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Yamaha Poised for Strong Showing in MotoGP This Year

With multi-time champ Jorge Lorenzo leaving the team for Ducati, one might assume that Yamaha will be in a weakened state this year. Instead, with the addition of ascendant young phenom Maverick Viñales, and promising improvements to the 2017 bike, Yamaha’s MotoGP effort this year could be even stronger.

The most important development might be the interaction between Viñales and Valentino Rossi during testing of the 2017 bike. Viñales and Rossi seem calm and relaxed around each other, according to reports, and even more importantly they are drawing the same conclusions about how to improve the new bike for this year.

It was no secret that there was tension in the paddock between former teammates Rossi and Lorenzo, and that their different riding styles frequently led to significant differences in how they liked the Yamaha prepared by the factory, as well as their individual set-up at different tracks.

So far, after testing at both Valencia and Sepang (a total of four days between the two locations), Rossi and Viñales reportedly had identical feedback on the new bike, as well as identical suggestions as to how to move development forward. Needless to say, this circumstance could prove invaluable for Yamaha this year as the 2017 bike is apparently presenting a very good starting point during early tests.

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  1. Brinskee says:

    Wow is Stoner still fast! Tops at Monday’s sepang outing, wonder what it would take to convince him to.race again. Wish someone would come.up with that offer. Just one more season, stop teasing all of us already.

  2. Choco says:

    Not so fast, pardon the pun, the Honda has a new softer motor and that just might be the ingredient Pedrosa needs. Pedrosa and Marquez, hell all the teams will be competitive.

  3. Mike says:

    I think mentally, Marquez is the strongest

  4. wjf says:

    Is Pedrosa still racing for Honda…does anyone care or wonder why?
    Wonder how Lorenzo and Stoner are getting along in the development stages over at Ducatista?

  5. redbirds says:

    I would love to see Rossi take one more championship but he will need be consistent and focused to stay ahead of his very talented new team mate. Should be a very exciting season.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Great combination of talent and experience for Yamaha, it is going to be another great season.

  7. Neil says:

    Old is old. The brain is slower. The body is slower. Young and hungry is just that, taking more risks. Marquez passed people like the Devil. I always wished Nicky would do that. Rossi used to. I think we will see Vinales passing everyone as well. The kid is good. – Hey, I saw a Zero motorcycle silently pass by the other day in the Boston area. Cold day too. It was very cool to see and hear…nothing!

  8. hh says:

    Rossi and Vinales. How they do on the track is the interest. I go with Briumph on this and if Yamaha can address the concerns, well bring it on.

  9. Doc says:

    Rossi and Vinales will only remain buds as long as Vinales is not a threat. Once that happens, Rossi will throw his tail in the air and that will be the end of that friendship. Vinales is very good. I give it 2 races.

    • Randy D. says:

      Will Rossi ever accept 2nd fiddle? Or is that too much for his ego to accept?

      • Doc says:

        Doesn’t matter if it’s his teammate or not . Rossi and Iannone are very good friends. That would end Iannone starting beating Rossi on a consistent basis. Used to be a big fan of Rossi. Not anymore.

      • Norm G. says:

        Q: Will Rossi ever accept 2nd fiddle? Or is that too much for his ego to accept?

        BETTER Q: does Ego even matter, when good or bad, young or old, win or lose, Ross is STILL the economic “golden goose” for everyone and their nana in the paddock…?

        considering he IS that and has BEEN that for some time it does stand to reason one might develop an Ego. that’s S.H.O.P. (Standard Human Operating Procedure).

        however (comma) despite all the fame, fortune, and wealth we the little people, we the “intellectually infirmed”, we the blind-deaf-and dumb have taken out of our accounts and collectively UPLOADED into the hands of that ONE individual, his Ego could easily be 10 times bigger than what it is, but yet isn’t.

        Q: wait, what do you mean Norm…?

        A: while he’s no Troy Bayliss or Nicky Hayden, he’s certainly no Matt Mladin or Max Biaggi.

  10. Dino says:

    One more championship for the “old man”, that would be awesome!

  11. Briumph says:

    My two favorite riders on the same team for 2017 drawing similar conclusions on setup is TROUBLE for the competition. 46 for 10 would be awesome. Can’t wait!

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