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Introducing the new Brutale 800 RR America

MV Agusta special editions are world renowned and have become highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors, none so more than those that bare the historic name of past models. The ‘America’ is such a name and for 2018, the new Brutale 800 RR Americasucceeds in the tradition of an MV special edition that honours the past with leading-edge design.

The first bike to take the ‘America’ name was the “S America 750” back in 1975, with advanced technical features of the period that included the 75 hp 4-cylinder in-line air-cooled engine with dual overhead camshaft. It quickly broke all MV Agusta sales records globally and became an extremely sought after collectable.

More than 25 years would go by before the America tag reappeared on an MV Agusta tank: this was the first Brutale, again with a 4-cylinder engine, the special version of which displayed the red, white and blue of the US flag. In 2012 the evocative power of Americawas back again in the form of a new special, a version again developed on the popular 4-cylinder Brutale.

The latest Brutale 800 RR America, has instead been equipped with a 3-cylinder in-line engine renowned for its performance, compactness and cutting-edge technology. The special version has been developed on the basis of the Brutale 800 RR platform, a model that has just undergone far-reaching renewal. Starting with a complete redesign of the gearbox – now with even smoother, more precise meshing – the bike is brimming with technical upgrades. A new balance shaft and redesigned primary transmission, optimised shaping of the intake and exhaust cams plus new valves are just some of the many improvements on this bike. Electronic engine control has also been upgraded with new algorithms and engine mappings. Traction Control has been refined even further by honing strategies and calibration. Chassis development has also proceeded apace: the engine is now attached to the frame, boosting the overall rigidity of the bike. Another new feature is the rear cush drive system, designed to maximise riding comfort.​

This numbered Special Edition has plenty of distinctive features, starting with a metallic blue colour scheme that catches the light with shimmering iridescence. The tank sports a star-studded motif, just like the one on the 1973 750 S. Gloss black paintwork enhances many features, such as the front mudguard with MV Agusta logo and the radiator side panel which sports the wording “America Special Edition”.

Meticulous finishing is also evident on the seat, which features gilt stitching, specific materials for the rider and passenger zones and comfort-enhancing padding.

To highlight the exclusiveness of the Brutale 800 RR America, each bike features the “America Special Edition” legend and a progressive production number, located on the instrument cluster fairing. This same production number is also on the certificate of authenticity delivered to each new owner.

The special edition Brutale 800 RR America will be available from June 2018, with a three-year warranty and two-year customer care program for MSRP $18,698 USD. Pre-orders can be arranged through your local MV Agusta dealership or by contacting MV Agusta directly through the website.

One Comment

  1. Shaunock says:

    What MV isn’t a special edition these days? They have been riding the “special edition” train for 20 years.

    One day, 50-80 years from now, collectors will be chasing rare and highly sought after “Standard edition” MV’s as they will have been built in significantly smaller numbers than any special edition bike.

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