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Indian Introduces Lower Cost Scout Sixty With New 999cc V-Twin


We rode the Indian Scout at the world press launch in Sturgis, South Dakota and came away impressed. The Scout has been a big hit for Indian, and today it announced a lower cost version displacing 999cc, the Scout Sixty. Indian says the bike is already on its way to dealerships with a price starting at $8,999.

For an “entry level” cruiser, the Scout Sixty packs a punch with a claimed 78 hp and 65 foot/pounds of torque in a lightweight package. Here is the announcement from Indian:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — November 18, 2015 — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, today introduced the latest addition to its 2016 lineup — the all-new Indian Scout® Sixty — from the floor of the EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. The new 999cc Scout Sixty breaks through boundaries, promising to broadly appeal to new rider segments with a premium motorcycle at the lowest MSRP yet for the brand.

The new Indian Scout Sixty offers many of the same features and components of the award-winning Indian® Scout®, which was introduced in 2014 at the Black Hills Rally on the fabled “Wall of Death.” True to the craftsmanship, reliability and legendary agility of the Indian Scout, the new Scout Sixty shares the identical chassis, suspension, brakes and core engine — all mated with a new 60 cubic inch engine. Featuring 78hp, the highest horsepower in class, and a dry weight of 542 pounds with a potent 65 ft./lbs. of linear torque, the Scout Sixty is paired with a silky smooth, easy-to-shift 5-speed transmission, and starts at $8,999. Offered in three classic, bold Indian Motorcycle colors, the Scout Sixty features a black seat, matching black frame and wheels, and is compatible with the many accessories already available for the Indian Scout.


“The Indian Scout has been a stunningly successful introduction for us, with balance, performance and maneuverability that appeals to riders here in America and around the globe,” said Steve Menneto, President of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “The new Scout Sixty expands that reach even further to include newer riders who desire the legendary quality and craftsmanship of an Indian Motorcycle.”

The Scout Sixty is available in Thunder Black starting at $8,999, with Indian Motorcycle Red and Pearl White color options starting at $9,299. A seat height of 25.3 inches allows for sure-footed comfort at stops, and the low center of gravity ensures agile cornering, precise balance and overall rider confidence and control. A series of accessories including seats, handlebars and footpeg relocators allow the motorcycle to be tailored to fit each rider, while additional accessories such as saddlebags, wire wheels and quick-release windscreens give owners virtually unlimited freedom to customize their rides.

The new Scout Sixty is not shy on performance, with Roland Sands Designs getting the nod as the first to customize the new model. Sands customized five new motorcycles to race prep them for battle in the street bike-based class for the “Super Hooligan” class at the Superprestigio of the Americas, slated for November 21 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. The new Scout Sixty is already en route to dealerships around the world, and is sure to be a popular platform for customizing and personalizing prior to the traditional riding season kick-off at Daytona Bike Week.

“We expect the Scout Sixty to accelerate the already unprecedented success we have had with the new Scout platform,” said Indian Motorcycle Marketing Director Scott Meek. “The custom community has really embraced the Scout and we have experienced intense enthusiasm from DIY customizers, dealers, pro-builders and the aftermarket.”


For more information about the Scout Sixty and the Scout visit For information on the Super Hooligan race, log on to The Scout Sixty will be a featured display motorcycle for the balance of the International Motorcycle Show circuit, with more information and tickets available at

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  1. Tommy See says:

    Yes the Sportster is shaking in it,s boots.

  2. Jim says:

    No idea why they don’t close the Victory line done and concentrate on Indian.

    • saddlebag says:

      From what I’ve seen, they probably ought to close them both and concentrate on Slingshots. Those things sell like hotcakes and the money you could make selling accessories for that thing seem about unlimited.

  3. sean says:

    I guess Indian is thinking more beginner bike with this one. I’m actually taking my first trip on a big cruiser this weekend (I’m more of a sport bike guy). I’ve rented an Indian Chief Vintage and I’m looking forward to the ride. I’ve heard mostly good things about the big Indians so I’m interested to see how I like it.

  4. Provologna says:

    It’s $2k less than a regular Scout. But you give up a lot of power and torque and it weighs a couple lbs more.

    The first time an owner of this bike rides a regular Scout he wants to toss his bike over a cliff, I’m thinking. Why by it? Look around for a one year old regular Scout for the same price.

    They should call it the “Scout Tinker Toy.”

    Oh, and yes, the front fender looks like warm barf.

    • My2cents says:

      I had to take a second look and your right the front fender on the red one does look like warm barf. My thoughts are the same Indian just found the answer to a question never asked. They should have put out a hard bagged Chief.

  5. teelee says:

    Harley can cut the production line down on Sportster’s with this bike being 8999.00

  6. beasty says:

    I test rode a Scout. Nice motor, tranny shifts properly and it handles great. Seat sucks, seating position sucks, no matter which position the pegs are in. And it’s not that great looking. Every Sportster in Harleys lineup is way better looking than the Scout. They are more comfortable and they handle well.Plus, several models come with a 4.5 gallon gas tank. HD will still sell a lot of Sportsters.

    • fast2win says:

      Harley will no doubt sell a lot of Sportsters. But if you ride them both their is no good reason to buy a Sportster over a Scout. I have tested both a 883 and 1200 Sportster and both Scout models and a 900 Scout out performs a 1200 Harley. An 883 Iron is bitchin looking, but it’s a turd. It has horrible ground clearance and is pretty darn slow. A Scout has great fit and finish is American made and should at least get people seeing their really is another American made choice in motorcycle.

  7. ABQ says:

    The scout fit me like it was made for me. The one thing that stos me from buying a scout is the small gas tank.

  8. Brian says:

    Looks great to me. I’ll bet a lot of people will have a hard time justifying the extra 2 grand for the full monty…which I’m sure is cool with Indian, as long as they pick up extra customers.

  9. chris says:

    Great job Indian, Harley better start paying attention to what it’s competition is doing instead of the same old product .Yes I know they updated their touring line but the Sportster line is pathetic, they should have dropped the name Sportster years ago when they refused to make the bike at all sporting, they had a very good bike in the XR1200 but dropped that instead of updating it ,Proof just look at how the production number’s for Harley’s have dropped and how the stock has taken a beating in the last year, and see how so many of the other manufacturer’s #s have went up.

  10. Michael H says:

    HD’s website lists the MSRP of $8,849 for an Iron 883 Sportster. The Indian Scout Sixty at $8,999 is a much better buy, especially since any Indian dealer will likely cut the Scout’s price by $150 for a much better bike at the 883’s price.

  11. Ricardo says:

    “Yea, but is still not a Harley” 🙂 purists will say. Nice looking bike.

    • BP in AZ says:

      Yep, and the reason this matters is that the people that buy these bikes want to customize. You can buy 100 different versions of any accessory for any HD bike, not even close for a Indian or Victory. That would be performance parts, seats, bags, pipes etc. I know, I just got rid of a Honda F6B that had almost no aftermarket support.

  12. mechanicus says:

    I sat on one at the Lynchburg (TN) Motorcycle Rally. Ehhh. You sit up high on it, not “in” it like I like. The low bars and the low mounted headlight gives it an “armadillo” stance. Like a monkey sitting on top of a football. Foot position was wrong for me. Higher bars and a higher-mounted headlight would improve things. But, there is no way I would ever leave my driveway on that bike with that ugly-arse front fender still attached – that front fender has to go – it gives me dry heaves.

  13. Butch says:

    Sportster needs a revamp.
    A friggin’ counter balancer would be a good place to start.

  14. Tom R says:

    The Scout makes the Sportster appear even more antiquated than it is.

    Wouldn’t have thought this was possible until now.

  15. Dale says:

    If I remember correctly, H-D sells about 50,000 Sportsters per year. If Indian can get just 10% of this, they will be in the black on the Scout. This new model ought to get them there. Now if they can use the bigger version of this motor in a new Victory sportbike/standard and a new Sport Touring bike…

  16. Larry K says:

    I was thinking of a 2016 Guzzi ElDorado for a cruiser in my shed but that’s about $18K or so out the door. This definitely makes me think for about 1/2 that…

  17. TexasADV says:

    Never been a cruiser fan but the Scout portfolio is some good lookin metal. That tank and the “normal” front fender just seem to work. As I type, though, the similarities to dozens of other cruisers keep popping up so I don’t know what it is about these. Again, it just seems to work. Well done Indian.

    • Selecter says:

      You and I both. I love the looks, and the powertrain and chassis are appealing items, too. I wouldn’t miss the extra ccs relative to the standard Scout… if I wanted to go fast, I’d simply select a different style of motorcycle!

    • stan says:

      “normal”? Not

  18. Tank says:

    Like Harley doesn’t have enough problems.

  19. Jeremy in TX says:

    I wonder how the Scout is selling in general. I’ve seen a few Chiefs, but I haven’t seen any Scouts yet out in the wild.

    • TexinOhio says:

      They’re everywhere in Ohio. The dealer I work with for my Kawasaki’s sells Indian as well and they’ve just now been able to have 2 on the floor that weren’t pre-sold since their release.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        That is good to hear. I love the look of the Scout, and I appreciate the courage it takes to introduce a product in that particular market that does more than “look right”.

      • mickey says:

        Not seen one in SW Ohio. We just got a new huge dealership in Loveland, so maybe they will start showing up. Have seen a few Chiefs. Did go to the dealership and sit on a Scout. Was suprised how small they were.

        Funny, the dyno chart on the scout and my CB1100 are nearly identical. If that translates when riding I think the Scout would be a very fun bike to ride. The CB is very rewarding in that regard, just a fun easy bike to ride. Hopefully the Scout will be the same.

  20. Norm G. says:

    re: “Indian says the bike is already on its way to dealerships with a price starting at $8,999.”

    i’ll buy that for a dollar…

    x 9000.

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