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2017 Yamaha FZ-10: Long Term Review – Report 2

We are still getting to know our Yamaha FZ-10. You can see our report from the press launch here with all of the technical details and specifications.  Our first report on our long-term test unit is here.

As delivered to us, the suspension on the FZ-10 was too stiff for street riding. In particular, the fork lacked compliance, and has been the focus of our attention.

Fortunately, Yamaha has put high quality suspension components on this bike, which react predictably to the clickers. Both the fork and the shock are fully adjustable, i.e., stepped compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability are available. Compression and rebound are adjusted with an Allen wrench and, together with somewhat awkward placement of the adjustment interface, it is difficult to accurately count the clicks from full stiff. As we further dial in the suspension, we will report back with recommended street settings.

The FZ-10 has an extremely stiff chassis.  The more we ride it, the more we realize this is a superbike with comfortable ergos. That is something many riders were looking for 10 years ago, and we finally have them available in the market, including this R1 derivative.

The changes Yamaha has made to the engine have significantly increased midrange power. Combined with the angry sound from the crossplane-crank motor (we love the intake noise), rolling on the throttle hard provides a real adrenaline rush.

One benefit of the crossplane-crank is a connected feel between the throttle and the rear contact patch.  The FZ-10 has this, which increases the sense of control. Good feedback is also derived from the excellent Bridgestone S20 tires.

Nevertheless, this is a bike that rewards a precise, skilled pilot. Given the immense power, stiff chassis and suspension, the FZ-10 has a broad performance envelope. We will explore that more in Part 3.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Curt says:

    As an owner and frequent rider of an ’07 FZ1, a bike that still looks good and goes forever, let me agree with those who suffer the gag reflex when confronted by this bike’s “looks”. I don’t care how well they perform, these will be half price, scuff monsters in two years.

  2. Frank West says:

    Can someone take manufacturers like Triumph and Yamaha aside, inform them that the stealth look and colours merge with the tarmac making the bikes almost invisible to car drivers and they certainly will not get their minds around the combination of near invisibility and manic acceleration. White or bright red the safest colours!

    • todd says:

      People would not notice Ronald Macdonald riding a BMW K1. Get used to it and ride defensively

      • Fred M. says:

        Riding defensively can improve your chances of avoiding an accident, but it doesn’t substitute for being seen. Frank’s right on this one.

        Motorcyclists tend to be like test pilots rationalizing how each crash they hear about was one they could have avoided through their superior skills and situational awareness. There was one rider on another site who always blamed the rider and told us how he would have avoided the crash. Then, one day, we noticed he’d just stopped posting.

        • Fred M. says:

          I’m not sure if that was intended to be hateful or just appeared that way due to your inability to compose a grammatically correct sentence.

        • I’m not a fan of the “Decepticon Transformer” styling of the FZ-10…but seriously, you want every bike painted in radioactive Tritium for night riding and Dayglo yellow for day time? The most visible part of a motorcycle in daytime or night time is the rider. So adorn your helmet and your bike in all the reflective tape you care to put on it along with choosing the brightest colors of helmet, jacket/leathers you can find, as that is your choice….but the manufacturers don’t have to make their product to suit your safety preferences over styling choices that will actually SELL the bike. I wouldn’t want your reflective taped, tritium Dayglo yellow monstrosity. This is rolling art…and it is in the eye of the beholder but none of it can’t be changed to suit what you are demanding.

      • Artem says:


    • Neil says:

      My CB500F is white. My pants are red. My helmet is Yellow. It’s a combination of defensive riding AND being seen. So many people are not paying attention to the road these days; shaving, putting on makeup, texting, eating… Cars crash into each other constantly now, front and back ends plowed in. – I LIKE THE FZ10 and somehow we Americans chose these colors in marketing surveys.

  3. Cyclemotorist says:

    Just stopped in to say this is not an attractive motorcycle. You know, in case someone didn’t notice.

    What if the controversial styling cut sales by 20%? 16%? 33%? I would feel safe in betting the styling will not be the reason riders will purchase this motorcycle.

    • Vince says:

      Yes, I bought it in spite of its looks. My previous bike was the latest gen R1; I’m 54 and too tall to enjoy the crouched seating for very long. However, the crossplane motor speaks to me so this was a way to have my cake and eat it. As for its looks, you can’t see it while you’re riding it. Besides, the motor is pretty to look at (and to listen to!). Handling is as good as my previous V4 Tuono. I’m happy with it and I would get another. Cheers

      • Artem says:

        If I’m not riding anything for now, motor is not good.
        It’s a dumb water cooled inline 4 or 3. Black, that is worse.

        • Artem says:

          At least I drove Fiat 125 excellently

          • vince says:

            How is a water cooled inline 4 dumb?
            Yamaha and Suzuki MotoGp Factory racing, and Kawasaki WSBk factory racing would disagree.

          • Artem says:

            How is about they produce that 4 or 3 cylinder
            bulls…t for 50 years.
            With the pistons and cylindercs…

          • Artem says:

            I am not a fun of electrical bikes. It’s impossible.
            So, I think there is no big developement.

        • mickey says:

          Is it just me? I am not understanding this conversation. Maybe it’s a language thing.

          • Artem says:

            It is. I’m not fun at english.
            And do not count my previous words.
            I just do not like that black powerfull motors. That maid me rullfing. Is it the right word.

          • Tomo666 says:

            That maids got me “rullfing” too.

  4. Marc says:

    Funny the review states the front end is too stiff. When I rode it awhile I gradually increased rebound up front, while decreasing high speed compression in the rear. When I took delivery I found that the rear end was sliding a bit and taking out high speed compression cured it.

  5. John D'Orazio says:

    OK, I own one. The looks have grown on me, but I would much rather stare at my Ducati. Nonetheless, there is no denying this bike’s heritage. It simply rocks. So comfy and easy to ride fast. Used the cruise control recently and (who knew??) it’s really handy to have. It’s like that girl who isn’t the best looking, but loves to do the same things you do instead of the stuck up prom queen. I don’t regret my purchase at all. This will be a long marriage.

  6. Artem says:

    At least that thing is not a “Yamasaki”.

  7. Mark says:

    I wonder if Yamahas fueling will be crap like it was on all the other fuel injected FZ’s?

    • Ryan Craig says:

      I have a fuel-injected FZ-8S and it’s fueling is fine. Quite sensitive, to be sure, but not snatchy nor is there a big off/on throttle transition problem.

    • vince says:

      The fueling has no issues.

  8. austin zzr 1200 says:

    MD must really be hurting for content. Stretching a review for a bike that few people care about into three parts…feels like Hunger Games

    • pBrasseur says:

      That’s not fair, Hunger Games was a pretty good story 🙂

      Plus we get to say again that the bike is FUGLY and that feels good!

      • austin zzr 1200 says:

        yeah, there is some catharsis there but think about how good it would feel to see a new bike review…like say the ’17 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer (thanks, Cycle World!/ Revzilla)

        • pBrasseur says:

          Sure, myself I would rather see a review of the new Ducati Supersport, not the launch but a real review. If it’s going to cook my leg I’d rather know before buying!

          • austin zzr 1200 says:

            Now you’re talking. A bike that produces no embarrassment whatsoever. Timeless beauty that might even be worth a leg cooking..

    • Neil says:

      The more I look at it, the more it looks like a transformer. My dealer sold a black one already. I asked her about the gray and she said they do marketing research so someone in the U.S. said they liked gray and yellow. The motor sounds fantastic and goes like stink…which is THE point. So many bikes have looked great and when you ride them they just stink period for one reason or another. – It’s 2017. Those movies made ALOT of money. $3,778,471,557.00 – that’s the audience, worldwide. Transformers. I like it and even if you don’t like it, you’re still going to draw a crowd at bike nite.

      • austin zzr 1200 says:

        Dont quite understand the argument(s) here…transformers sold tickets so we should be more accepting of the design? Your dealer sold one and Yamaha does market research so that satisfies the demand question? Its ok if a bike rides well but is ugly as long as you can draw a crowd? I suppose if you like to shock people with ugly, this might be your bag.

    • Gary says:

      I disagree. I place a lot of value in keeping a bike around for a while, evaluating what ownership is like long term. Long after the rush of horsepower fades, you are left with maintenance, upgrades and ownership. I like to know what I’m getting, long-term. That goes for bikes and cars.

  9. todd says:

    The challenge is, many people fondly remember the excellent and great looking FZ750 and have been expecting the same vein in the latest FZs. I liked the first ’04-’05 FZ6 styling/ergonomics/performance and the second-gen FZ1 was decent but then they went downhill from there. The FZs still sell really well, especially the -07 and -09 because of the bang-for-buck quotient but, still…

  10. Jeremy in TX says:

    While I am not in love with the styling, I’m not put off by it either. I’ve seen one on the road, and it looks menacing. (That’s a good thing.) I would never call the bike beautiful, but the design does communicate the FZ10’s mission.

  11. red says:

    This bike has crossed the “unfortunate styling” line for me too. Can’t get past.

    It reminds me of the last gen Mazda3. By all accounts it was the best in class of the small sedans but had that crazy smiley face front end.

  12. wjf says:

    I am currently struggling to replace my last bike (I use the term struggling on purpose) – a lot of choices from used to new. It has to be a bike that makes me go into the garage to look at it, and remind me how much fun it is. This bike would have to come with pole and a stripper to be as much fun to get over looking at it. Maybe there will be or is alternate body work, at least for the front….
    I’m going back to my original choice, 09 Tuono

    • Mick says:

      I found myself doing things like that after I bought a 1992 Ducati 900SS. I was a much younger man then. I picked the Ducati because I had a four cylinder bike and didn’t really like the engine. I wanted a V-twin. In 1992 there weren’t many V-twins to choose from. That the thing was pretty cool looking was a bonus.

      I grew up riding motorcycles as a sport. To me the bikes were sports equipment like tennis rackets or golf clubs. As sports equipment. I found CV carbs lacking. So in 1994 I bought a 916 Ducati because it was fuel injected. I found the 916 to be overpowered and a bit severe for public roads. It was less fun IMO to ride in a reasonable manner on public roads. I started riding the 610 Husqvarna that I bought for dual sport use more often. I eventually sold both and built a supermoto from a 2000 XR650R. My current street bike is a rather highly modified 2003 XR650R. I use a 2004 Ducati Multistrada, which I think is an ugly but excellet motorcycle, when I ride two up with the wife.

    • Provologna says:

      Oh man, it’s hard to beat that Tuono for naked cosmetic design. God just poured out the artisan genes on the Italians.

      My only negative take on the Tuono (besides potential for difficulty in getting parts/service) is personal, unrelated to the bike itself. I should not even mention it, but can’t resist. A real nice lady I knew committed suicide on her Tuono. She worked in sales at the Santa Rosa Ducati dealership, since closed (owned by a superb Eurobike mechanic/race wrench/collector whose name escapes me…his home garage was a classic bike museum).

      The poor young lass parked her gorgeous Arai helmet on CA Highway 1 between Mill Valley and Stinson, and rode ride off the cliff toward the beach. Very sad….my apology for this downer report. Sorry, can’t recall her name.

      Dirck, is that a new helmet? Fantastic graphics!

      • todd says:

        I remember that. We were all looking for her until someone spotted her helmet and gloves sitting at the side of a cliff on Highway 1. She pretty much literally rode off into the sunset.

        • mickey says:

          What a shame that it comes to that for some people. I have read that a statement from people who have survived jumping off tall objects that the first thing that goes thru their mind when they leave solid footing is “This was a bad idea”. Almost universal statement by survivors. Of course by then, it is too late to reconsider.

          RIP young lady

      • wjf says:

        Good Gravy Provologna…..however….if there was no coming back from something, say very bad news from the doctor, I would be lying if I didn’t consider this same type of demise. But I would buy a brand new Duacati on a credit card first…
        Hope it never comes to that of course.

        Mick, I hear you. One of the easiest/fun bikes I should not have sold was a DR650. Not necessarily great, but just about All purpose. I have coveted the XR for years. It seems like what the DR should have been.

      • Dirck Edge says:

        Just saw this question. No, I have had this helmet for a few years. It is an Arai “Oriental”, and a gorgeous design IMO. I understand it is the favorite of the family head of Arai helmets. We have very good cameras/lenses these days at MD, and I think the intricacies of the design can now be conveyed in our photos.

  13. Geoffrey Hill says:

    I hate the look, But the performance is great. Only a chimp can climb up on rear seat. The wheel color is good enough. I might get one, but doubt it.

  14. Grover says:

    I’d ride it. I never pass up an opportunity to try out a new machine.

  15. Neil says:

    It looks like a transformer. The grey is slightly more colorful or brighter than black is. Just gives the paint some highlight. It’s more garage mechanical than bright colors like blue. It’s a big machine with a seat. It looks 2017 with feature the main element more than design. You’re not riding design. You’re riding technology. Machines are ugly in many cases. The look will definitely get people looking and talking about it, in a different sense than just a beautiful bike. You look at bikinis all day at the beach and then a woman arrives who has trained hard and you’re drawn to something else, someone who you could actually do active things with like hike up mountains and leave your Starbucks women behind. A liter bike on the highway is a gem and we have plenty of highways in the USA.

  16. Mick says:

    Does intake air actually enter through those scoops or are they there as some sort of homage to the V-Max?

    I don’t think the bike looks that bad overall. I know that there is a large stuck in the seventies segment here. I don’t think it’s healthy to always be living in the past. You can’t buy your youth back. You shouldn’t have squandered and/or lost it in the first place. MY buddies and I never stopped being youthful idiots, and we’re all in our fifties. It can be done.

    • Fivespeed302 says:

      I’m in my early 40’s, it’s great to hear that I have many idiotic years ahead of me!

    • Ricky Crue says:

      Seventies, eighties, nineties, has nothing to do with the fact that it is FUGLY. To me a truly beautiful bike is timeless, whether it is 5 years old, or 50. If the Pontac Aztek was a bike, and had say a detuned Vette motor and a similar chassis, this would be it.

      Either of my DR650s look better……..(to me), and they are about as ugly and dated as it gets. Just sayin’…….

      I would buy one that had been road rashed if the price was right, then cutting and hacking on it wouldn’t be such a big deal,….AND I could paint it whatever color I wanted.

  17. Scott says:

    So there’s going to be a Part 3 to this ride report…

    Gosh, I wonder if any of the commenters will mention that it’s ugly. That’ll be something new.

  18. Gary says:

    The looks are growing on me … especially the snap-on lego windshield. Actually the whole bike looks like a giant lego project. I’m assuming the pieces stay securely snapped together. Seriously, though, it would be great if you could say a few words about the accessory comfort seat the the windshield, if you’ve had a chance to sample them.

  19. teelee says:

    Don’t you have to look at the bike you ride, Yamaha has got styling problems but looking at the new Kawasaki Z bikes they have it correct.

    • Pacer says:

      Agreed, the new naked Kawasakis look good.

    • Mark says:

      Agreed. I just bought a z900. I wasn’t sure at first but I must say the looks have grown on me. My friends like the z900 as well and believe me they would have no problem letting me know otherwise.

  20. Hot Dog says:

    One well placed grenade on this site would sure take care of a whole lot of whiners. I’m a huge fan of hi viz color and I think this color scheme is fantastic. I applaud Yamaha for designing out of the box and not building a cookie cutter, mundane, same old dreary, boring looking machine. Apparently you fit in or you don’t. I like the bike.

    • pBrasseur says:

      That one wasn’t boring either, I’m sure you loved it too 🙂

    • Ricky Crue says:

      Hot Dog says: “I like the bike.”

      You shouldn’t have any issues with finding one at a stealership near you LOL! Especially in the hi viz aka “the worst” color.

      In all honesty I am glad you like the looks of it, I really wish I could because I’d have one already.

    • Tim says:

      I don’t mind the color, though it’s not the color I would choose. My problem with the bike is the plastic transformeresque add-on pieces. I remember seeing a darker photo showing just a silhouette of the bike, and the general outline of the bike is pretty attractive. Unfortunately, when you throw light on it and see the disjointed plastic add-on pieces, and it just doesn’t work for me. Everyone’s taste is different though, so to each his own.

    • Doc says:

      You wouldn’t get close enough to throw it. The Rune looks more like a concept bike and that’s ok. The biggest help for the Yamaha is change the color to all black. Nothing wrong with being different. But this looks like it was designed by 15 different designers that had no communication with each other, then assembled it in a dark room. Ugly is ugly regardless of how forward thinking it is. It will not age well.

      • Tim C says:

        Yep, throw yourself on that grenade, Mr. Dog. As to Doc’s point here I saw the all-black one in person at my local dealer, and the thing that struck me was that even in the all-black, all the tacked-on/mismatched bits look even more so in the flesh.

  21. Ryan Craig says:

    I really can’t understand why Yamaha went this way with the styling on this model. It may make sense for the FZ09, but this is a CDN$15,500 motorcycle that will undoubtedly have pricey insurance, too. I don’t see a lot of the young guys to whom this styling might (might!) appeal rushing out to buy one of these. Meanwhile there are plenty of older (49) farts like me who might have like this, only to be repulsed by some truly heinous styling.

    I want a half-faired version, anyway. As someone else mentioned, bring on the FJ-10. Which should be a real sport-touring type thing, not a faux-ADV bike like the FJ-09 (which is also ugly, BTW).

    • richard says:

      i sell them..demographic is mostly male…coming off a full on sport bike looking for performance and comfort…age mostly 28 to 45 years old

      • pBrasseur says:

        Richard, how are the sales, I heard they are pretty good? What do you ear about the bike, do people generally like it?

        • mickey says:

          my local dealer got one when they first came out. Same colors as above I believe. It’s still sitting there. he says no one even looks at it.

    • pBrasseur says:

      I think age has nothing to do with it, bad taste (like good) is ageless… Most people just follow fashion, true good taste is rare, except possibly in Italy 😉

      Count on it, this one will make the «ugliest ever bikes» lists of the future!

    • Ryan Craig says:

      I may have overstated my case, somewhat. The more I look at it the less objectionable I find it. Even less so in the all-black model.

      Really, if this bike fit my needs and wants (which it doesn’t as its wind protection is fairly minimal), I’d probably buy it anyway and live with it. Like they always say, you (mostly) can’t see how ugly it is when you’re riding it, and I don’t buy bikes to impress other people with their (the bikes) looks. I mean, I rode an ’02 DL1000 V-Strom for 11 years.

      I will say, though, that in my opinion the previous generation FZ1, and the FZ8 that was based on it, in either its naked or half-faired versions, was a better looking bike than this.

  22. Provologna says:

    Don’t hate me. The look has grown on me. I have started to like this thing. I am open to, nay, I think I want a deep relationship with this lovely beast.

    The question is, in town, does one ever see third gear on this thing? What’s red line in second gear, like, 100mph?

    • Stuki Moi says:

      My biggest issue with liter bikes in general. Never cared for them, and sticking upright bars on one, doesn’t change that.

      I prefer 600s for sportbikes. In naked form, the new Suzuki 750 and Triumph Steet, are the ones I’m looking forward to. I reckon a “tuned for torque” 750, should be about a decent substitute for a 600 up top, yet with a more street friendly, less hollowed out, bottom. If I was a twin guy, the family of 900 Ducs.

      Assuming all the 650-700s that are out, aren’t powerful enough.

      • Neil says:

        Nope. 600s you have to wind up too high to get at the power. With the 1K motor you just roll it on from anywhere nice and easy. 6K and the power is ok. 6K and you’re moving. 600s you have to go to 6000 and then 10,000. If you like that, fine. But I rode the GSXS1000 and it was just to just let out the clutch and ride with power right there. You can cruise. You can speed. Whatever you want. Pass a truck(s), just do it.

        • Fivespeed302 says:

          Yup that’s it.

        • Stuki Moi says:

          Problem is, all that torque allows for 100mph in 1st gearing. Which most manufacturers oblige by. Particularly Suzuki with the GSXS. So you’re breaking every national speed limit in 1st.. The Suzy is a fantastic bike, don’t get me wrong. But it only really makes sense for triple digits…

          Sport bike engines are tuned to be the most responsive and rewarding near their power peaks. That’s where they breathe the best and is crispest. At half those revs, they may still have enough power if they’re big enough, but they’re kind of dull. Which is why, if you want power at low less revs, get a engine tuned for that. Not one tuned for 150 at the top, then only use the dull section of the powerband, where it makes half of that.

          Twins became popular streetbikes as a solution to that issue. Yet now, in the age of ride-by-wire, most twins are top tuned as well. Hence kind of a waste. The Vstrom 1000 is tuned the way twins used to be, and ought to still be. Hit like a dump truck from down low, then a smooth, long extension. And plenty of engine braking, so you can just roll on and off throttle with nary a brake application nor shift if you don’t want to. I’m thinking the new Ducati street sport may be tuned in that direction as well. Perhaps ideally a bit less extreme in it’s bottom tuning, as it is more of a sportbike than a tourer.

          The Z1000 is a four tuned more for low end, and does have less extreme gearing, but that one is specifically tuned to be more of a special effects wheelie, burnout, donut and stoplight drag machine, than a normal transportation device.

    • Gary says:

      I agree. Art as function. Or function as art. Something like that.

    • beasty says:

      “Don’t hate me. The look has grown on me.”

      There’s probably an ointment for that. 🙂

  23. mickey says:

    what we wanted… Cross plane Gen 1 FZ-1

    what we got… this

    • pBrasseur says:

      You are right about that the first gen FZ1 was a gem, disappointing indeed!

      But do not despair, although Yamaha said forcefully they would not build a FJ-10 I suspect they are not planning to ignore that growing segment of the market for much longer.

      • mickey says:

        they offer a touring windshield for this, plus semi hard bags and hand guards to make it a “sport-tourer” (FJ-10 if you will)

    • Tim C says:


      Plus I STILL don’t get the switch from FZ being half-faired to naked…

    • Dave says:

      The practical replacement for the Gen 1 FZ-1 is the FJ-09. Even has “cross-plane” if one less cylinder of it.

      • Tim C says:

        Yes, but it’s not the same style of fairing. Less aero/more buffeting…

        • Dave says:

          I’ve spent some time on my brother’s 1g FZ-1, I didn’t find the fairing to be any better than some of the sport bikes I’ve owned (VTR, VFR(best), SV650s).

          I’ve always been interested to try an FZ6.

          • mickey says:

            I had 2 gen 1 FZ-1s and they made great sport tourers. Comfortable, giant gas capacity, the fairing itself provided some body protection as did the short windshield while leaving the head in clean air.

            The FZ 10 won’t give you much body wind protection, but at least you won’t get buffeting off that small shield/instrument panel.

          • Tim C says:

            Right, but those are sport/sport touring bikes/fairings. The FJ has little adv-style thingie that has generated criticism for turbulence/lack of protection etc (as is actually pretty annoyingly common on this style of bike, but since it’s all the rage seems to get a pass).

  24. Trpldog says:

    I would seriously consider this bike if it looked anywhere near what I like looking at. A single headlight option would have been great. With a good exhaust, it sounds like a motogp bike – glorious. I rode a BMW S1000R the other day with a quickshifter – wow. But, I’m moving towards a Speed Triple R in the mean time. Not as bonkers as the Yamy or Beemer, but certainly a nice, good looking, well fitted, torquey stead. I had a Roulette Green 07 triple for a while (trpldog), and the newest gen looks to be the best yet. And besides, the Speedy don’t sound too bad either, for sure.

    • pBrasseur says:

      The Triumph is far from ugly, unlike this one, but to be fair it is not pretty either with its weird front and pipes, very well finished though!

      Mind you I can’t think of any super naked that I find beautiful at the moment,

      the least offensive are still the Italians, the Ducati Monster and Aprilia Tuono.

      Not a question of age BTW, I remember being younger and surrounded by plenty of horrible designs 🙂

  25. Ricky Crue says:

    Yeah, such a shame that in one sense Yamaha got it oh so right, and on the other hand couldn’t have done much worse.

  26. Pete says:


  27. pBrasseur says:

    Absolutely awesome machine which makes the look that much more frustrating for a potential buyer like me.

    Anyway I think I’ll be getting an FJ-09, more comfy for the legs, more practical and still loads of fun. Among top sellers in Europe for a reason.

    How about a FJ-10 Yamaha?

  28. VLJ says:

    On top of all the other styling miscues, why saddle the thing with dull gray bodywork and neon yellow wheels?

    It’s as if they were actually trying to come up with the ugliest color scheme possible.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Never considered replacing my 2014 white FZ1 – the looks of this have just not grown on my at all.

    • Jim W says:

      I agree! I have a 2012 FZ1. While I would welcome the additional midrange power I would miss the wind protection and would not trade what I consider to be a good looking bike for a bike as fugly as the FZ10

    • Ryan Craig says:

      I’ve got a 2014 FZ8S, which is very similar (half-faired).

      Another thing I notice about these recent Yamahas, like the FZ-09, FJ-09, and now this, is that there is a mess of tubes, hoses, pipes, and wires all over the lower part of the bike. One of the things I like about my FZ8 is that they actually spent a little time designing it as a naked (engine) bike, and hid away as much of that crap as they could. The newer models all look very busy with so much exposed stuff, which also makes them look like a hassle to clean.

      • vince says:

        Another bike like that is newest Ducati Monster 1200R. The right side of the bike is beautiful. However,on the left side of the bike, you can tell the engine was originally in a bike that had a full fairing. It just looks wrong, like it’s some sort of industrial compressor or something.

    • Ricky Crue says:

      I have a nicely modded Gen II (’06 model) that is still an absolute hoot to ride. But for years now I have wanted something that leaned more towards the R1 chassis and suspension wise, AND have the crossplane-crank engine. I just figured the looks would be a given as Yamaha usually builds a nice looking bike.

      That’s what I get for figuring………….. 🙂

  30. Vrooom says:

    Designed by the makers of Tron I believe. Too bad, that’s probably a tremendously fun bike to ride, maybe an adventure version ought to be on Yamaha’s mind.

  31. ROXX says:

    Oh Lord it just couldn’t be any uglier!

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