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Yamaha Launches FZ-10 Into U.S. Market for 2017



As we anticipated, Yamaha has announced that the European market MT-10 is coming to the U.S. for the 2017 model year as the FZ-10. We have already provided details regarding the European-spec version of this powerful 998cc naked, but here is a reminder of some of the basic specs.

With a claimed wet weight of 463 pounds (4.5 gallon fuel tank), the FZ-10 will be hauled around by a version of the current R1 inline four-cylinder engine tuned for increased low and mid-range power.

This is not a “stripper” model, as it arrives with several R1  features, such as traction control, adjustable engine modes and even cruise control. Fully adjustable fork and shock are included, as well as ABS brakes.

The FZ-10 will be in U.S. dealers this month priced at $12,999 for either the Armor Gray or Matte Raven Black versions. Here is Yamaha’s press release:

Cypress, CA – June 8, 2016 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., is pleased to introduce the all-new FZ-10 “Hyper Naked” flagship sport bike that compliments the wildly successful FZ-07 and FZ-09 models to its Sport motorcycle lineup.

The all-new, aggressively styled FZ-10 offers serious power and agility thanks to its R1-derived engine, chassis, and fully adjustable KYB® suspension, and liter-class riders will appreciate the FZ-10’s torquey power delivery and corner-carving precision.

The FZ-10 is powered by the latest-generation R1-based crossplane-crankshaft engine, which has been expertly tuned to provide plenty of low- to mid-range torque and power. The intake ports and valves, combustion chamber, camshafts, and compression ratio have all been designed specifically for the all-new FZ-10, to achieve outstanding rideability in a wide variety of situations.

The distinctive, exterior styling of the FZ-10 is defined by a dynamic, mass-forward silhouette with lean, yet muscular and athletic lines. A small front cowl, full LED lighting, and exposed engine combine to create the visual expression of spirited performance, while the upright riding position provides for a comfortable, yet sporty, slightly forward lean.



From sport riding, to commuting, to long-distance adventures, the new FZ-10 is ready to impress, with its Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), D-Modes (three different riding modes), Traction Control (three different settings), Cruise Control (using the left handlebar switchgear, riders can easily select or adjust a set speed for improved rider comfort when traveling long distances), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and full LCD instrumentation.

The 2017 FZ-10 will be available in Armor Gray and Matte Raven Black, and will retail for $12,999, with bikes available in Yamaha dealerships beginning in late June.

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  1. DinoBeeFiverNiner says:

    I am waiting for Bumblebee to pop out and Shia Labeouf will be riding him.

  2. Don says:

    They should offer different panels, headlight, etc. to alter appearance. That way the people who think it looks great stock can just buy and ride and the people who hate the looks can buy and customize. Win/win + for Yamaha.

  3. Tommy See says:

    Rode this beast at Yamaha Days in Canada. Do not think of the looks of a machine until you ride it. Performance Plus.

  4. Motorhead says:

    Light weight, powerful, comfortable, well mannered brute force. It has two wheels and therefore it automatically looks better than anything with four wheels. I love it. But is it worth $2,000 more than the Suzuki GSX-1000F?

  5. viktor92 says:

    As a side note, cleaning that machine must be a nightmare…

    • mickey says:

      Squirt it with some S-100, rinse it off, dry the exterior with a clean absorbent towel and then ride it 10 miles to dry everything elas. Easy peasy

  6. Fabio says:

    I had a Fazer back in the day such a neat bike and now as time has passed this thing is a lil over the top in styling.EBR 1190 SX would be my choice for 13k!!

  7. jim says:

    Too much style just for style’s sake. If Yamaha cuts the useless fluff they will have at least me in line.

  8. Selecter says:

    The Antihipster. I adore it.

    If my experiment with a cruiser ends with me getting rid of said cruiser next year, this one is on the short list. Shame we’re only getting the black and gray… Gray for me, since it comes with the straight-from-1989 day-glo wheels. If the blue were available here, that would be my pick.

    Like the Z1000, there’s a definite reaction provoked by the styling. There’s not a lot of middle ground on these bikes, thank god. You despise it or you’re in love with it, it seems. The lamest bikes are the ones that try to cater to too wide a swath of the market.

    It’s not “authentic” (chuckle) like the trendy Bobber/cafe’/brat/whatever the cool kids are hacking up in the garage this week. It’s not a gauche attention-whore like the chopper guys were fond of. Nor is it an expressionless form of function-over-form like the NC700 and the ilk. This is straight-up hornet – just made out of pure, distilled hatred with no regard for “beauty” at all.

    All my opinion, of course. I look forward to hurting myself on one of these badly in the near future!

  9. Shmitty says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone’s so hung up on the looks of this thing. If you come across one on the street, the only part you’ll see is the taillight anyway.

  10. Gutterslob says:

    Not beautiful, but generally bad-ass looking, in a reliable Japanese Mecha (predates Transformers, kids) sort of aesthetic…. and by reliable, I mean it won’t break down every other week like the “beautiful” Euro bikes.

  11. Silver says:

    They don’t build good looking bikes anymore. Sad

  12. viktor92 says:

    The naked offer is going from bad to worst !!, it looks like a transformer, absolutely UGLY, very sad for such an ultra high tech bike.

  13. viktor92 says:

    The naked offer is going from bad to worst !!, it looks like a transformer, absolutely UGLY

  14. ROXX says:

    UGLY as Hell and barely a rider pillion on a “standard” style bike?

    NO THANKS Yamaha!!!

  15. Bubba Bleu says:

    Black and gray? Black and gray?? Any color you want, just so it’s black or gray.

  16. Chris says:

    When are you all going to face the fact that much as you value your opinion, it isn’t universally shared? Unless your phone rings constantly with designers on the line asking for advice, you aren’t the authority. Your opinion is only important to you. I ride a ’14 ZX-14R, black and nasty with red accents. I happen to like its looks. I also accept the fact that others don’t. Makes no difference to me.

    • mickey says:

      People come here for the express purpose of expressing their opinions, whether they matter to anyone else or not. Each persons opinion, whether positive or negative, carries the same weight here. I like that. Reading other’s opinions makes me ponder, wonder, if maybe there is another way to look at it. Quite often there is.

  17. mechanicus says:

    Y’all, the emperor has no clothes! That is one ugly pile of legos stuck together. What ever happened to “ergonomic”, “sanitary”, “smooth”, “refined”, etc in vehicle design?

    • Superbiker600 says:

      Suzuki makes the exact bike you want. I kind of like this “decepticon look” for this bike. It’s a naked sport bike….maybe people want it to be agressive looking, not swooping lines and bulbous cowlings.

      • Dave says:

        It doesn’t really look aggressive, it just looks kinda’ silly. And it’s riddled with superfluous cowlings, like a kid’s transformer toy. The kids this is likely appealing to don’t have the money (or interest) to buy it.

        • Vince says:

          I’m an old man; i’m selling my 2015 r1 and buying it. I will put up with its looks for the crossplane motor, upright seating position and reliability…

  18. Hot Dog says:

    I’m drooling profusely, nice bike. Jeez, one hand grenade here and we could take care of a whole bunch of whiners. The tear drop tank, round head light lemmings need to go back to the mid 20th century, where mundane sameness will allow them to goose step boringly along. Be afraid of change, very very afraid. I’d like mine in Armor Gray with the hi-viz wheels, please.

  19. edpix says:

    This is REALLY getting ridiculous AND frustrating.
    The styling is going to absolutely kill the potential sales of this bike.
    I thought/think the FZ-09 is ugly with its hunchback tank, ugly headlight, unfinished tail
    and overall ugly style but this FZ-10 is a joke styling wise.
    The saddest part about all this is Yamaha is on a roll with the mechanicals and should be rewarded with sales for all its R&D investment into the unique FZ-09 and the potentially nice cross plane 4 FZ-10 but they are just sooo ugly I can’t imagine owning either despite thinking they are nice bikes to ride or at least build up from.

    I also wonder how “retuned” it is…
    It seems like these retuning jobs never seem to have the right balance of power/low speed
    response and while Im at it there is no reason why todays bikes should have driveability issues with underdeveloped engine mapping.

    The Japanese have lost their way and that just sucks since they are the ones that made it exciting in the first place. Unless you are buying a hypersport bike the rest all are compromised one way or the other and that includes Aprilia, BMW and Ducati.

    rant over, frustration, NOT.

    • Steve says:

      Let’s not forget that they also put the traction control system off the old Tenere on this bike, not the R1 system.

      • Random says:

        The Ténéré traction control systam had 3 settings and could be switched off? This one does, good enough for me.

      • Curly says:

        Can’t forget that now can we. Wow, real deal breaker eh?

  20. Arturo says:

    Good grief… That thing looks like tits on a bull!

  21. bmbktmracer says:

    I imagine they’ll sell a lot the first year, then sales will rapidly fizzle out because the styling is love-it or hate-it. Those who love it today will not love it in a couple years when this styling fad mercifully comes to an end. At that time, Yamaha will slap a DT-1 tank on it and call it a retro and eek out a few more sales.

  22. TheUsual says:

    Which autobot does it transform in to?

  23. Philip says:

    I’ve waited seven years for a crossplane FZ1. I think the bike looks fine, whatever, it’s an R1 motor (and sound) with a pain free
    riding position. Really want one!

    • Vince says:

      Me too!

      • mickey says:

        me too, although I no longer think it’s the bike for me. 5 years ago I would have sold all my other bikes for this.Now I am content with what I have, but I AM going to test ride one when it becomes available.

  24. Ken House says:

    My all-silver ’02 FZ1 is living proof that naked literbikes can be beautiful. Nobody wants to ride around on a bike that looks like Godzilla (Z1000) or a silly robot face.

  25. JimW says:

    FUGLY headlamps but I like the rest of it

  26. xLaYN says:

    I’ll add a small motor to the piece under the headlight so it moves while it narrates the transformer story.

  27. Fred_M says:

    Because the Suzuki B-King styling was such a hit…

  28. Ricardo says:

    Super ugly Frankenstein bike.

  29. VLJ says:

    It’s almost as if Japan, Inc. is conducting an industry-wide social experiment, the premise being, “How ridiculous can we make these things look before the buying public says enough is enough? Seriously, let’s go balls to the wall with this. Honda, release the fuggen Kraken. Hit ’em with those crazy NCXTCS700 jet ski lookin’ quasi-scooter things. Shove a bunch of ever fatter and fuglier Valkyrie variants down their pieholes. Give ’em a sporty naked standard like the CB1000, only throw a bunch of silly angles and doofus plastic pieces at it. Just to be safe, though, to throw ’em off our tracks, trot out something normal-looking like that retro CB1100 thing. Yamaha, same deal. Toss ’em a bone with the XSR900. Kawi? Ummm, never mind. You’re just hopeless. You don’t even need a directive. Anymore, Stupid Styling is your permanent niche. Suzuki? Hello…~taps the mic~ Are you even awake? Awww, forget it.”

  30. Provologna says:

    Glad it’s got more low end and mid range than that wheezy R1!
    /sarc off

    The naked Kawi 1000 from 8-10 years ago made me want to barf. This one me likey! I’m glad I have no money for this thing because this bike makes me feel like I’m 40 again. Viagra with handlebars! Whoopee!

  31. Chase says:

    So I can buy this absolutely top notch example of engineering and performance for $6000 less than the Zero bike below in the previous article? Got it.
    Yamaha just made my point perfectly clear.

  32. Auphliam says:

    I like it. That all black one looks great. Knock off those weird mirrors and replace with a nice set of bar end pieces and it’s perfect, IMO

  33. Tom R says:

    As Arnold said in the movie Predator, That is one ugly M______ F_____.

  34. -D says:

    Ahhhh… Yes.
    The bike that everyone who wants to buy a new R1 really should be buying…
    I have no problem with the styling. Its original, and it looks like exactly what a Hooligan would do to the brand new R1 that he just stole. 😉

  35. Sean says:

    I like the styling, wish it had a nicer color display. Obviously styled for a younger audience who demand technology. That black and white display looks straight out of an 80s Nissan or something.

  36. Mr. Negative says:

    Yamaha needs to hire the firm that designed the Revstar RS502T guitar. Apply a little of that clean functional design to their motorcycles.

  37. dino says:

    Lets hope some of those superfluous plastic panels fall off when they ship it over here!

    Love the specs, Hate the OVER styling!

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