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A Quiet Revolution From Honda? 745cc Twin Scooter Family Getting New Member (with video)


2016 Honda Integra (UK model)

As we reported earlier, Honda is about to introduce an “Adventure” 745cc twin scooter which is surely a member of the Honda Integra family. The Honda Integra (pictured) is sold in Europe, and features full-size wheels (17″) along with that 745cc parallel twin engine.

The Integra and its new sibling utilize Honda DCT transmissions — now so refined (in at least its third generation) it is hard to criticize. The DCT offers excellent economy and performance, while being much more beginner-friendly than a traditional manual transmission.

We have enjoyed our time on large displacement scooters in the past, although none of them has had 17″ wheels. These offerings from Honda could potentially appeal to both ends of the demographic scale, i.e., younger riders intimidated by manual transmissions and older riders looking to simplify things. These Honda offerings are the most motorcycle-like scooters we have seen.

The Integra is currently not offered in the U.S. market, but we expect that to change in the future. Below is the latest teaser video from Honda for its Adventure version, which should be revealed in October:


Screen-grab from above video

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. AL says:

    The newest video. The bike has 17 inch wheels all the way around.

  2. AL says:

    Nobody talks about how motorcycles leave your feet and legs wet while going through water, but scooters leave you dry. To eaches own. Buy what you want but Honda should give consumers the choice.

  3. AL says:

    I’ve off roaded on a scooter. Very easy. This isn’t the first adventure scooter. Ever heard of the Yamaha Zuma or the Honda Big Ruckus? I buy scooters because it has the storage and I don’t have to buy a top or side box. I’ve offroaded on a Burgman 650, Burgman 400 even crossed rivers.

    The hook was actually for helmets not purses or groceries. The scooter has handlobar brakes front and back.

  4. Norman says:

    Just returned from a 20 day vacay in Greece and Italy.

    Saw more two-wheelers travelling down a block in any Italian city than I see in a week here in North America.

    Scooters of all sizes, motorcycles, and mopeds. It is real, effective transportation on those busy (and narrow) streets. All sorts of riders too, married middle age couples, young professionals, squids. Jump on, split lanes and off they go.

    No matter what we think of this bike as an option, I can really see how North American tastes don’t matter squat to the OEMs. They are building this variety of rides for every market except ours.

  5. tom says:

    Why is this considered a scooter at all??? Looks like a motorcycle to me. No step through. bigger wheels than a real scooter, etc!!

  6. Alpster1 says:

    Going back to 2009, the Honda Griffin looks like the spiritual forebearer.

    • kpinvt says:

      Another Honda concept bike with a flat four (like maybe the Honda Neo-Wing?) that never went into production. I remember seeing a video of a scooter concept bike with a flat four with a couple riding it two-up. I never saw it again after the video was posted around the time of one of the big MC shows.

  7. SVGeezer says:

    All the roads looked smooth enough for a Harley….

    (shouldn’t an Adventure Scooter go through potholes at some point?)

  8. Frank says:

    If you commute everyday here in California put on a box, and buy a rain suit if you don’t already have one. Should be economical, easily narrow enough to lane split, and if it offers typical Honda 16K valve inspect intervals should provide reasonably enough time between inspections. Self adjusting valves, which Honda won’t offer, would be even better.

  9. dan says:

    As a guy with bad knees what I like about my scooter is the step through mounting/dismounting, and the ability to comfortably park my feet in front and below and change positions. If this scooter requires lifting up and over, and forces the feet into a fixed position, then I don’t see the full benefits over a well-faired motorcycle.

  10. kpinvt says:

    The bike pictured at the top of the article is a Honda Integra, not the new X-ADV. The new ADV scooter has a 17 inch wire spoked front wheel and a 15 inch wire spoked rear wheel, both with tubeless tires. The screen-shot with the muffler on the left side is a reverse image. Earlier images of the bike posted online clearly show a pair of foot pegs mounted near the swing arm pivot. I don’t see the pegs in the latest video. The video also shows the bike equipped with a center stand, the show bikes don’t. I think the fuel tank has been moved to the space above the engine with the tank fill in that column below the instrument panel.

  11. Tommy D says:

    Remember when the USA was the epicenter of Honda’s target audience?

    It’s now Asia. Just look at their financials by region.

  12. dale says:

    I think this is a real motorcycle but dressed like a scooter on the appearance. It’s more like Honda CTX but rather being seen as a scooter. It’s less intimidated for beginners and so able to get them into riding and expands the market attractions to wider population. I don’t think Honda wants to target the US market with this one since the scooter segment here are small comparing to other places of the world, esp. Europe and Asia. A final note, who says a short guy can’t ride an adventure bike? This is it! 🙂

  13. Starmag says:

    This should be great for girls in skirts that want to go off roading. I wonder if there will be a purse hook?

  14. KenHoward says:

    ‘Anyone else notice that the bike in the “screen grab” is different than the one in the main photo (USD fork, different headlights and exhaust canister on the left)?

    • dale says:

      Me too. But I noticed the muffler is on the left side at 2:12 mark in the video. Most of the time it shows on the right side so I guess it was shot or tested at different times/locations. You’re right on the USD part. Anyway nice way to get around off-road with a comfortable package.

    • xLaYN says:

      Main photo is for “2016 Honda Integra (UK model)” as it states below it.

  15. Seb says:

    I don’t get this, first rule of riding off road is to be standing up on your peg…

    How can you on that thing?!?

    This is just another “SUV” bike.. Looks like it could go off road, but that’s about it…

    • KenHoward says:

      ‘More of a dirt road scrambler (as seen in the video) than off-road. You’re right, though – not much seat-to-peg distance.

  16. 2whltuner says:

    I like it, yes you can see the chain & sprocket in the still photo, inverted forks, cast wheels, ABS, (but it looks like spoke wheels in the video)750cc Integra engine, parallel twin that fires on a 270 degree crank (think 90 degree V-twin Honda Superhawk), low CG, storage, now just keep it under $10K

  17. redbirds says:

    I like it. This is a scooter I would consider owning.

  18. jimmihaffa says:

    Mickey hit on the ingress/egress or ease of jumping on and off factor appeal of scooters. Secondly, I think the classical handling dynamics of a scooter is part of the appeal to scooter riders. I really wonder if this model will connect with a segment of the scooter crowd seeking more motorcycle dynamics, or if in fact it will appeal to some motorcyclists with a hybrid platform containing more motorcycle DNA. Personally, I think its the latter as I think the scooter crowd would be better served by making a lighter machine with a smaller motor, more storage and a “gap” between the engine and the fairing.

  19. TexinOhio says:

    This “intimidation” of young or new riders by a manual transmission is getting annoying. If you feel you need to, report the transmission for a micro aggression or just go find a safe space and hide.

    I can understand the benefit for someone older who may have lost a step or two, but if it hurts your feelings to use a manual transmission just bail…

    • Crazy Joe says:

      Most scooters come with some automatics. Honda claims it’s Integra can get 80mpg. Anyone can build a sport bike 750 super sport but not everyone wants one. Having missed a few steps earlier in life than your standard suggests I say why not if it’s fun? I really don’t have a need to meet anyone’s standards. Not even my own.

      I would rather tour the us on 150 cc scooter than 950 pound bike with trailer but to each their own.

      • TexinOhio says:

        CJ, my point is how is someone “intimidated” by learning a standard transmission.

        I don’t have a problem with the idea of an auto trans bike at all. I just think its funny that someone might be terrified of having to figure out a standard trans.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          Considering how just about every device the newest generation has grown up with “just works,” I can understand how many might be put off by a manual transmission.

  20. allworld says:

    I like this bike, maxi scooter, sut as this, the Yamaha Tmax and the BMW’s are great bikes, they bring new riders into the sport, they are very practical, and make excellent commuter bikes.
    Shedding a traditional scooter design with a frame mounted engine and with 17″ wheels blurs the lines between scooter and traditional motorcycle, more of these on the road and less SUV’s would help my commute.

  21. Lenz says:

    I recently bought a KTM 690SMCR (140kg 6 speed) with 17″ tubeless wheels, 250mm of wheel travel front and rear and intend to fit it with Continental’s new adventure TKC70 tyres. I can still touch the ground / don’t get altitude induced nosebleeds from this KTM critter.

    I like the 750cc twin in this “adventure scooter” but the rolling chassis and it’s limited suspension will likely be inadequate for the stated “adventure” usage.

  22. Matt says:

    I like the 17″ wheels. From a stability standpoint this should be a major improvement over the tiny wheels that you see on many scooters. It will be interesting to see if this starts to catch on with other scooters.

  23. Randy D. says:

    I have 2 Piaggio efi MP3 scooters and an Aprilia 460cc single efi scooter that can go over 200+ miles on a tank(4.5gal.) of gas w/16″ wheels. It’s not made for dirt riding but I’m curious of the drive system design of this Honda. My maxi-scooters are all belt driven and I wouldn’t subject them to dirt roads if I didn’t have to.

  24. Spiderwatts says:

    Wow! Great job Honda. I bought a BMW 650GT earlier this year and it is great!
    This might give it a run for the money. We live in the best of times! Ride on!

  25. Butch says:

    Ever tried off roading with floorboards ?
    Me either.

  26. mickey says:

    Its really a motorcycle/scooter hybrid. One of the advantages of a scooter has always been the step thru feature which has made mounting easier for older riders, for women wearing skirts, etc, whereas on a motorcycle you had to swing a leg over the seat to mount. For me, if I have to swing my leg over the seat, I may as well buy a regular bike like it’s brother the NC700 which is probably more capable off road and can also be bought with the DCT if desired. This probably has more storage capability than a normal motorcycle but I doubt if it holds more than an NC700 with bags and trunk.

    And just so you know that I am not anti scooter or anti automatic I’ve had 2 Majesty 400 Yamahas and loved them. I could have the right scooter as my only 2 wheeled transportation

    • sliphorn says:

      It’ll probably have better weather protection than the NC700 and considerably less engine heat too.

      • mickey says:

        Probably a little better weather protection as you said, but I don’t think heat has been an issue with the NC 700 series. My nephew has one that lives in Nevada and he has never mentioned heat being an issue, nor have I read it in any tests of the bike.

        • Hot Dog says:

          I’ve got a Tmax and I love the thing. After owning 25 motorcycles, I find myself thinking the Tmax is the most fun.

          • MGNorge says:

            I have a brother in-law that has a <10 year old 50cc Vespa. While I won't say it's the most fun I've had riding it was certainly enjoyable. It's used for riding around on a small island and it's perfect for that mission.

  27. Grover says:

    Why does it sound a lot better than the Africa Twin? It a scooter for cry’in out loud!

  28. ABQ says:

    I like maxi-scooters alot. They are ready to go anywhere anytime. They are smooth, reasonably fast, and a hoot.
    Some are a little too tall. My old Honda Silverwing fit me just right.
    My one gripe with most bikes is the problem with small gas tanks. I would gladly give up storage on a scooter if I can just get a five gallon gas tank. If I want storage I will add a top box or throw on some soft bags. So I am begging Honda PLEASE, if you are going to build an Adventure Scooter then give it a large gas tank. Do a commercial of riding past a gas station as big bikers stand around filling their bikes with gas. It’s a good selling point.

    • KenHoward says:

      The “5 gallon tank,” again; ABQ, you are part of a small percentage of riders who live far from access to gasoline. Most of us don’t need – or want – to be carrying around the weight of excess fuel (or the bulk of a larger-than-needed tank).

  29. Ian Danby says:

    Very nice, I really like it, but lacks the utility of my Burgman(650). Simply put, that is the reason this won’t replace it, any time soon.
    What is it with Honda they seem to disdain anything that hints of practicality. They seem to think that if you wanna tour then, of course, you’ll buy a Gold Wing (or of course a Burgman – it works for me..).

    • MGNorge says:

      What is it with Honda? They are the largest seller in the world by a large margin and while that doesn’t tell the whole story it means they hit home often enough…and then some!

    • sliphorn says:

      It looks pretty practical to me. And you just know it’s gonna handle better than a Burgman. Throw a top box on it, some soft luggage, and away ya go.

      • Grumpc says:

        I think think you hit the nail on the head Slip. It needs changes right out of the box.
        Perhaps you’re right about its handling too? A moot point really since you’re looking to change, right off the bat.
        As for the Burgy – it is the most reassuring ride. Tho’ of course that could have something to do with its excess weight – A pity ‘S’ can’t put it on a diet.

  30. Provologna says:

    I am mightily impressed, even more so than seeing world-class dirt racers catching air under both wheels of a 500+lb adventure bike.

    This looks irresistible to ride if it appears in the US. It might even have a lower CG than their 1000cc twin adventure model.

    • MGNorge says:

      I liked your last paragraph especially. It does look irresistible to ride, I couldn’t have expressed it better. Is it because it’s a “scooter”? Is it because it’s a scooter that transcends typical scooter values while retaining a scooter persona? I’d love to swing a leg over it and see what it can do.

  31. beasty says:

    I like it, but if my conversion is close to correct, it’s gonna cost a little over 10,500 bucks. Hmmm, might not sell well. Which means if you buy one you’ll play hell trying to resell it down the road. I think Honda has done this before. Dang! Sure looks comfortable.

  32. sliphorn says:

    Sure is a grunty sounding thing. I like it, and hope it comes to the USA.

  33. Bob loblaw says:

    Well. Neat idea, but like all Hondas offerings will be high on looks and low on substance.. No power, crappy suspension etc.

  34. Max says:

    I’ll ride anything – where’s the turbo?

  35. Tank says:

    Honda does it again! Too bad I can’t afford one.

  36. Don says:

    I must admit I would love to ride one of those.

  37. Marshall says:

    Honda is going to *own* the Scooter class at the next Dakar Rally with this bike!

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