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Honda and Yamaha Tease New Sportbikes; Honda Launches Web Site for 2017 Models (with videos)


The Fall bike shows are almost upon us, once again, so next month should see the unveiling of several new models from all of the major manufacturers. It is no secret that sport bike sales have fallen off dramatically in recent years, and the pace of introduction of new models has also slowed. Nevertheless, Honda and Yamaha are about to introduce significant new sport bikes for 2017.

The two videos below are teasers from Honda and Yamaha for, presumably, new CBR1000RR and YZF-R6 models, respectively. Both manufacturers will undoubtedly introduce additional videos before we see the bikes in the flesh next month. If you want to follow along with Honda’s new model introductions, there is a dedicated web site for that. Check out the videos below.

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  1. Gutterslob says:

    I predict Yamaha will making the lightest, prettiest, and most powerful 600 ever…. and then they’ll add a giant catalytic converter + exhaust system that effectively doubles the bike’s weight, neuters the power, and makes it the ugliest thing ever.

    • Tyler says:

      Which is not something that they choose to do but rather are forced to do in order to sell the internal combustion powered machines which we love.
      I get your frustration, but direct it at the right people. The engineers at Yamaha (and literally every other motorcycle and automotive and industrial/farm vehicle manufacturer) have their hands tied by gubmint regulation. Fact is I would rather have cleaner running vehicles and having a CAT is a small price to pay. I do, however, wish engineers could figure out how to get the correct fueling in these engines, as every F/I bike I’ve owned comes from the factory waaaay too lean, necessitating a piggyback just to settle things down and stop the stalling/popping.

      • Dave says:

        It is my understanding that the lean F.I. tuning is also necessary to hit the E.P.A./Euro emissions standards (the CAT alone doesn’t get there). Bikes have shipped with carburetors that have lean idle circuits & the dreaded “mid-range dip”. All to lean enough at the test rpm ranges.

        • Tyler says:

          Oh I get that, I am just putting out my simple little request that for all of the effort going in to designing rider aids such as quick shifters and TC, maybe they could spend some time getting the fueling both ciompliant and “right”. Its a tall order, but tackling touch challenges is why they became engineers, right?
          As for carbs, in the Harley world they used to call it Paying the Harley tax, changing the pipes, air cleaner and rejetting the carb to let the engine breath the way it was meant to.

      • VLJ says:

        “I do, however, wish engineers could figure out how to get the correct fueling in these engines, as every F/I bike I’ve owned comes from the factory waaaay too lean, necessitating a piggyback just to settle things down and stop the stalling/popping.”

        None of my last dozen or so new bikes stalled or popped. The fueling was slightly smoother on some than on others, but they were all perfectly fine. We’re talking Japanese, British, and German bikes, all with EFI.

        The only recent bikes I’ve tried with glitchy fueling were the 2015 FZ-09, 2016 FJ-09, and 2016 Bonneville 1200. To varying degrees, they all had jerky on-off throttle transitions. My buddy’s FZ-09 also popped on deceleration after he added a pipe, but he has a wide-open pipe and no remapping.

    • Curly says:

      The R6 has had a catalyzed exhaust for years and it looks OK to me. What makes you think they will build some monster box for it? I can’t see that they would bother to bring a new version if it’s not going to be an improvement on the current model that’s been at the top of its class for so long. Why not wait a couple weeks before you give up on progress. I doubt we will see much if any power increase on the next crop of 600s but I’m sure we’ll see advances on the electronics side of things that make them more rideable.

    • Seab says:

      That would be perfect! Swap the exhaust and u have your dream bike. If only everything could be so easy.

  2. Fastship says:

    Auto/DCT box on that Honda. At last.

  3. Bill N says:

    At the end of the Yamaha video in the upper left is a video of “2017 R6”. I don’t know enough to tell-is that really the 2017 R6?

  4. xLaYN says:

    And there it is…
    How to sell a 600cc race bike…
    Act 1 – play nice screaming sound…
    (Robotic voice repeats through speakers) On Room 2B you’ll receive your certificate
    Regarding the CBR1000 I read somewhere that it was basically the same engine… as per the bolts location and relative position of what it did look otherwise the same chassis and swingarm.
    Was it MCN?

  5. Provologna says:

    Yikes! Karnak says: “I sense a dual clutch gearbox in the coming Yamaha R6!”

  6. Spiderwatts says:

    Woo hoo !!! Great times to be living!

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