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Oberdan Bezzi Imagines a New BSA Produced by Mahindra


It has been a while since we featured a design by Oberdan Bezzi, but this BSA model caught our eye. You may be aware that the Indian conglomerate Mahindra purchased rights to the great British brand BSA recently, and speculation about the re-emergence of new BSA models has commenced as a result.

Among other conjectures on his web site, Bezzi offers this “BSA Victor 355”, which takes design cues from classic BSA singles. In part, Bezzi has the following to say about Mahindra’s venture and this concept (excuse his English as a second laguage):

“Of course we hope for a true ‘renaissance’, perhaps beginning with models that are not particularly demanding technically, but built with all the trappings in order to re-enter the market with due seriousness and quality that the brand deserves! 

We hypothesized for one of the first new BSA, a scrambler classical style, with a single-cylinder four-valve of about 350cc., From traditional cycling and well-equipped departments in the brakes and suspension!

A well-structured motion of European dimensions, excellent overall performance, quality components and careful construction! 

But the trump card will obviously quell’allure motorcycle English that the aesthetic part will have to definitely emerge, with ‘educated’ quotes from legendary models such as the famous VICTOR, and the ‘philosophy’ of achievement between the pragmatic and the refined of which were the fairs Made achievements in GB! 

It would be a motorcycle certainly not cheap, indeed quite the opposite, but since the coat of arms and the look would certainly have many admirers among motorcycle enthusiasts …. with a certain … style!”

If you remember the brand as we do, you can’t help but be anxious to see its renewal.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Akos Varga says:

    I love the look!
    The engine OK for an entry level, but like to see it with a 500 single and a 50 paralel twin engine, fuel injection and an option for carburetor or as a kit.
    The look is soooo good I made it may background on my windows desktop.
    Now harry-up! I don’t want to wait too long!

  2. Parag says:

    Low riding position, dual disk, option of handle change, adjustable suspensions, well designed backrest and luggage box as accessory… all this and you have market leader!
    Obviously power is no compromise area!!

  3. Geoffrey Hill says:

    But where is THE BEAK. If there is no BEAK at least put on some scowling plastic face with lights as eyeballs. This thing is so lame I would have to buy one.

  4. Andy Ader says:

    Look at this on eBay

    Real BSA

  5. John says:

    That is exactly the bike I want but with a twin.

    But if it weighed under 350lbs, as a single and were a real scrambler, I’d do it.

  6. redbirds says:

    This is a gorgeous concept. The Japanese makers could have done something like this and Yamaha came close with their over priced SR400. The style of this “BSA” is just about perfect; if someone would actually build it.

    • WSHart says:

      Very well put, sir! The most popular bikes of the 60s and 70s were (for good reason) scramblers and had Yamaha looked to their own Scrambler past the SR400 would have come dressed for a better US future.

      That and the addition of an electric start. The kick-starter is sweet but there were more than a few times I wished for a button to go with that lever.

  7. Frank says:

    I’d buy one, if the price is right.

  8. arrowrod says:

    Hey, I think a lot of us old people would buy a BSA replica from the 60s, sans vibration and unreliability.

    Look how far Harley has come with 60s replicas, with vibration and unreliability.

  9. Graham W says:

    Beautiful job as always, I think 350 to 500 is best all round size, I have been waiting on KTM 390 adventure to replace my KLR 650. If this bike was really made well it would be worthy of consideration, definitely nailed the look for me, old school look with modern components is way to go for this 60yr old rider.

  10. VStrom Pilot says:

    Oh Yeah!!! I’d ditch the passenger paraphernalia and be back road raping with this thing! Something exactly like this (only with 500cc’s) should be produced by the Japanese manufacturers.

  11. thrus says:

    So they want a bike that is nontechnical to make (easy) and they want to price it high and sell it based on style and the name. No thanks.

    • KenHoward says:

      We don’t yet know what Mahindra wants to do with BSA, exactly, do we? This was simply a rendering of what an artist – not connected to Mahindra – would like to see.

    • Rich says:

      @thrus. So how much are they charging? You seem to know that it will be too much. I know that’s what I expect from machines made in India……

  12. Denny says:

    Is this supposed to be an art? All this guy knows is to do 2D pictures made for him by 2 cheap Chinese students.

    • Selecter says:

      It’s been passed off as “design” for years now, here and on other motorcycle sites.

      Photochopping does not a designer make…

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        Criticize his CAD skills or design prowess if you like, but I can’t deny that his Frankencycles are very appealing to the eye.

        • Denny says:

          I doubt this is result of Cad work per say (I do it myself); you could make nothing out of this other than ‘please the eye’. I saw him in picture with his team, 2 young Asiatic looking people – that is why the note. But the guy is enthusiast, nothing wrong with that and it is fine by me.

          If someone wants to admire that, good for them.

  13. Wendy says:

    Put me down for one, even though it doesn’t have a beak.

  14. Auphliam says:

    Why is everybody suddenly copying that Yamaha kidney bean tank style?

  15. allworld says:

    This is a nice looking bike. Will we see a competition between Royal Enfield and BSA? Competition is a good thing, Hero may have shot themselves in the foot by dropping their affiliation with Buell.

  16. bmbktmracer says:

    I hope Honda steals this idea, puts an XR650L motor in the thing, snags a vintage paint scheme from their history books, and sells it to me for around $8500.

  17. todd says:

    Does this mean I don’t have to finish putting my B50 back together? I’d probably rather ride this – though somehow I imagine pulling up somewhere on a ’71 BSA is infinitely more cool.

  18. Bob says:

    Very appealing. I’d buy that.

  19. Aloha-Terry says:

    I had a 441 Victor and this does have the look…should be nice bike for putting around. I like it!

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    Model it on the Spitfire/Hornet if they bring back a twin.

  21. beasty says:

    It has a little 441 Victor thing goin’ on there. Cool!

  22. Gary says:

    I love everything about this bike. Sit up and beg seating position, USD forks, reservoir shocks, big brakes, hopefully a torquie thumper motor. I would buy this bike and love it

  23. Sneed Hurn says:

    I hope they make a bike that looks like the Thunderbolt or Lightning. Triumph made their bikes look like bikes of yore maybe BSA will do the same.

  24. Scott says:

    Why doesn’t somebody hire this guy?! He draws some of the coolest stuff on the planet, but none of it ever gets built… 🙁

  25. Jim H. says:

    That’s nice.

  26. MGNorge says:

    That tank really sends me, I’d really love to see the old mark again as long as they’re quality products.

    • Larry Kahn says:


      a make of car, as distinct from a specific model.

      • MGNorge says:

        I stand corrected 😉 But since this isn’t a car I felt it wasn’t appropriate. 🙂

        • steveinsandiego says:

          i chuckled over “ques”, obviously an unintended mental lapse over whether to use “cues” (signals) or queues (a line of waiting people).

          i so hate spokes. while i wouldn’t describe myself as anal when it comes to keeping my scoot lookin’ good, spokes require far too much attention. otherwise, i like the look.

  27. peter h says:

    Here’s a marketing slogan: Not That Good, But Still Better Than the originals.”

  28. Al Banta says:

    I want it!

  29. ApriliaRST says:

    I definitely like the looks of the bike. It might even be something I’d consider buying if it’s big enough to comfortably seat two adults.

  30. oldjohn1951 says:

    (Sigh)……..if only it could be that simple or true.

  31. Martin B says:

    Oh Oberdan, this is so beautiful. I would love to own this bike. It reminds me of my all time favourite Honda XL350 that I had back in the 1970s, and that I toured on throughout NZ’s North Island. I so loved that bike… And in the best BSA colours too…