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Indian FTR 1200 Breaks Cover on the Web: 120 Horsepower Standard is no Cruiser

At least one web site has begun displaying Indian FTR 1200 photos, and specifications.  We thought the official unveil was scheduled for tomorrow, but it is now out in the wild!

This is no cruiser, okay? After taking the flat track championship this year (not just “taking”, but “dominating”), Indian is giving us a true, high-performance motorcycle. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the punched-out, 1179cc twin in the Victory Octane we tested last year, that unit’s 104 horsepower pales compared to the reported output from the FTR 1200.

The new v-twin reportedly displaces 1202cc and, in a machine weighing less than 500 pounds, makes a claimed 120 horsepower and 85 foot/pounds of torque. The pictures reveal some nice kit, including Brembo brakes and, on the higher trim level, a modern TFT instrument panel.

The pictures reveal a very un-cruiser rider triangle with ergonomics more typical of a performance standard machine. The FTR 1200 will be available in both a standard and a 1200S model priced at $12,999 and $14,999, respectively, with availability at dealers next spring.  In addition to the nicer instrument panel, the upgraded model reportedly gets much more tech, including ABS, ride modes and “lean angle-sensitive traction and stability control.”

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Harry says:

    I grew up racing motocross and hair scrambles. I’m not an old hippie looking to cruise around at 50mph…yet. I still like to RIDE hard and this bike looks fun. The old Indian company died and these people are trying their best to bring it back so I’m willing to give it a shot. I like the FTR as a fun bike, the Scout Bobber as a solo cruiser and the Chieftain Dark Horse as a bagger. I’ve had Vrods, superglides and still have a streetglide. They all lose $5000 the second they roll off the showroom floor and I’m not real happy with Harleys attitude. Harley only survives off die hard bikers and middle aged wannabees, they sure don’t out perform and ride better than everything else out there. Harley needs competition to make them better and maybe the new Indian co will be the one to give them competition. If that improves the bikes we all win.

  2. Blackcayman says:

    After staring at and literally obsessing over the concept bike, lo these many months….this production bike falls flat.Too many concessions had to be made to satisfy the evil members of the production committee, IMHO.
    I would’ve immediately bought the concept bike, had it made it to market and spent the rest of my life admiring the design in between romping around the canyons and taking it out on pointless jaunts of my creation.
    Maybe I’ll warm to it…

    • Harry says:

      The Akrapovic pipes improved my later model Vrod, seemed like a completely different bike. I know there are a few factory options for slipons but I hope Akrapovic comes up with a complete new pipe. I’m not dropping 50k on a FTR750 so I’ll make this one work.

  3. Bubba Blue says:

    Look for Indian Motorcycles to last another, maybe two years.

    • Rhinestone Kawboy says:

      Maybe you should be prepared to be disappointed, I’m seeing more than a few Indians pop up around my area, where in the last few years, I hardly ever seen any. You a Harley lover Bubba?

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I see lots of Indians around here – mostly the big Chiefs but also a few Scouts here and there. I think they are probably here to stay.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve seen two in the last three years and had to travel 150 miles to see those. I don’t think they were from my area. Both were the large Indians. Have only seen one Scout in my area. Belongs to a friend, he put a sidecar on it. Test rode a Scout. Nice motor and trans, terrible suspension and seating position. Test rode one of the big Indians. Cumbersome in a parking lot and it’ll roast your ‘nads after a short ride. That big motor is impressive looking. To me Indians are just “meh”, this one included.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          I admit that it could be that I am seeing many because they are all coming from somewhere else. I live in a pretty popular motorcycling destination.

    • Auphliam says:

      Do we get to point fingers and mock you derisively when you’re wrong?

      • mickey says:

        Our local southern Ohio Indian dealer went out of business. I think there is one in northern Kentucky somewhere.

        I have never seen a Scout on the road, I have seen a couple of the Chiefs.

        I don’t know if they will go out of business as a company, but I don’t think they are doing as well as Harley Davidson, who is also floundering.

  4. Tommy D says:

    Videos of this bike are now popping up with detailed 360 views.

    I do believe they will sell everyone they make. The idea to keep the profile and riders view of the bike as close to the concept while delivering fuel range, passenger, EPA/DOT reg’s is quite an accomplishment. I have an RnineT Urban G/S and it is a fun street bike that may get traded in for one of these…

  5. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    Alright, I’ll go on the record right now that I LIKE the exhaust system. It is in your face styling, so what’s wrong with that? Some have complained about the smallish gas capacity, and the shorty rear fender. Well folks, this is patterned after a mile bike, what do you expect? It seems like no matter what bike is introduced, or how good it may be, somebody is always going to complain about something. This isn’t meant for touring or even riding any kind of long distance, sport bikes can claim this same type of focused intent. I think Indian did a great job with this bike bar nothing. A little less expensive, sure, I would like to see that, but I’m sure it won’t be made or purchased in large volumes, I don’t think that was the intent either. I’m sure this bike will be more impressive in the flesh than just pictures. Go Indian!

  6. Stuki Moi says:

    Are those 17/19 wheels? With 110/150? Or perhaps 120/170? They look more traditional and dirt’ish than other nakeds’

  7. PBrasseur says:

    Beautiful bike with good performance and high quality finish , even has cruise control! This is one cool and exciting motorcycle , by far the most interesting novelty so far this year. Congratulations Indian!

    • WSHart says:

      Cruise control on a bike with a tank so small you’re not likely to go anywhere worth using it on. Indian must’ve borrowed that stupidly useless feature from Triumph’s Speedmaster cuz it too has cruise control and a dinky fuel tank.

  8. Pete says:

    Could be good. Hopefully H-D will take note and make a real flat-track looking bike to compete with this

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I think HD’s new standard is probably the bike to compete with this Indian, though a serious effort on their part could perhaps come up with a platform for their 750 and 500 engines to make a lither, cheaper option along these lines.

  9. Neal says:

    I don’t think this compares favorably to the Monsters.

    • Auphliam says:

      Personally, I think it’s difficult to compare it to anything currently out there. Yes, a Monster S is lighter and has more overall performance, but it also costs $3K more (S vs S)…and I doubt many Ducati owners are willing to start taking their 18 thousand dollar bike down some fire roads. It really depends on where an individual sees value.

      Interesting strategy by Polaris, really. Build a bike that really can’t be directly compared 1-1 against anything currently on the market, but clearly dominates anything currently made in America, at least until HD’s Pan America comes out. We’ll see how it works out for them.

    • Larry says:

      Re: Monsters, from a performance standpoint I full agree, yet I find myself very much more interested in this Indian than a Monster or KTM 1290 Super Duke (still called that?) or any other sporty big twin, and I’m not sure why. I’m not a big ‘Merica! type and do think once bikes get over about 450lbs you’re getting a bit porky, but I’m drawn to this. Current rides include a 1948 Indian but that’s just to shut the Harley guys up (may be pertinent here) and a Ducati Sport Classic with semi-flattrack bars and cocktail shaker pipes. Sorta-kinda like this FTR. Any analysis welcome.

    • Peter Harris says:

      Because no one else makes v-twin sport bikes like maybe Aprilia, KTM, and Suzuki? Too easy….

  10. bob says:

    I keep looking at the engine and wonder if it’s even possible to adjust the valves on this bike without taking the entire bike apart. Hopefully it has hydraulic adjusters.

    • Joe Bogusheimer says:

      Looks like it would be the same as most bikes with V-twins and a perimeter/twin-spar frame – you take the tank (and maybe some other stuff – airbox? – off) and come in from the top. At least the narrower (60 degree?) vee angle doesn’t leave the rear cylinder nearly horizontal as it does on 90 degree v-twins.

    • Auphliam says:

      The Scout engine uses graded tappets due to the rpm limits of hydraulic lifters. Clearance checks are recommended between 20K-30K miles. On a normal Scout, removal of the tank and airbox are required. Not sure if that would be different with this trellis frame.

    • Larry says:

      The Rotax-Buell was a major PITA for valve adjustments, as in easiest way is to remove entire chassis/front end from engine/swingarm and be able to cram everything back together again. Cram being the operative word.

  11. Ryan H Craig says:

    Looks good, generally. However, if the prototype based on the FTR was what they were shooting for styling-wise, they’ve missed the mark with the seat and tail section, IMO. Too, high, too abbreviated. Not a look I’m generally fond of, but that’s a matter of personal taste. I can see what they tried to do, but they didn’t quite nail it.

  12. DR007 says:

    I’m in, but the first change is to get rid of the awful exhaust system design. They almost had it perfect. But an easy fix. Let’s do this!

  13. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    A great start for an American ‘Monster’. Still needs a FLAT seat to widen the seating triangle for folks with a 34 inch leg and a little arthritis. Pipes are stupid ‘hey look at me’ styling.

  14. R1100GS says:

    Polaris continues to impress. The detail on this bike is amazing. I can’t wait to see one in person.

  15. motocephalic says:

    Really wish they would have stayed with the 750, more than enough motor for me, and keep the weight down to 400 pounds. I don’t understand the large displacement motor for this type of bike. I will have to wait till they make the baby version. I am psyched they are even getting this close.

    • Peter Harris says:

      The 750 is not a production motor – purely a custom race motor. But sure – up the road a smaller lighter version. But this is a brave move.

      • Bob K says:

        Yep. 750 was designed purely for the race series and to get the Indian name in the public eye.
        Also, motocephalic doesn’t seem to know that even the Japanese don’t make a 400# bike this style and size. Why would he expect Indian to do so? Hell, even all the race reps on the planet, ZX-10R, CBR1000R, RSV4 and 1098 don’t weigh under 400#. Put fuel in any of them and they approach 440-475# wet. The new Panigale V4 will be the exception.

        • motocephalic says:

          Well Bob, what I meant was closer to 400# instead of 500#, in my excitement I lost control. I really prefer lighter bikes now, dropping the weight with a smaller power plant makes more sense. Besides, might get a whole lot more people to try these out.

  16. fred says:

    I’m favorably impressed. Even though I’m not their target market (no tats, full gear including full-face helmet & boots), it looks pretty good.

    For people coming off H-D’s, Indians, Victories, etc, this will be an amazingly light, fast, powerful bike with loads of cornering clearance. 43 degrees of lean is plenty for the street, and way more than most cruisers. This really should appeal to the target market.

    My daily driver is a 2003 SV1000, and the FTR 1200 comes pretty close in lots of ways. The two biggest downsides for me are the tiny tank and the off-balance exhaust. Understood that it is the flat-track look, but my preferences run towards symmetry. With no wind protection, 120-150 mile range is probably acceptable for many riders.

    I applaud Indian, and hope they sell a bunch.

  17. Grover says:

    It’s nice that so many here are so easily satisfied with this latest offering from Indian. Me, not so much. I have a problem with aesthetics and price. First, the headlight, tail light, license bracket and square speedo do not match the intent of this motorcycle as they’re much too modern for a pseudo-flat tracker. Also, the seat looks rather cartoonish, not a clean design like the flat tracker it’s supposedly designed after. And the exhaust…well, I don’t even know where to begin. Overall it’s a rather “frumpy” looking machine that is not inspiring in the least. I hope the aftermarket will come up with answers to all of the above complaints.
    Next gripe is the price – $13,000-$15,000 for this??? I thought an acceptable price point would have been under $10,000, no more. I would have to say that this bike is a big FAIL and not at all what a lot of riders were expecting. Let’s hope the aftermarket is already working to solve a lot of the aesthetic issues as the basic frame and drivetrain deserve better.

    • Mick says:

      Yeah. Promise a street tracker and deliver a heavy naked with a power cruiser engine. Don’t forget the stubby tail section. Maybe they should have gone way out there and just left a hole that you can wedge a chunk of 2X4 in for a seat. Embrace the future!

      About the only street tracker elements are the gas tank and the front, but not rear, wheel. The can is bolted to the shock. It must move with the swingarm. That will be popular. Never.

    • VLJ says:

      A sub-$10k price for an American-built, clean-sheet, 1200cc sporting Twin with decent componentry?

      You’re not being realistic. This is 2018, not 2003.

      • Bob K says:

        I was thinking 1993, but at least you get it. Even doubling the volume won’t get it under $12k in this day and age.

        • Grover says:

          Considering an FZ-09 is $8,999 and is probably faster and certainly lighter, I still think the FTR is way overpriced. It seems that they are playing the Harley game by asking more than the bike is worth because it’s an “INDIAN”. I’m not falling for that line.

  18. Magnus says:

    Nice job Indian/Polaris. See HD, it can be done! It reminds me of the Moto Guzzi Griso which was way ahead of its time. Fast, powerful, raw, classic, and able to go around corners all while looking damn sexy.

  19. VLJ says:

    Have to hand it to Indian. Most of us here thought they would never produce such a thing—we asked for it, we hoped for it, but we were fairly well convinced that history would repeat itself and we’d be disappointed once again by yet another watered-down, underpowered, feet-forward cruiser—yet here it is, an American-built, sporting standard motorcycle. Is it perfect? No. Are there details we would change? Of course.

    BFD. No motorcycle gets it 100% right, much less 100% right for everyone. Such a thing is literally impossible. In spite of the overly small gas tank, silly exhaust pipes, lack of touring accommodations, etc., no one can deny that this is a significantly ballsy effort by a major American manufacturer, and soooooooo long overdue. I didn’t believe Indian would do it, and they did it, and they managed to do it while keeping it at a do-able price.

    Credit where credit is due. Great job, Indian.

    • Bob K says:

      What makes you think they didn’t get it right? Are you positive that it isn’t you that wants it to be something it isn’t “supposed to be?” Kind of like looking at an apple and stating that it should have been a kiwi, therefore the tree didn’t get it right. Sure the exhaust sucks. It isn’t even flat track style. But to state that they got it wrong because there aren’t any touring accommodations is ridiculous. They already make a bunch of those bikes, why make another? And since it wasn’t designed for touring, the tank size is just about right for messin’ around, scaring small children and cows.

  20. ben says:

    This is the first American made bike that I will likely own at some point. I liked some buell models and the XR1200, but the shaking oil dripping HD motor keeps me away from them.HD can make feet forward cruisers until the tenth generation of cows come home , I won’t buy them. Or any feet forward cruiser cap. Nice looking Indian!

  21. sbashir says:

    How do they keep rain water from collecting in those exhaust pipes?

  22. oldjohn1951 says:

    Absolutely vicious-looking bike with a lot of power; damn, I wish I was a lot younger.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s not what I expected. I’m sure the motor/trans are engineering marvels. I like the front brakes. It’s pretty damned ugly. Not for me. Over and out.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Sachs suspension? Nice! Very interesting bike overall. The silly-small gas tank will definitely dissuade some people from buying it though.

  25. JC says:

    1st. An awesome job translating the prototype to production.

    Like many others, I don’t like the exhaust. So what. The aftermarket will address that.

    The one complaint I have is the 60” wheelbase. I’d much prefer a 55” bike for this style.

    • Bob K says:

      1. Aftermarket may not address it to our satisfaction. Can’t even get a new Y style mid-pipe anymore for eliminating the cats. Look around at the different manufacturers and try to find a new mid-pipe. And on this FTR1200, lack of a new mid-pipe will leave a new can to still point up in the air Rally style (done for water crossing) as the muffler extension is welded to the cat housing. The aftermarket just isn’t addressing our desires to eliminate the cat. They’ve all had thumbscrews applied the last few years.

      2. 60″ is typical for dirt bikes, any shorter than 58″ and it’s too twitchy and unstable for getting sideways on the loose stuff. Not that 99.9% of FTR1200 owners will do that. By comparison, H-D Sportsters are 60″. 3″ shorter than the Dynas and 6″ shorter than the touring lines. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable yet still nimble 60″ will be. My BMW R1100S was 58″ and track worthy. The R1200S was 59.5″ and track worthy.

      • JC says:

        I found numerous mid pipes for my FZ-10, and there are a few for my F800GSA. I think one will be available for this bike, or at least full system exhausts. It will be interesting to watch.

        A HD XR750 has a wheelbase of less than 55″. I don’t know specs for the modern flat track bikes, but the XR750 was the undisputed king of flat track for many years. 60″+ wheelbase is too long unless you’re riding a hill climber.

  26. Motoman says:

    A couple more interesting things I noticed. Rear suspension is attached to the swingarm without any linkage that I can see and red-line is 8,000 rpm.

    • Bob K says:

      Linkage isn’t always needed, depending on the angle of actuation and mounting locations in relation to the swingarm pivot. A steep angle, like this has, will act progressively based on where the shock mounts are located. Not all dirt bikes have linkage based on use. KTMs use both. SX and MX bikes all use linkage and none on most of their EXC and XC enduros. Different needs.

  27. jim says:

    Could you put a Buell style cat and exhaust tucked underneath? Because of packaging, it doesn’t look like a side pipe could ever look right.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I doubt I’ll ever plant my 70 year old butt on one for any distance, but I’m impressed. Thumbs up to Indian. Your move, Harley Davidson.

  29. Pat's Bat says:

    Looks great, everyone is going to change out the exhaust anyway. Checks the boxes performance wise, and best of all, it’s actually affordable. Who cares about the fuel range? No one is going to buy this thing for Iron Butt rallies.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I buy all my motorcycles to ride, not to hunt down gas stations or plan rides around fuel stops, so I do care how far it can go on a tank of fuel. Many others do as well.

  30. John says:

    An 800 cc version would be a nice replacement for my long lost Ascot. I don’t think I need that much power.

    • todd says:

      I’m with you on that. I wouldn’t mind having a smaller, easier to ride smoothly version. I’m plenty of fast on a 75hp shaft drive bike. I think and 750/800 would be perfect.

    • motocephalic says:

      you are exactly right. Why start out with such a huge power plant that is not needed? Love to see that in a 500 cc for me.

      • Peter Harris says:

        Because you have it? Engines don’t just appear like magic. They don’t have a smaller engine, and this is a modern watercooled mill.

  31. Dustin says:

    Why not just buy a Ducati if that’s what you want?

    • Provologna says:

      +1….Well, except this is made in the USA, plus lower maintenance cost (I presume).

      I think I’d prefer a liquid cooled Ducati Hypermotard.

      • Nickst4 says:

        Funny you should say that, cos that’s what it reminds me of. That or the delicious HyperStrada. Less the beak of course, but I prefer to think of that as streamlining rather than silly affectation.

    • ApriliaRST says:

      > Why not just buy a Ducati if that’s what you want?

      Why the assumption about wanting a Ducati?

      • Motoman says:

        Was wondering the same thing myself.

      • Superlight says:

        Ducati references are being made because this bike has plenty of Ducati design elements – trellis frame, V-twin engine, naked bike ergos, etc. The Ducati Monsters already offer everything this does and more, albeit at a slightly higher price if we’re talking the Monster 1200. But wait, the Monster 821 has the same power output as this!

  32. Uffe says:

    Love it! Well except for the dual flower vase they mounted on the side of it. I am a Ducati guy but would actually consider buying one of these.

  33. Jabe says:

    I am pleasantly surprised. Good job Indian!!

  34. Jim M says:

    This motorcycle clearly shows that the Indian brand is moving American-made motorcycles forward in a big way and in the right direction. No, it’s not perfect for my tastes, but the design is fresh and contemporary. Weight consideration, engine power and suspesion are adequately addressed. So too is ground clearance a very welcome shift in more street oriented motorcycles with modest off-road capability. This bike has the potential to carve out a real niche for itself. I would like to see a little less emphasis on the faddish trends of the day like the stubby tail section that limits utility and missing rear fender, but overall this is an excellent effort.

    • Provologna says:

      You nailed it.

    • TimC says:

      The only thing that jumps out at me in the negative is the exhaust is TOO much a clone. Other than that it’s amazing, and well beyond any expectations on my part, to be quite frank about it.

  35. TF says:

    Look at those footpegs!

    The cat/exhaust looks like an afterthought but I am sure there is already a solution in the works for that.

    Very cool. I hope they sell a bunch of them.

  36. WSHart says:

    3.4 gallons?! FTN.

    Odd that others here THINK (and have written) the same thing, i.e., the freakin’ tank is too small for the bike because I’ve been saying that about a great many motorcycles but NOOooOOOooOOooo…The bench racers feeeeel otherwise. Of course they only ride in small circles turning to the left. Fitting.

    Too bad Indian screwed the pooch when it came time to give it fuel capacity. It’s an otherwise nice looking very FUNCTIONAL motorcycle. So then, those of you who feeeeel instead of think, it’s time for you to buy the bike you claim to have wanted an American company to build.

    Here it is. But you won’t buy it. Mostly because you never intended to. Me? Not only do I know what I like but also what I need. I can afford a new bike but it won’t be this one.

    And all because of that thimble of a tank. I’m guessing that in the hands of these bench racing fiends, the bike will deliver 30 something mpg…Pffft.

    • Dirck Edge says:

      It holds 3.4 gallons. I believe the fuel is held under the “tank”, which is an airbox.

      • WSHart says:

        Yes. I said 3.4 gallons. That’s ridiculous and to say otherwise (and no, you did not) is also ridiculous.

        A range of what….90 or so miles out of that tanklette? Again, ridiculous. I haven’t checked but I’m wondering if cruise control is an option. With a 3.4 gallon tank it would be a useless option but given the need to make moolah, I bet it will be. Next year expect the 3.9 gallon MONSTER TOURING TANK.

        Do designers even think about reality or do they just put stylus to screen and go with the flow of their bleating hearts? I can read the typists now…”Waaaaaaaaaaaah! WSHart’s such a (totally fab ALERT!) Blue Meanie!!!! My feewings are butthurted again!”

        At least they gave it triple disc brakes so you can STOP NOW for fuel.

        Regardless of what the pusillanimous bench racers feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel, fuel economy and range are important on a motorcycle. Well, at least they are on a bike you actually purchase. If all one does is type about riding, then no, that type of faux rider does not need useful range on a motorcycle.

        In closing I certainly hope that “Ego Mode” is one of the all important to the typing set, power modes. Thanks for the look at the next bike I will not be buying, Dirck. Nice photographs regardless of who took ’em!

        • Dirck Edge says:

          You’re welcome. I see you mentioned 3.4 gallons. My bad.

          • WSHart says:

            Not a problemo!

            You were doubtless distracted by the clever, albeit subtle, use of the term “bleating heart” and the equally highlarious “Blue Meanie” reference.

            Most here would miss these but only because they can’t read, let alone hear, over the sound of their being sheared… 😉

        • Arturo says:

          I toured all over the desert Southwest on a Shadow 1100 (3.6 gallon tank) back in the mid to late 90’s. Was it ideal? No. Did I make it work? You bet!

        • Tom R says:

          Does one still feel “clever” if he has to point out how clever he is? 😉

        • Motowarrior says:

          I kinda doubt that a bike based on a dirt tracker is intended for touring. Yes the tank is small, but probably good for up to 120 miles, enough for a good deal of fun riding. Not so sure why this Indian agitated you so much. Not all bikes are for all people.

    • Lawrence Kahn says:

      Saw elsewhere cruise in standard on both models. And presuming 40 mpg anyway that’s 120 miles plus so not terrible but more always better.

  37. Peter D says:

    I really was excited about this new American bike, but that exhaust is SERIOUSLY FUGLY. Makes the bike look like it was designed by a committee.

    • Tom R says:

      Ugly exhaust on a bike like this is probably part of their business model. What do you suppose is the percentage of Harley buyers who get sold on upgrading their pipes before even taking delivery? 80%? 90%?

      Ditto for rear fender “eliminators” on supersport bikes.

  38. I don’t like the proportions around the rear tail and wheel. Too much space around the wheel compared to the actual race bike which looks much better proportionally. I’ll have to put off final judgement until I see one in the flesh. The mufflers? What else could I say?

  39. Texinohio says:

    This is perfect! Just need for S&S to make some pipes and we’re in business. I’m on the waiting list with my local dealer so I guess I’ll be calling tomorrow about an S model and deliver a down payment.

    I’ve done a lot of work to my 2016 Scout, so this will be a great addition to the stable.

    Can’t wait🤘🤘

  40. Tommy D says:

    I bet it will wheelie for days!!! Although I did say it wouldn’t live up to the concept. It’s not that bad. I hope they sell a ton of them. I really think Indian may out live H-D this time.

    • paquo says:

      yea i think harley is screwed, i seriously doubt they can come up with something like this

  41. Josh says:

    First thing I thought when I saw the picture was an immediate EWWW to the exhaust- although I suppose that will be easy to remedy soon enough.

    Other than that- the plastic spaceship looking tailight/under tail is not my style. I know they were looking for sleek ‘clean’ but to me it jut looks cheezy and cheap.

    Same for that crappy headlight. Uggh. Pepboys.

    A motorcycle is supposed to be a machine- it is OK if it has some rough edges and lines. You know- parts bolted together.

    Little too much over-stylized diavel on the head and tail.

  42. Jeremy in TX says:

    Would you guys say that tail section looks like it houses the fuel tank? It’s housing something anyway. Not sure that airbox would leave much room for gas.

  43. edpix says:

    OK, Ill be the first one to say I’m disappointed…
    The exhaust is SERIOUSLY ugly and looks like an after thought.
    I do love that the engine is finally making the specific output (100hp/liter) of the big 4 in the 80’s though.
    That said I’m sure a lot of exhaust manufacturers will be all over this.

  44. Jeremy in TX says:

    I’m both a little surprised and very impressed. Like Mickey said, a lot of people have been screaming for just such a bike for a long time. Like Buell Part 3, only without the weirdness. I hope to see a lot of these on the road.

  45. mickey says:

    Very nice, something that many have been screaming for, for a long time. Hopefully enough of the screamers will be buyers to make it Indian’s worthwhile.

  46. Falcodoug says:

    Wow, it happened just like they said. Very nice.

  47. pistoldave says:

    I guess Charlie Brown is finally going to get to kick that football, so to speak.

  48. motowarrior says:

    Wow! Much more than I expected. Pricing seems sane as well. Reminds me of the first time I saw the original V-Max, but this appears to be better in so many ways. Wow! I think I already said that.

  49. JimS says:

    I’m in on this one. A real American sport naked sport bike. Price is reasonable for this day and time. I have to have the factory racing colors. I love the bike’s aggressive look.

  50. jonathan says:

    i really like it! some observations… love the integral passenger grab rails, the unobtrusive passenger pegs, cable clutch (no master cylinder to maintain/fail). either theres some storage space under the seat or thats the fuel tank. cant wait to ride the thing, its what ive been asking for. theres not much i dont like, id even leave the exhaust stock, tired of loud, dont want/need the attention!

  51. Jim says:

    HD had better counter this quickly.

  52. blitz11 says:

    Yowza!! Nice. About a month ago, I send my KTM dealer $500 for a Duke 790. (I REALLY like lighter-weight motorcycles), and if the 790 weren’t announced, I’d jump on this.

    Gotta’ hand it to Polaris/Indian here. I’d be all over this had I not just lain down the long green on the Duke.

    As my kids say, Noice!!

  53. CrazyJoe says:

    It’s on Indians site. Beautiful bike. Couldn’t they gone with a bigger gas tank? That out of the way. Ducati Scrambler looks better but it doesn’t have a 120hp engine. If that’s a deal breaker for Ducati. Two different but similar bikes. Can Harley do better? Some people already made up their minds about that. The 1100/1200 scrambler market just got more crowded.i know they’re not calling it one but Why not call it a what it is? Or maybe just call it the new standard.

  54. Motoman says:

    Hmmmm…. not sure how I feel about the wheel sizes they chose (19 inch front/18 inch rear) in 3 and 4.5 inch widths. Sure makes it look more like the flat tracker though.

    Very nice job overall.

  55. Randybobandy says:

    Finally a twin with some HP, no forward controls, normal ergos and some decent tires/brakes. Could this be the end of overweight/underpowered tricycles for gay pirates? HD can go kick rocks down the road.

  56. Mike Radford says:

    It has a real Italian flare .
    It could say Ducati on that tank just as easy .

    • TF says:

      Yeah, looks like the off spring from a Hypermotard/Diavel marriage……not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  57. Tom R says:

    This certainly looks like a serious effort at a sport-oriented model, hopefully with more iterations to come.

    There is one quirk I can’t help but notice about the brand’s trademark name: the stylized “I” looks like it could be one of several other letters. With these it could be “Lndian”, “Sndian”, or “Jndian”. Is it just me?

  58. Lawrence Kahn says:

    Only question is how far on a tank.

  59. Mkviz says:

    R.I.P. HD

    This is what Americans have been waiting for a very long time. And the price is nice too

  60. dt-175 says:

    shall we begin?… I guess i’d rather have a silencer on either side of the wheel coming out of the collector/cat like a Britten. if it’s not a harley, why follow harley orthodoxy?

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