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Kawasaki Europe Shows New Z1000SX (with video)


Replacing a model known in the U.S. as the Ninja 1000 ABS, Europe gets a new Z1000SX with significant changes for 2017.

More wind protection from the adjustable screen, LED headlights, new seats and instrumentation join big electronic assistance features. A new IMU keeps track of six aspects of the bike’s attitude in space, and works together with ABS brakes, selectable power modes and traction control. A new slipper clutch has lighter pull.

Although we suspect this model will replace the Ninja 1000 ABS in the U.S. next year, the official announcement of the 2017 U.S. model lineup will occur on November 13.


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  1. jack says:

    Own a 2011. No ABS, no TC. Love it that way. Got rid of that hideous exhaust for a full 4 into 1 Brock’s. Saved 25lbs even with the addition of the hard bags and brackets. 42k miles and two trips coast to coast, A true touring bike. Like the looks of this one, would like to see it with the bags. Any bike over 500lbs unacceptable. I’m old too dino. 71,but not too old for this.

  2. I really don’t get the incessant complaining about Yamaha and Kawasaki styling..but to each his/her own. Integration of the turn signals into the bodywork is pretty slick. Center stand is definitely needed….but that exhaust cat probably doesn’t allow for it. Adjustable screen ala Concours is a great touch. Full fairing is definitely “cleaner” looking than the last which I’m sure means better aerodynamics. All in all, it looks like a great bike. Here I am still disappointed by the GSXR-1000R’s blah appearance and every other Japanese maker is dropping awesome bomb after awesome bomb in every category. After the R&D/investment drought of the mid to late 2000s….we’re entering a new golden age for sport bike development.

  3. VForce says:

    Kudos to Kawasaki for updating this bike when everyone has become so obsessed with “ADV tourers” rather than the sports tourers.

    There is alot of technology packed into this bike. Hopefully they keep the price in line with the current model. Nitpicking at this point but with all of this technology on a sports tourer, cruise control (did I miss that?), centerstand, heated grips and the DC power socket should at least be standard, not accessories.

    Honda should take note of this and maybe if they updated the VFR 800 with some power/ suspension/ rider aids / added comfort that bike wouldn’t be a boat anchor on showroom floors. And maybe I would replace mine!

  4. Jorge says:

    I have a 2011 model…..I was hoping for an engine upgrade. 1200cc!!!

    • Max says:

      And when the make it a 1200cc people will demand a 1400cc. And most of them still won’t know how to get out of their own way.

    • Bob Krzeszkiewicz says:

      It’s already 505 lbs. I don’t want it to become 550 lbs.

  5. Sean says:

    I nwould prefer the actual ninja 1000rr engine, chasis, brakes, etc with this rider triangle and wind protection but since no one is willing to do such a thing I guess this will do. A few companies have gotten close, i.e. Some of the naked bikes but those lack the necessary wind protection required with all that power, and even those powerful naked’s are retuned/detuned versions of the companies true SS’s. Its really not all that hard or costly to do.

  6. Hey! Can I have my front fairing back, please?

  7. VEGA says:

    Looks pretty sleek now! Almost like a ZX10R…

    Would love to own one! And just go on a real ‘Sports Tour’…!

    Ah… There would be a LITTLE problem…

    MY GF will likely complain about here sore buttocks…

    I’m 6’2 @ 200lbs and she’s 5’9 @ about 140 or so (She’d never tell me!)…

    So, does it mean I better look forward to a Suzuki C90T…?

  8. Donald W. says:

    Looks like it’s already been in an accident.

  9. Marty O says:

    Centerstand please Kawasaki. This is a sports tourer after all. Other than that looks awesome.

    • Bob Krzeszkiewicz says:

      Yes please!!! Then I wouldn’t have broke off the spool tabs on the swingarm the first time I rode with spools on because the mufflers made contact with the spools.

  10. Dale says:

    Their biggest problem will continue to be model name nomenclature. Insure a Z1000SX, and it’s literally free…, insure a “Ninja 1000”, and even this 59 year old with a clean record and a great credit score can’t afford the tab. Kawasaki’s biggest mistake all along with this bike in the US has been their blind eye toward insurance classification. They missed the boat with the insurance carriers on this one specific model, and have lost sales. When you add the factory hard bags, this is a Sport Tourer, but when you go to insure it, even a Hayabusa costs less.

    • Bob Krzeszkiewicz says:

      Very true. I keep the cost down on my ’11 by not getting collision. Adding it was about 1000 more/year. I keep the hard cases on full time since I commute on it. It’s a ST to me.

  11. Silver says:

    Taller 6th gear and I’m in

  12. Mick says:

    The styling of the new bikes looks like they took old bikes, made everything pointy, then pushed everything forward and down. So many bikes now require garbage hanging off the back to keep water from being pumped onto the rider in the rain.

  13. Random says:

    Nice front/rear ligths and the previously big exhaust exits got smaller. I like it!

  14. dino says:

    I’m old… I would love to like this bike, but I can’t help thinking the heat is turned up too high in the Kawasaki styling studios. Everything on the front of their bikes have been “melting” off the front for years. I know it implies speed even when sitting still, but really?

    Eventually, the headlights will just be integrated into the front fender..

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