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Honda Teasing New Gold Wing? F6B?

In advance of an October 24 unveiling, Honda is starting to roll out video teasers.  The first one is below, and it focuses an awful lot of attention on Gold Wing models, including the current F6B, along with a prominent role for a 1975 GL 1000 (the first Gold Wing). Will we see a redesign of the big touring models from Honda this year? Will they incorporate Honda’s DCT automatic transmission? It just might happen.

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  1. James Wright says:

    I own a 2015 Honda F6B Deluxe I purchased my first Honda in 1968 and have owned hondas until 2q013 when I purchased my first bike other than a honda.It was a BMW K1600 GTL the best riding and handling motorcycle. I totaled it in July of 2017 and I purchased a Honda f6b deluxe it has been in the shop more than I have had it at home.The problem is that it rides like a farm wagon,I know Honda can do better.

  2. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    This is the first Goldwing that I really like if it comes like this. I’ve rode my better halfs 1500, which is supposed to be so heavy and hard to handle. And while it doesn’t handle as nimbly as my 1200 Voyager, it isn’t bad at all. However, when I see this new design with electric windshield, top box which actually seems to match the saddle bags, LED everything, and just a nice look overall- not to mention the lighter weight, this has got to be a winner if it isn’t so expensive as to kill sales. And, it is still a flat six which is great by me. And if Honda follows seemingly everyone else and drops to a twin like some want, that would ruin it for me. If you want a twin, buy an HD, newer Voyager, or even the new Yamaha star. There’s far too many twins for tourers now, let the rest of us have our multi’s. And no, I’m not a young wipper snapper anymore (dammit), but if finances would ever allow, can see myself on one of these. Nuff said- Go Honda!

  3. Rockstar says:

    Seems like Honda has leaked accurate pictures of the Dash controls of the Goldwing, And of the naked bike.

    The pictures with the plastic on are still only artist renditions.

    Honda should make their official announcement sooner than later.

  4. Rockstar says:

    Honda Trimmed 80 pounds off the next Goldwing.

    All the completely new Plastic has been narrowed and now has sharp angles.

    LED Lighting,Including LED Headlights.

    This new bike is a complete ground up new design.

    Clearly Honda is after the riders who don’t need a walker to get around.

    • Dave says:

      I feel like I see a significant number of trike conversions up here in HD country. I wonder if/when we’ll see more OEM’s getting on that?

  5. Dino says:

    7-cylinder Radial engine, pushing both front and rear wheels with a hydraulic drive. Maybe a smoke screen if you are being chased!

  6. paul246 says:

    Anyway… back to the ad. I don’t think this ad is alluding to anything in particular, it is just another ad. No prophesy here IMO.

  7. Grover says:

    The pendulum is swinging the opposite way now and we want lighter bikes, not heavier. I always wondered when the cc war would end and engines would become smaller and more efficient. Nobody needs a six-cylinder eager to get from point A to point B when a four or two cylinder engine gets the job done just as well. Even Porsche no longer offers their Boxster with a six, just a turbo four-cylinder that is lighter and makes the same power. I would consider a new Wing if it lost a lot of bulk without a loss on power. As it is it’s just too much bike for my touring needs. Let’s see how close Honda’s ear is to the current motorcycle market.

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Even Porsche no longer offers their Boxster with a six, just a turbo four-cylinder that is lighter and makes the same power.”

      The “same” power, or the “same amount” of power. There’s a difference that many of the Porsche faithful have noticed, and don’t necessarily like.

      • Brian says:

        That’s right. It’s about more than just peak HP and torque. And we’re not talking about Honda Civics, we’re talking about bikes, which are, in general, much more oriented toward enthusiasts. I’ve never ridden a ‘Wing, but I have to imagine a lot of the enjoyment comes from a big, low-revving, understressed powerplant with a ton of torque. I suppose you could turbocharge the 473cc parallel twin from the CB500 and make similar peak horsepower for (maybe) better fuel economy, but that’s not what the bike is about.

        I’m sure you could trim pounds in other ways, too…but it’s not going to do much for fuel economy, and the bike is already pretty easy to handle because the CG is so low. And if you do drop it, it probably won’t be especially hard to pick up, because it can’t tip over very far.

        A long-distance touring machine meant for two-up highway comfort with maximal wind protection and luggage space is just gonna be heavy. End of story. You’ll notice that the K1600GTL, a much newer design, is no lightweight either. You’ll also notice that the brand-new V-twin powered Yamaha Venture is just as heavy as a ‘Wing.

        IMO, with this bike and many others, people get too worked up about a single number on a spec sheet. “OMG, 520 pounds, Honda has totally lost its way, get it under 480 or I won’t even consider it.” It reminds me of the digital camera enthusiasts who spend their time comparing stat sheets and looking for tiny image quality flaws. Meanwhile, actual photographers are out there taking pictures. And actual motorcyclists are out there riding. Speaking of which…

  8. mechanicus says:

    A Goldwing with a beak, rectangular headlight, arse-high seat and a 5-feet-long license plate stalk?!?!? Please no.

  9. Tommy See says:

    History going to repeat itself. We boomers are wanting lighter more power and yes automatic easy missions. Looking forward to what Honda has in store. How I love being in this time. Ride eat sleep repeat.

  10. Dino says:

    Going to a smaller motor would be a tough marketing pitch, even if it made more power. But lighter is always good, and they could lose some weight by just leaving part of the motor exposed (like the older models, for some “retro”touch)

  11. bill smith says:

    Well I am totally with the call for a 1000, lighter wing. I’ve been riding Road Kings for years but just turned 72 and the things are just too big, loud, rough, windy and heavy for my current desires. So literally yesterday I traded my 14 CVO Road King for a 2015 RT. I loved my HD buddies, the HD mystique, and the feeling of pounding down a 2-lane on a bike that tracks like a freight train. But simply as a motorcycle the RT makes the Road King feel like a poorly engineered relic (HD just discovered 4 valves per cylinder last year.) A 1000 retro Wing would be a home run for older people like me. Fast, smooth, quiet and manageable in a parking lot.

    • gary t says:

      CVO = Loud and heavy, Why in the heck did you buy that model?
      Instead of getting on here bashing the most copied motorcycle design in history, you should be writing the MoCo a thank you note for delivering exactly what you ordered.
      (HD just discovered 4 valves per cylinder last year)……? I’m sure marketing is putting the pressure on them because word is out that older people want fast motorcycles.

      • gary t says:

        Bill, a little fact checking indicates you are about a century off on your claim that HD just discovered 4 valve per cylinder last year. Search “Harley 8 valve racer”
        If you dislike a certain type of motorcycle, that’s fine, but please be accurate with your negativity.
        Enjoy your RT, I would like to ride one.

    • ROXX says:

      The RT is the best overall motorcycle I’ve ever owned.

    • todd says:

      Wait, are you saying your old riding friends won’t hang out with you anymore because your bike isn’t exactly like theirs?

    • foster says:

      I think Bill made the right decision to finally take the blinders off to see what else there is in the m/c world! Too bad you didn’t do it decades earlier though. You have missed a lot of great machines.

    • JVB says:

      Well timed discussion. My FIL has a K1200LT, and is 70+, and refuses to get a trike; read pride. The LT is lighter than a wing, yet still could get by with a diet. I would expect that there is a greater desire for a bike that would fit between the ST and wing. Cannot see older MIL wanting to ride cross country on the back of an ST. My FIL thinks by keeping his ancient ’83 R80RT, that he will revert once the LT is too heavy for him. May be true, but MIL will never revert to an old RT from an LT. Honda could hit a sweetspot in the market with a “tweener-tourer” that has wing comfort without the mass.

  12. Rockstar says:

    I predict a 7 speed DCT only on the Goldwing. With optional manual mode.
    Left index finger = upshifts.
    Left thumb = downshifts.
    4 programmable performance modes.
    1. Economy.
    2. Sport.
    3. Touring.
    4. Rain.

    4 Programmable suspension modes.
    Solo with luggage.
    Two up.
    Two up with luggage.
    7″ LCD Infotainment display.
    ABS assisted Traction Control.
    Gear Indicator.
    Smart Key Fob.
    Forward assist.(In parking lots)
    Electric Windshield.
    TBW-Throttle by Wire.
    Wider rear tire.
    Mono Shocks front & rear. (No more forks)

    Sorry the F6B isn’t getting a DCT.Only a 6 speed manual,and very few options.

    • todd says:

      Not one of the items you listed (except the 6 speed manual) actually improve the riding experience. Is this what it’s coming down to?

    • jimjim says:

      You just basically described my 2014 R1200RT except for the 7-speed DCT but it does have shift assist pro 🙂

    • carl says:

      Reason I like motorcycles is because of simplicity. Apart from electric windshield and 6 speed, LOOOOSE WEIGHT, goldwing already has to much junk on it. It’s coming to the point that you got decide whether you take the bike to honda dealer or the Geek squad to try and fix it. I personally don’t want infotainment system, GPS etc etc. Been using maps for 40 years and always found my way home.

  13. WSHart says:

    You don’t mess with an icon, you refine it. Why do Harleys sell so well? They remind people of the past whether or not said past was their time or not, better or not… or just a dream they want to visit.

    As others here have said, the GL1000 was thought of as an innovative and huge bike when it debuted. Like so many other marques, Honda needs to learn to pay homage to their past rather than steal from another’s. They also need to realize that looking vintage does not mean being vintage when it comes to features and reliability. Harley’s touring rigs are modern enough to pass Kommiefornia’s ridiculous emissions standards while retaining a look often ripped off but never duplicated. HD’s touring rigs offer excellent stereos, suspensions, ABS and more while still looking like Harleys. That’s very important.

    A new Goldwing, whether or not a stylistic step forward or backward should remain true to its own heritage while offering up to date engineering. Again, as others here have stated, Honda’s market for the Goldwing is aging and like the Goldwing, they’ve gotten heavier. Trikes are a somewhat limited market whether traditionally made with two wheels in the rear or more like a “tadpole trike” recumbent bicycle with two wheels up front, so I doubt (but who knows) if Honda will ever market a three wheeled Goldwing.

    One thing is certain for the Goldwing. It is long overdue for a change. And as my mom used to tell me, anyone can change but what’s needed is change for the better. Because if Honda’s Goldwing doesn’t change for the better, it will just make the faithful bitter and they will either abandon Honda for anther marque or just hold on to their current Wings.


    Because the reality of this is that no one needs a new Goldwing.

    You have to make it so they WANT one again.

    • Rennie Archibald says:

      “Kommiefornia” ??? Leave it alone Hart and stick to motorcycles.

      • WSHart says:

        GFG. Good Frickin’ Grief. Really? Stupid emissions crap on motorcycles is about motorcycles.

        But you knew that and still whined. What a S.N.A.G.

    • todd says:

      Ironic considering that “Kommiefornia” is the most capitalistic state in the whole union. Speaking of unions, California doesn’t go for that socialist black hole either.

  14. CrazyJoe says:

    Can’t see how they can still produce a 6 Cyl engine. Cost must be prohibitive. I think they stopped producing Accord with a v-6. Didn’t they saw 2 cylinders of the Fit engine for the nc700x. What if the bolted the Civic SI engine into frame? 205 hp 192 ft lb torque. Look out kawasaki H2. Maybe a non turbo version fo the less financially gifted. The present engine isn’t much to look at anyway.

    The F6b kind of reminds me of the Pacific Coast which I liked alot. The recent valkyrie a locomotive. Good looking bikes. Now if they angled the cylinders forward like on bmw’s big cruiser they could come up with something that looks like an AJS Porcupine.

  15. 5229 says:

    Watching this video…you see the mighty GL1000. As stated a huge bike back in 1975. Ride one now..thing is tiny. This is going to be interesting to see if its a new gold Wing. The GL1000 in the video sure is a major hint.

  16. Norm G. says:

    they can keep the displacement at 1.8 Liters for all i care, i would like to see them add a little bit more “sport” into the F6B. a neighbor of mine picked one up and be damned if that flat-6 doesn’t sing a good tune with just the stock pipes on it…? since it’s arrival, it seems the B model has even developed a bit of a cult following in the aftermarket. now add these same aftermarket pipes to an even racier, hotter spec 2nd gen engine and you’ve got a recipe for a Honda franchisees “wet dream”. in your face K1600…!!!

    • Stuki Moi says:

      If you like the B’s song, try cracking open a C (Valkyrie)….. That thing is about the coolest bike I have ever had zero practical use for….

  17. atlantarandy says:

    In 1975 I worked at a Honda dealership when the first Goldwing hit. What was extremely heavy then (600lbs), could be improved on today. It was a fantastic all-around good bike and you couldn’t kill it after they solved a clutch issue. I say let’s continue to ride this retro wave as far as it will go. The market is stumbling again and retro means simpler, cheaper,(and yet far superior to the original in terms of brakes and suspension) and in some cases can actually broaden appeal.
    Maybe cars will someday be autonomous bubbles, but I think a motorcycle is best suited to always look like…..a motorcycle. If done right, (there’s always a catch), a 1000cc flat four universal japanese motorcycle could be stylish, simple, light-ish, smooth, torquey, safe, and affordable.

    • Rooster Conrad says:

      1975 gl 1000 love this bike

    • WSHart says:

      The original Goldwings had water pump and stator problems made all the worse by Honda burying them deep within the motor. If one of those went out, you might as well replace both while you were in there. Talk about Honda being dumb. That was DUMB.

      Otherwise it was a great bike.

  18. Jeff says:

    If this is a new ‘Wing, and I think that it will be, I hope a new ST is to follow. Bump the ‘Wing up to 2000cc, keeping the flat 6 configuration and then the ST up to 1400 or 1500cc retaining the longitudinally mounted V4.

    • foster says:

      Why make the ST engine bigger than it already is (was). Bigger engine = more weight, not what we need in a great sport tourer. Hell, the 1100 was (is still) plenty powerful enough for all day two up touring.

      • John says:

        I’d love to have an ST800. That’s as big as I want. 1300cc is just too much.

        • foster says:

          Wouldn’t that be nice! Maybe not suitable for two up hauling, but less weight, smaller size and still keep the great weather protection, luggage room and comfortable ergonomics, it would be a great solo cross country sport tourer.

      • paul246 says:

        I prefer the ST1100, mostly because it doesn’t have those whining gear driven cams, I detest that sound. Turned me off an otherwise nice (ST1300) bike.

        • foster says:

          Errrrr . . . The 1100 cams ARE gear driven actually, but from a cam belt rather than a cam chain, as on the 1300. If you have an 1100, apparently you have never looked under a valve cover.

    • carl says:

      In America everything has to be superSIZED!! Who needs 2000cc?? You have cars with smaller engines. Look around the world, 50cc motorcycles carry whole families, the goat, pig……..

  19. Gham says:

    Well they need to do something,everyone likes to talk about Harleys aging demographic…I wonder what the profile of the average Goldwing rider is?

  20. Gus says:

    How about a GL1000 retro-wing to pair with the CB1100. Retro-touring to go with retro-sport. It would be water cooled, just like the original, so no need to have a big displacement increase to offset the emissions penalty. Like Marq says, at least 250 pounds lighter than the current GL.

    Personally, I want a CB550T based on the CB1100 platform. – Gus

  21. ABQ says:

    Whatever new Goldwing they come up with it will be too big and heavy for my old body and spindly legs. If they made a factory trike I may have a look. A bare bones naked open frame trike would be nice.

    • Fred says:

      There will be two IMU controlled pneumatic rams either side of the frame to raise the bike to allow the centre stand to be lowered into place.
      The bikes rear sub frame will also have included a detachable walker frame with 6 inch padded seat embossed with a Flying Wing emblem.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “There will be two IMU controlled pneumatic rams either side of the frame to raise the bike to allow the centre stand to be lowered into place.”

        or just let the retractable rams act as the center stand. it’s only how they level out caravans (RV’s) and class A motorhomes.

        wait, did i just reference motorhomes and GoldWings in the same sentence and have it not be weird…?

        • Stuki Moi says:

          Given how young Japanese are turning tiny little Kei cars into residences, who knows what surprises the next ‘Wing may hold…

  22. Tom R says:

    The current Gold Wing is pretty gaudy, long in the tooth, and really freakin’ big. It is way overdue for a true update.

    Keep the flat-six motor configuration? This basically DEFINES the model, so I bet that it stays. In doing so, is it possible to trim much mass from it? Could they reduce it back to 1500cc but juice up the HP per litre output? This would seem necessary in order to trim 100-150 pounds or so. Or go for the full 2-litre gusto (and maybe hitting the half-ton mark).

    Or something new, and a bit shocking, such as a V-6 or even V-5? Perhaps an in-line six designed to out do BMW?

    These are intriguing times…

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Or something new, and a bit shocking”

      maybe a 3rd variant added to the lineup. a new Wing, a new F6B, and that Valkyrie EVO6 concept (no not a Rune MKII).

    • MGNorge says:

      “Perhaps an in-line six designed to out do BMW?”
      While I have no doubt that Honda “could” do that I don’t see them going that way at present. I don’t see their motorcycle division adapting a “take no prisoners” assault on motorcycling. If Soichiro were still alive and calling the shots maybe, but not right now.
      My brother bought the 2nd gen Wing back when new and I remember giving it a spin down the turnpike. I was amazed at its beefy midrange and how quiet and smoothly it went about its business. Expansion strips were traversed as if they weren’t there. Immediately it gave a sense of being ready to go on a cross country trek, just fill it up and go.

    • Mr.Mike says:

      re: “Or something new, and a bit shocking”

      I heard it will be a horizontal twin, hybrid electric drive… or maybe I just made that up.

  23. Bill says:

    Harley didn’t seem to feel the need to change their motor until Indian, maybe Honda didn’t feel the need to change the Gold Wing until the new Yamaha. What might be interesting is that every new version of the Gold Wing has had a different displacement than the previous model. An opposed eight cylinder 2000cc Gold Wing would certainly get every bodies attention. I think by now everyone expects a DCT version.

    • bmidd says:

      So you really think ANOTHER air cooled V-twin caused Honda to change the GoldWing?

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “An opposed eight cylinder 2000cc Gold Wing would certainly get every bodies attention.”

      too risky, could be mistaken for an NK ICBM. that would show up on radar and be seen by satellites in low earth orbit.

    • Stuki Moi says:

      The opposed 6, by forcing your feet back, forces the whole of you far enough back as it is.

      Wonder how an opposed 4 comprised of 2 NC750 engines bolted 180 degrees to the same crank, would do for a Retro Wing? Should be torquey and efficient enough, and work well with DCT.

    • carl says:

      Bit tired of everything having to be a “V-twin” to sell.

  24. Don says:

    Love the V-4 lite touring idea!!The current ADV model could be Honda’s idea for solo touring but also give us a true two-up version (with cruise), please. That motor is good enough to share across platforms.

  25. Matt Gustafson says:

    It can’t possibly be a new Goldwing. It’s only been 16 years.

  26. Randy D. says:

    Love this ad. Brings back why I started riding 55 years ago. But only Honda I’ve ever owned was a used CL350 I road raced back in the late `60s. Put CB350 mufflers on it and clip-on style handlebar. Now I mostly ride maxi-scooters.

  27. Grover says:

    Hotdogs, apple pie and Goldwings!

  28. Mick says:

    Given how Honda is always trying to ruin racing by mandating obsolete power systems. I would say that what lies beyond will be a 2018 steam powered motorcycle. In ten years. SteamGP baby!

    I can hear them chugging already.

  29. MARQ says:

    I still think a flat 4 1200cc Gold Wing Lite would sell. I find the current model far too heavy. They could shave 250 Lbs off of it and still have an excellent touring bike.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I still think a flat 4 1200cc Gold Wing Lite would sell. I find the current model far too heavy.”

      after many years producing only flat-6’s and moving ever more upmarket in price, enter a return to the smaller, tidier, flat-4 powered Porsche 718.

      bueller…? anyone…?

  30. Gary says:

    After years of up-sizing the Wing, here’s hoping Honda takes the important step of right-sizing. I owned a GL1000 back in the mid 70s … it it was regarded as a GIANT bike back then. Now it is downright tiny.

    That VFR 1200 motor would be an ideal powerplant for a right-sized Wing. Tune it for torque, bore it to 1400 cc, and build a comfortable, right-sized tourer around it.

    I won’t trade my R1200RT for it, but I’ll bet a lot of folks would buy it.

    • mickey says:

      I’d be all over something like that. Include heated grips, cruise, gear indicator, self cancelling turn signals, good passenger accommodations, bring it in under 600 pounds. Oh yea!

    • Hot Dog says:

      Ok, it’s time for me to throw my two bits in here. I had a 18 Wing, put 116,000 miles on it in 6 years and it was fantastic. I currently am owned by a VFR12X DCT with 10,000 miles on it. The Wing’s seating position is smaller, in that my knees were closer to my hands than on the VFR. The VFR is more comfortable, being upright with wide bars, very comfortable. Both of them are pigs and the VFR is top heavy. As far as saying the VFR should be bumped to 1400cc? Why? The VFR craves point and shoot traffic. When I pull behind a real ‘Merican on his potato at traffic speeds, I slap the DCT a time or two and suck the pirate’s beard off his (hers?)face at triple digits. Needless to say, I’ve lived with many motorbikes and the VFRXDCT is by far my favorite.

      The new Wing will defiantly have a DCT, a 1000cc four cylinder engine hooked up to a electric hybrid motor. It will have front center hub steering, ground effect fairing (ala Jim Hill’s vacuum race car) and helium air bags to lighten the load. It will have an accessory lowering option that’ll lower it down to the ground so short loads like Mickey can swing their stubby legs over it. There you go boys, I rolled it up now you can smoke it.

      • ROXX says:

        Hot Dog nailed it!

        I can totally see them bringing some type of a hybrid system in with a reduced size “carbon puffer”.

        I’ve always wondered why they didn’t make that VFRX1200 into the next ST1300???

    • John says:

      They would never make a Gold Wing that isn’t an opposed engine. I think it would be great to build a smaller Wing with an opposed 4 and I’d actually go for an even smaller twin if it were sportier like a BMW. An ST800 with a Roadster version would be even better.

  31. Norm G. says:

    Q: Will we see a redesign of the big touring models from Honda this year? Will they incorporate Honda’s DCT automatic transmission?

    A: BRING IT…!!!

    • Dave Sandford New Zealand says:

      I reacon the new Goldwing will be a hybrid.
      Probably a 6 cylinder but two of them some how electrically run- maybe a retrievable system where the cylinders charge when de eccelerating!
      The retro 1,000 cc concept sounds great. Mini Rune, very cool. The pipes have got to make some sound. Deeper richer sound rather than the sound of a thousand sparrows!
      Love the Goldwing, I reacon it’s an inspired design.
      I would go as far as to say they are Heaven Breathed.
      They have an awesome holesomness to them that makes you get on a high riding them. God bless the goldwing

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