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Production Version of Victory Project 156 V-Twin Engine Debuts in New Concept


Victory Motorcycles has released the following photos and press information regarding the debut of the production engine based on the Project 156 Pikes Peak racer. The Urs Erbacher concept is known as “Ignition” and features high performance components, such as Brembo radial mount brake calipers. Victory says this engine will be featured in an “upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle.” Victory has not revealed when the production bike will debut, or be available.

We are not sure what Victory means when it says “the engine has been designed to deliver the strongest power and performance in its class.” If that class includes superbike v-twins from Ducati and KTM, that is a very tall order.

Here is the press release from Victory:

Milan Italy and Long Beach CA November 18, 2015: Victory Motorcycles today revealed the production version of the engine that powered Project 156 up Pikes Peak this summer.

It further announced that this engine will power an upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle.

The engine has been designed to deliver the strongest power and performance in its class and was shown off in a concept motorcycle built by European builder Urs Erbacher.

Erbacher is well-known in the European custom motorcycle scene taking several top awards and gaining international attention.

Erbacher’s concept – dubbed the “Victory Ignition Concept” was custom built around the first pre-production engine off of the line in Osceola Wisconsin. The concept features an aggressive stance and frames the engine with a cast aluminum chassis, performance suspension and brakes with a Project 156-inspired paint scheme.


“I’m proud not only of this build, but what it represents for the future of the Victory Motorcycles brand,” says the Swiss builder. “Getting full reigns to wrap the new engine in an interesting bike is a real highlight in my career, and from what I can see any production bike utilising this powertrain will be a fantastic ride.”

“Project 156 is a purpose built racer that took our engine design to one of the most challenging races on the planet – it was a proving ground like no other that set the bar very high for our team,” says Victory Motorcycles General Manager Rod Krois. “This engine platform will deliver on the promise of modern American muscle that is in the DNA of every current and future product we sell. Victory will continue to aggressively plot a new course for itself and where an American motorcycle brand can go.”

“Victory Motorcycle – from day one – has been a brand designed to deliver outstanding in-class-performance, reliability and handling,” says Steve Menneto, President of the Polaris Motorcycles Division. “Our new engine, Urs’ concept and news we’ll be sharing at the IMS in New York City will plot the direction not only of this fantastic new platform, but of this brand. We will continue to design and build the best motorcycles in every class we compete.”

The liquid-cooled four-valve engine has a 60-degree vee angle, utilising double overhead cams that promise to make class-leading power. Additional details of the engine will be revealed in the months to come.

For more information on the Ignition concept bike, visit


Urs Erbacher and his “Victory Ignition Concept”

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Tim says:

    WOW!!! If the production version looks anything like this, just take my money now… I highly doubt it will though, but here’s hoping…

  2. waitman says:

    Edit: The link below shows bikes which appeared at EICMA earlier last week and then went to Long Beach IMS November 20. Roland Sands built them for warehouse races at LB.

  3. waitman says:

    Sorry ignore multiple previous links. Use this link

    • Blackcayman says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!

      Street-Tracker-Standard – 150 Horses, 100 Torques

      • Blackcayman says:

        Picture 8/8

        • Waitman says:

          For full disclosure and clarity these bikes have the Scout Sixty 999cc engine and are obviously badged as Indians. There was absolutely NO mention of any connection to Victory Project 156 or a production version. Still a very nice effort imho and, oh, I don’t know, maybe an Indian Scout Tracker…??? Sheeezz! Somebody stop me…here I go again!

          • fast2win says:

            Now that is a very viable idea. Even if Roland sands offers the kit at a reasonable cost, that would be sweet. I still think these engines have a lot more in them. Their sand bagging us. A HO version of the victory is coming with a 1200 cc mill. I hope they unleash some of that power.

  4. cyclemotorist says:

    This is one great looking motorcycle and one great looking cruiser. And it will have performance to match.

    Haters are gonna hate (especially if they work for Harley Davidson).

  5. Randy in Ridgecrest says:


  6. Brinskee says:

    Not bad for a… Naked sport cruiser? Not sure the category but it looks pretty.

  7. Provologna says:

    My flame proof suit properly donned…

    OK, I’ll attempt to interpret what does Victory mean when they say, “…strongest power and performance in its class…” To suspect the US company shall challenge Ducati and KTM (Italy and Austria, respectively) directly for “power” and “performance” is not a good bet. Perhaps what they mean is the Ducati and KTM look like friend cow pucks vs. this lovely looking bike, so in reality, it doesn’t have direct competition when cosmetic design is part of the equation. They mean it’s in a class of one for naked sport bikes.

    • Brett says:

      Maybe the class just refers to the V-Rod, their American competition, which makes sense as Indian (also under Polaris) already goes directly against Harley with 2 Scouts vs 2 Sportsters. I bet it will be close to the Diavel though, beat the V-Max, and it can be argued the Rocket III is in a class by itself. KTM don’t cruise.

  8. fast2win says:

    I don’t quite get all the negative comment’s. Did you expect Victory, a cruiser/bagger company to do a 180 right out of the gate and build a KTM super duke killer? First off, Naked sportike’s are not most company’s bread and butter. To build it 1st would be a mistake. I think the idea of a sporty hot rod American v twin cruiser is a good sellable concept. That is where this bike seems to be going. Harley tries with the V-Rod but is too heavy,long and raked out to handle good. This is where this bike seems to get a good combination. I look forward to seeing more like this and other styles as well.

    • waitman says:

      re: “I don’t quite get all the negative comment’s. Did you expect Victory, a cruiser/bagger company to do a 180 right out of the gate and build a KTM super duke killer? YES!

      First off, Naked sportike’s are not most company’s bread and butter. I DON’T CARE ABOUT MOST COMPANIES’ BREAD AND BUTTER. THAT’S THE PROBLEM.

      To build it 1st would be a mistake. WHY?

      I think the idea of a sporty hot rod American v twin cruiser is a good sellable concept. IF YOU WANT A VROD OR A POWER CRUISER THERE ARE PLENTY OUT THERE.

      That is where this bike seems to be going. Harley tries with the V-Rod but is too heavy,long and raked out to handle good. This is where this bike seems to get a good combination. I look forward to seeing more like this and other styles as well.” I AM TOO OLD TO AND WAY TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT FOR EVOLUTION!

      I appreciate your feelings and respect your opinions but I must say, I think the main issue is this: Victory “hinted”, nay strongly “promised”, a production version of Project 156. This thing ain’t IT! Let’s please stop pretending that somewhere down the road someone will make the bike we want. MAKE IT NOW!

      • waitman says:

        Sorry fast2win, the CAPS were not SCREAMS* I was just trying to separate my answers from your questions. I also apologize for giving literal responses to your rhetorical questions.

        * The last “MAKE IT NOW” kinda was a scream.

    • Scott says:

      See, fast2win, you get it. Everyone needs to just calm down.

      Victory is clearly putting a lot of energy into this particular engine, which indicates that in the long run there will be several different models based off a similar platform with this engine. Give them time.

      But nowhere did they ever promise that they would take that one-off hill climber and make a street bike just like it. That bike was nothing more than a test bed for that engine. People read WAY too much into their little “teaser” blog.

      At the same time, this 156 CONCEPT shown above is just a styling exercise, built by a renowned bike builder who is known for exaggeratedly long and low customs. I really doubt the production version will be this extreme, and the final product may be very cool indeed…

      • waitman says:

        Scott, you are correct. I will shut-up now and calm down as you suggest. I have read too much into the press releases and am man enough to admit it. But if this “Combustion” (12/11/2015) version turns out to be a Victory VRod, I reserve the right to be terribly disappointed. Deal?

        • Scott says:

          You may…

          BUT… Don’t give up hope! I think you’ll get your naked power monster Super Duke beater. Maybe not this model year, but in the next two or three… 🙂

          • waitman says:

            re: “naked power monster Super Duke beater”. Scott, when you put it that way…I do sound a bit untethered. Thanks (all) for your tolerance. Bipolar is a bitch.

  9. notarollingroadblock says:

    After reading all the dissing of this “new 2016 Victory model”, I’m looking at all those comments about Sepang in a new light….

    • waitman says:

      I don’t know what that means. Opinions are like a-holes. We all have one. Let’s discuss the topics and not get up each other’s butts. It’s just that when Victory/Yamaha tell(s) us they’re going to build a production bike based on a race or custom machine, one expects to see a production version at least somewhere in the vicinity of the original concept. Come on guys, let’s stop giving the consultants and bean counters so much latitude. Let’s put pressure on the motorcycle companies to build what we want and not what some goofball consultant or motorcyclicly disconnected designer says we need.

      • notarollingroadblock says:

        It means that many comments below are written as if the bike shown is “a new 2016 Victory model” when the text of the article clearly states the only thing Victory about it is the Project 156 engine. So I was comparing the apparent lack of reading comprehension to (in my opinion) the apparent lack of comprehension by many of what transpired in Sepang about a month ago. Just trying to be funny, or and stir the pot a little, depending on your view of Sepang.

        Now had I even considered that Victory in publishing this press release was giving us the general style of the real Project 156 bike I’d have seen it differently, and would have been sorely disappointed in Victory. I was hoping for a sporty standard, not a hotted up Scout. The Scout has it’s appeal, but that isn’t what we saw in the Pike’s Peak bike.

        • waitman says:

          Point taken. Just for the record, I am not dissing the bike. I am dissing Victory’s (in my opinion) somewhat confusing release of information. I think manufacturers try too hard to be secretive and mysterious. I would prefer an honest disclosure of what to expect. If I know what’s coming down the pipe, I won’t be disappointed when it emerges. Peace.

      • Snake says:

        “Come on guys, let’s stop giving the consultants and bean counters so much latitude. Let’s put pressure on the motorcycle companies to build what we want and not what some goofball consultant or motorcyclicly disconnected designer says we need.”

        YES!! Amen! Can I vote for you for president?

        • waitman says:

          Thanks Snake; fortunately for all U.S. citizens, I will not be on the ballot. But, I will spring for the first round of adult beverages if we ever land in the same spot. I can only hope we’re both aboard the Victory Project 156s of our dreams. Something tells me we’d probably be dangerous. Be Safe.

  10. ABQ says:

    I like the bobber design more than the scout design. As long as it is still a project, and not a production bike, PLEASE put a larger gas tank on it.

  11. Michael H says:

    It’s a CONCEPT. The engine will power a future motorcycle, not the motorcycle pictured.

    “What we need is an American built, twin cam, high performance engine in an American built motorcycle” say bikers everywhere.

    Victory introduces such an engine in a CONCEPT motorcycle, whining ensues.

  12. Scott says:

    Anyone out there good with Photoshop? What I’m seeing is, raise the rear end by a few inches, shorten the wheelbase a little bit, and put some rearsets on it, and you’ve got yourself a nice, sporty, performance naked twin. I’d love to see someone draw that…

  13. Hot Dog says:

    If you’re going to hang a piece of meat on a new machine, why not some scantily clad hottie, not a cartoon hide over the hill poseur? Really Polaris, another cookie cutter bar hopper?

    • Scott says:

      Pretty sure this is the guy who designed this concept. But go ahead and rant anyway…

    • Butch says:

      Nothing say’s ” I’m and interesting and edgy person” like injecting ink under the skin.

      • Scott says:

        Nothing says “I’m a cool-guy racer” than parading around on a “Pikes Peak Hillclimb Replica” that you bought at a Victory dealership.

  14. Don says:

    This is the first sporty v-twin derived from cruiser DNA I like (if I wanted a Duc I’d buy one). The shape of the radiator shrouds is nicely integrated with the shape of the side covers and tank. The footpegs are forward but I doubt that they will result in a full V-Rod riding position. The Akra exhaust system is a great in-your-face choice. I can only imagine how good this engine would sound. Please, Victory, produce this bike as is (just try to keep the price as close to a stock Scout as possible)!

    • Blackcayman says:

      —–“The foot pegs are forward but I doubt that they will result in a full V-Rod riding position”.

      The seat height looks to be about 24″ – if there is any cornering clearance, it going to be more cramped than a V-Rod

      I hope they produce a real standard/street or dirt tracker style bike with a seriously pumped up (read High Performance) motor, to sit next to their Sport-Cruiser in the brochure.

  15. Crim says:

    *YAWN* Let me go on record as saying “Fvck forward controls.” Is the US motorcycle market that effed up that all US built bikes must have forward controls?

    • mickey says:

      um…it seems so. Actually HD has produced 1/2 doz models with mid mount controls. They grow cob webs in the show room. The faithful are a fickle lot.

    • Peter says:

      Yep…fail. The pegs are still 6″ too far forward. The seat height should be 29-30″. This is nothing like the hill climb bike. They embarrassed themselves by insinuating that this has anything to do with the hill climb bike. It isn’t different enough from the Scout to be worth producing.

  16. Butch says:

    Not bad for a water pumper.

  17. Mark Long says:

    When is a 156 NOT a 156, when it is in a Scout frame. Please provide a production version of the RSD 156.

    • Karlsbad says:

      156 my ass, that’s the biggest copy of a scout I have ever seen. I thought the 156 was going to be a naked Pikes Peak Racer style bike more aka Hypermotard than cruiser retard. Can we please be done with clam style seating Harley, Victory & Indian already make enough for the whole world.

      • Scott says:

        It looks nothing like a Scout. Other than the basic engine architecture, there’s not a single component the looks like a Scout. Where do you guys get this stuff?

        Do you think a Diavel is a copy of a Streetfighter?

  18. skortch says:

    I do like the looks of it, even if it is largely a Scout styling exercise – slightly taller, flat bar, revised shock mounts. A decent power cruiser/Sportster-beater but it doesn’t really resemble the Pikes Peak 156. Not my kind of ride but at least it heralds a more performance-oriented state of engine tune, which is a good thing.

    It would be nice to get a new naked performance roadster bike somewhere between this and the 156 Racer but that would certainly require an entirely new frame, much shorter wheelbase, and numerous other changes. That would be the bike I’d be interested in. Maybe next time… Here’s hoping Victory keeps at it!

    • skortch says:

      Oh, and the clam shell/isosceles/sit-ups riding position is a bit much but would definitely help me work on my abs.

  19. Grover says:

    What did you expect from Victory? No original thoughts here, seen this all before.

  20. JT says:

    Headlight is Yamaha, frame looks like a Scout, as mentioned above, tank looks like an old 920 Yamaha Virago. I’m not impressed This was not what I expected from what they were saying.

  21. Daven says:

    Forward foot controls and a low slung saddle? Sorry Victory: swing… and a miss.

  22. Charles says:

    This was not the bike I was hoping for from them, I was imagining a true V-Twin Sport naked. Instead we got another XR1200R (, which while not a bad bike it isn’t a performance sport naked. This doesn’t compete against the Super Duke, it competes against the Diavel/Valkryie ( which are performance cruisers. With that said, the bike does look great and sure if I had a metric ton of cash to afford it I’d own one. But it’s too “Scout-like” in its design philosophy to be truly a bike that someone looking for a sport-naked would consider.

    • Crim says:

      Charles, you’re insulting the XR1200R. At least the XR has a real riders seating postion.

      • Provologna says:

        Well put…

        “Senator, I’ve ridden an XR1200R, and your Victory 156’s riding position sucks vs. the XR1200R…”

  23. skytzo says:

    So they took an Indian Scout, slapped on sportbike suspension, wheels & brakes, a different tail section, a street-fighter style headlight and a Victory badge, right? It’ll be interesting to hear what the hp/tq figures are…shame about the forward controls though.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      This is just a concept bike housing the new engine. So there is a glimmer of hope that the “upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle” is more than just a tarted-up Scout.

      • Grover says:

        I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Why would they give a Scout to a tattoo guy who’s mainly into “profiling” to design their next performance bike? Performance to Victory = acceleration and looking fashionable. Nothing more.

  24. Ben says:

    Headlight is off a Yamaha MT-03!

  25. JustANomad says:

    It’s a cool bike, no doubt, but I can’t imagine that it will give Victory much of a sales boost. One has to ask, ‘What is it’s purpose?’. It’s like a Diavel or a VRod; a bike meant to qo quickly in a straight line. It wouldn’t be useful for a trackday, or for commuting, or riding long distances. It’s not a beginner bike. There are no passenger accomodations. When it comes time to plunk down 15K or more for a new motorcycle, how many people can really justify something like this? Granted, Victory’s goal with this concept is to demonstrate that it is committed to a brand overhaul – over time. This is just the beginning. But, will a bike like this do well enough to fund additional development for the platform? It looks risky.

  26. Blackcayman says:

    Isoceles (riders) Triangle…. BLECZJH!

    Forks and brakes look good though…

  27. JLO says:

    When do we see a real naked sport bike? The world need another Diavel like it needs a….fill in the blank.

  28. waitman says:

    I think Victory is referring to the upcoming American iteration (12/11/2015) as the “production” bike. The one they showed us is supposedly a European interpretation whereas next month’s unveiling will have an American muscle slant. Go figure. You tell me(?) Yes I am silly, Norm G, because I am just as disappointed in Victory as I am in Yamaha for its release of the production version of Sands custom 900. This Victory is more VRod than Canet just as the Yamaha is more warmed-over 900 and less KR.

    • Krisd says:

      We dont know yet WAITMAN- remember the Pikes Peak 156 bike was completely different. The actual production bike to be revealed at 12/11/2015 may yet be more naked sports orientated than cruiser.

      • waitman says:

        I pray that you are correct Krisd. I await with sophomoric optimism. Methinks unicorns will graze in my backyard before I get the Project 156 bike I want, but God Bless Us One and All for holding out hope. 160hp snarling, bare bones, barely legal street tracker would satisfy me. Nothing less.

  29. chuck chrome says:

    Nice job. IMO makes the Diavel look like an overblinged, overstyled turd.

  30. Jeremy in TX says:

    I surely hope that the “upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle” looks nothing like this. That would be a tremendous disappointment.

  31. Norm G. says:

    re: “Victory has not revealed when the production bike will debut, or be available.”


  32. Scott says:

    I wouldn’t have that as my only motorcycle, but if I had unlimited funds… Yeah, I’d have that in my garage.

  33. chris says:

    Look’s Great Victory good job! when do we see a production model?

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