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Alpinestars Tech-Air™ Airbag Technology: Innovation in Racing – on Road and Off-Road


Alpinestars Tech-Air™ technology is the world’s first and only independent full upper body airbag system to offer protection from the first impact in a crash, on the street and the race track. Alpinestars has been studying the use of Tech-Air™ technology in motocross and off-road racing with the objective to bring the benefits of the most advanced rider safety to the most demanding environment in motorcycle racing.

All of Alpinestars MotoGP World Championship Grand Prix racers are equipped with Tech-Air™ Race system giving them class-leading active airbag protection for the race track and in parallel, Alpinestars has been conducting in-depth research into providing the same level of technology for its off-road and motocross racers; on the Dakar Rally, the tracks of MXGP and AMA Pro racing.

The Tech-Air™ Race system technology, available to customers from authorized Alpinestars dealers, is the result of an intensive airbag research and development program which commenced in 2001 and led to the launch of Alpinestars’ first-generation racing airbag in MotoGP in 2009. This was quickly followed by the second-generation full-body protection system in 2013 and the release of the unique Tech-Air™ Street system, for everyday use on the road, the following year.

Alpinestars Tech-Air™ technology is the world’s first and only fully independent and stand-alone airbag system to offer customers critical and strategic airbag protection to the full upper body; chest, shoulders, kidneys and back, the most exposed torso areas during a crash. The system, specifically designed to be entirely self-contained for racing and street riding, functions without relying on external sensors, including GPS.

Tech-Air™ Street and Road Race system key features – protecting riders on road and race track:

  • Unique Dual Charge: this patented innovation offers the rider two airbag inflations without needing to reset or recharge the system after the first charge, thus enabling greater convenience and peace-of-mind protection. This allows the rider to crash once, then continue riding while having the same level of protection without the need to immediately change or update the
  • Sophisticated Algorithm: using Alpinestars’ exclusive custom analysis software specially developed to detect a crash with the greatest speed and precision, Tech-Air™ Race once fired is typically fully inflated in 45
  • Critical Protection Coverage: The Tech-Air™ Race is the only system to provide comprehensive, extended upper body protection including chest, shoulders, kidney area and back; all of the most exposed areas during a
  • Versatility: Tech-Air™ Race is the only self-contained and stand-alone system to offer critical, first-impact airbag With no physical nor electronic connections between rider and bike the system functions without relying on external and uncontrollable external influences such as GPS.
  • Freedom to Ride: Tech-Air™ Race offers unparalleled freedom and versatility. With no connections between bike and rider both systems are completely independent, which means a rider can have class-leading airbag protection on any motorbike, regardless of make or model. Tech-Air™ Race can be used for performance track riding but also, via a system firmware swap, can be configured to run the specific and uniquely optimized Street algorithm for the ultimate in

Extending the company’s mission to introduce active airbag rider safety to off-road racing, Alpinestars is relentlessly developing its Tech-Air™ program with a dedicated off-road data research team working with many of the world’s top racers in off-road competition; Rally Raids, Motocross and Enduro – pushing the boundaries of active protection technology.

Whether for street, adventure touring trails, performance riding and road racing, or off-road competition – Alpinestars is committed to continuing its development of active airbag safety technology; improving protection, performance and enjoyment for riders the world over.

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