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Video Indicates Impending Release of Honda 750cc Adventure Scooter


Honda’s City Adventure Concept displayed at EICMA last year.

Honda has released the video below teasing us with the impending release of an adventure scooter apparently based on the “City Adventure Concept” shown above … which was displayed by Honda at EICMA last Fall. ┬áThis new model should be based on the family that includes several parallel-twin, mid-displacement motorcycles, such as the U.S. market NC700X. In Europe, similar Honda models got a displacement bump to 745cc. Take a look at the new Honda video below:

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  1. AL says:

    I hope that it has storage so you don’t have to purchase a lot of accessories. I love the concept and hope that it’s introduced in the USA. We will see. Traction control and ABS would be great.

  2. rapier says:

    The apparent very low CG and traditional fork and swingarm suggests this thing should handle very well. (anyone remember Dan Gurney’s Gator) A longish seeming wheelbase and larger than scooter tires suggests high speed stability. In one way or another Honda has been toying with this concept since the Pacific Coast, part cycle part scooter. I think they may have finally hit the nail on the head. The only thing I’ve seen in years if not ever that could get non motorcyclists into dealers.

    I’m 65 and still ride a ZZR1200, but the day will come…….and this sort of thing could keep me on two wheels a little longer.

    • WSHart says:

      Well said. Although I have my doubts this could bring in new riders I do agree with you that it could keep those of us that are of a “certain age” riding longer. I used to frown at the thought of a trike or scooter but as I age I find myself wanting to keep riding and willing to make reasonable concessions to do so.

      And that may be the key to enticing new riders into the fold. Seeing other people, both young and old, having fun riding, may be what’s needed to revive motorcycling/scootering.

  3. Rennie says:

    WS Hart:
    Have you moded tour DR carb or exhaust?

    • WSHart says:

      No sir, I have not. It works fine as is. Never had a problem and never got below 50 (US) mpg on regular gas.

      If it ran tubeless wheels it would be nearly perfect.

  4. Tommy See says:

    Old guys with money going to love this machine. Way to go Honda ! Coming to Canada ?

  5. WSHart says:

    Scenery, not the bike’s dinky fuel capacity, should dictate when I stop. Five gallons should be minimum and if the bike gets 80 mpg, so much the better. I owned a DR650 that returned 69 mpg on the freeway. I put an IMS 4.9 gallon tank on it to replace the stupid small OEM cell.

    I was able to stop and smell the roses when I wanted to, instead of the fumes from an empty fuel tank. Manufacturers don’t ride, we do. More fuel capacity means we can ride further without worry. If you are one of those that whine about the weight of fuel, put less in and whine no more.

    Me? I would much rather fill the tank and head for the horizon to fill my life with memories of more than fuel stops.

    • KenHoward says:

      Did it seem relevant to you to rant about fuel capacity for an article describing a “City Adventure Concept” scooter? To “head for the horizon” – 10 minutes away? Yep, 5-gallons, minimum!!

      • WSHart says:

        “Rant”. What are you, 13?

        As for your sophomoric attempt to discredit my thoughts? When was the last time you saw a 50cc to 200cc scooter so equipped, e.g., dual disc brakes up front and running larger diameter wheels with obvious tubeless rims? And yes, I am well aware that this is a proto/phototype but your words state that it is meant for the “city”.

        Aren’t you clever? No…Not really. Which would you rather do, learn from your mistakes or be taught a lesson? Consider this a mild form of the latter.

        Shouldn’t you be with your mother at the local Target for back-to-school?

        Apologies to all the adults here, including the owner of this site, for taking up your time schooling this gentleman.

      • Tank says:

        My Ninja 250 had a 4.8 gal. tank. Never understood why larger bikes have such puny tanks.

    • EZ Mark says:

      This bike will have the same engine as the CTX. My buddies CTX gets 70mpg all the time, so with the 3.7 gallons this thing’s supposed to have, that’s 259 miles on a tank. More than a lot of ADV bikes.

  6. sliphorn says:

    Nice! I like it, I love me some scoots. Bring it on!!

  7. Buckwheat says:

    I’ll take a Mugen Electric one.