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Okay, So Now VW Is Not Selling Ducati … Apparently

This story in AutoBlog paints a rather convincing picture that various forces at VW will block any effort to sell Ducati, despite the fact that bids have been solicited from numerous potential buyers.

It is quite clear that German companies, such as VW, have a rather complex management structure, which may prevent consummation of a deal to sell Ducati despite efforts to do so at lower management levels. AutoBlog points, specifically, at the “employee representatives on Volkswagen’s supervisory board.” According to the article, approval of any sale of significant VW assets (including, Audi-owned Ducati) must occur at the supervisory board level, where sufficient dissent is already apparent.

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  1. CrazyJoe says:

    In a way i’m disappointed Harley won’t be buying them. When will they update the 1200 sportster engine? Something to compete with the Bmw and triumph 1200’s.

  2. Vrooom says:

    That’s good news. VW has done a great job with them so far. Ducati is selling a ton of bikes, and they keep coming up with interesting product.

  3. allworld says:

    For what ever reason or reasons this is good news. VW have been good stewards of Ducati.

  4. Denny says:

    Yeah, voice of people – “volk” pays at VW. Employees reps are part of the deal or no deal. They have to be respected; that is the German way.

  5. -D says:

    I think FIAT should step up and make VW an offer they cant refuse…

    • brinskee says:

      No no, please no Fix It Again Tony ruining Ducati! In any case, not going to happen per Norm’s comments below (thank god).

      And FWIW when I saw the photo of the Panigale Final Edition and the words “Ducati… NOT…” I got excited thinking this was an article about Ducati not killing off v-twin superbikes… a guy can dream can’t he??

      • -D says:

        Actually, a special edition ABARTH Ducati Superbike sounds really cool, and It doesn’t bother me if the mechanic who would be doing the service be called Tony either.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      So does VW.

  6. Norm G. says:

    re: “The billionaire Porsche and Piech families, controlling 52 percent of voting shares in VW and holding four supervisory board seats, do not support selling Ducati”

    well that’s it then.

  7. Your Uncle Bob says:

    Aeah, who’d buy a Ducati anyway? Some poseur. Gi’me a Suzuki any day. Or a Yamaha.

  8. austin zzr 1200 says:

    The best of all outcomes. Italian and German collaboration is responsible for some of the best designs (Audi R10)