either a case of hyperbole or your test mule was not running to spec.

  14. Ed says:

    I like it, I could live without the toy number plate that looks like it came off a BMX bicycle from the 70s.

  15. todd says:

    BMW really needs to bring back a low cost boxer like the R65. It can compete with the V7 and the Ducati/Triumph Scrambler stuff. It would even be perfectly acceptable if they made it in Tailand or Indonesia even.

  16. Provologna says:

    First view in the images I thought “girl bike.” Watching the video (except for the attached surf board) it quickly grew on me.

    I predict the only models you’ll see in showrooms will be sold, waiting for delivery to its new owner, with clear signage, “Sold, Please Do Not Touch” or similar.

    That vintage Fender Jazz bass sound in the first video was sweet.

    $1000 for the dual seat option. BMW will have their profit margin satisfied regardless the starting MSRP.

    If you own a Ducati Scrambler oil-cooled 800, do not audition this German 1200 liquid-cooled version. Two-up (if appropriate seating offered) the Teutonic version will run and hide from the Italian bike solo, at any RPM in any gear. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Probably even three up with a side-car.

  17. daveh says:

    The exhaust is hideous in my opinion, but being Beemer there will be options.
    I’d own one.

  18. Bill says:

    Gas tank’s shaped like a pregnant woman’s belly

  19. tla says:

    looks like Rolling Sands designed it instead of Roland Sands….yikes.

  20. larlok says:

    Honda comstar wheels?

  21. Alex says:

    I’m guessing that even with lower specs it won’t be priced low enough for me to choose it over the Ducati Scrambler.

  22. Don says:

    Imagine it with a raw steel finish instead of the Sea World motif, and it could look pretty cool. I’d at least like the option to carry a passenger though.

  23. jimmihaffa says:

    I really like where they’re going with the design, but I think it still needs some refinement. The motor is just too big and doesn’t sit high enough in the frame. The bike needs to be lighter with fatter and knobbier tires, otherwise it looks too pure-street oriented.

  24. Buzz says:

    Lipstick on a pig.

    That ain’t no Scrambler.

    I like the R Nine T

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