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New Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Video Released


Aside from being of great interest to motorcyclists, the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto video just released represents a remarkably high production value, and good entertainment. With a claimed 70 hp in a 320 pound package, the new 701 could provide some of the best entertainment available on two wheels.

As a reminder, the new 701 Supermoto should be in U.S. dealers by February of next year. After you watch this excellent video, you might consider our article about shifting your weight to the outside of the bike while cornering. Here is the vid:


  1. Jeremy in TX says:

    I achieved 61.2° of lean once right before completing a thorough safety test and evaluation of my riding gear. Though to be fair, the gear test actually commenced at around 51° or so.

  2. Mr.Negative says:

    Even Buell never designed a tail section as ugly as that. And those early Buells were awful. Rest of the bike looks great. Love the trellis frame.

  3. RD350 says:

    Perfect New England back road bike, city bike and track day bike. Love it.

  4. John says:

    It’s about time someone built a Super Moto, dammit! It will sit in my imaginary garage with all of my other Super Motos I’ve collected.

  5. Randy in Nebraska says:

    DISCLAIMER: Video shows highly skilled, professional rider. Your results may vary.

  6. Vrooom says:

    70 hp and 320 lbs. That would work in a lot of platforms.

  7. Thud says:

    Looks cool, but I watch this video like a look at the magazine ads of a BMW 1200GS parked at the peak of a mountain overlooking epic terrain and scenery…..then I think of work, kids, house, mortgage, and the endless supply of straight roads in Florida….and the first name basis I would have with the law owning this bike, and reel myself back to reality as I walk past my bikes in my garage every morning, files in hand, and get in my truck and go to work…..meh

    • todd says:

      That’s not reality, that’s denial. Why you walk past perfectly good running, high mpg motorcycles to drive an empty, had guzzling pickup truck to work is beyond me. Now if you need the truck to haul lumber or something for work then you are better off. Besides, then the truck and the fuel are a write off.

      I suggest you put all your files on a USB thumb drive and get back on your bikes.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        Only one who lives in California or small-town USA can have that kind of attitude. I walk past my bikes every morning on my way to the truck, too, and gladly. Commuting is not the least bit fun or relaxing where I live.

      • ed says:

        Thud-time to get your head outta your arse.

  8. todd says:

    I need to get that bike so I can ride as good as that…

  9. Butch says:

    Lean angle ?
    Ha !
    I got yer’ lean angle right here :

  10. Colors says:

    This looks like the perfect machine for me to meet an early demise. I would buy this bike in a heartbeat if I could afford two motorcycles. But then I could get by with this just this bike since 85% of my riding is suburban commuting. But is an entertaining ride to work worth more than the 15% of leisure riding? Ah another decision I will make by not deciding.

  11. Grover says:

    The only thing that keeps me from buying a Super Moto is the frozen bread loaf type seat on the bike. I just can’t take the pain anymore. It’s good for 30 minutes of curb hopping and wheelies and then what?

  12. mickey says:

    snicker snicker… single disc on front….where’s their marketing lol

    (only saying that because of the light weight Honda sport bike thread)

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun in certain environments.

  13. Seca 1 says:

    Will not be a good seller!! Limited buyers

    • Wendy says:

      I don’t think that Husky is aiming at putting one of these in every garage. It is aimed at a very limited market of hooligans. I wish I was young and rich enough to be one of them.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I agree with Wendy. “Limited buyers” are the target market for this bike.

  14. tyg says:

    Looks awesome – but pretty sure that the wheelies were gratuitous!

  15. RAD says:

    Dauuuuuuummmmmm !

  16. kjazz says:

    oh hell yeah!!!

  17. Ricky Crue says:

    Any idea on what the MSRP is going to be? That bike is a Hooligan’s wet dream! 🙂 It looks much better than the KTM 690. (to me anyway)

    • Grover says:


    • GKS says:

      This bike is based on the KTM 690. Like all Husqvarnas, the engine and chassis are shared with an existing KTM. Kind of like Lexus to Toyota, Husky is marketed as an upscale brand to KTM.

      • Ricky Crue says:

        I still think it looks better, but if it is “upscale” to the KTM that dos it for me because I think the KTM is too damned expensive as it is lol. But I am STILL tempted to drink just a sip of the kool-aid 🙂

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