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Aprilia Debuts 1078cc RSV4 Factory

2019 Aprilia RSV4 Factory

Chassis: Even More Effective Going Through Corners and in Braking

Aprilia is known as one of the best chassis manufacturers in the world and the RSV4 represents the synthesis of the technical prowess Aprilia has acquired in top level world championships. A particularity which is still exclusive to the RSV4 RR and Factory (and which has always been a characteristics of the previous generations) is the exceptional range of possible adjustments that the standard equipment chassis is able to provide. In fact, the Aprilia is the only superbike that allows the rider to adjust the engine position in the frame, the headstock angle, the swingarm pivot and the rear end height, naturally in addition to the fully adjustable suspension. Just like a real racing bike.

The ever-popular and winning structure of the Aprilia RSV4 frame has remained unchanged and it takes advantage of the forged and molded aluminum elements capable of guaranteeing exceptional performance, thanks in part to the perfectly balanced rigidity and torsional flexibility values. Precisely because of the wide range of possible adjustments provided by the frame, the frame and suspension setup and the weight distribution on the RSV4 1100 Factory have been revisited. Thanks to new steering bushings (+ 3 mm both upper and lower), the inclination of the headstock decreases, and the offset of the new steering yoke also changes, now reduced by 2 mm. This results in a 4 mm shorter wheelbase. The overall result is that it brings the front end closer to the rider, increasing the load on the front wheel (and therefore stability), but without decreasing agility. One of the points of excellence of the RSV4 (and unequalled to date by any other bike) has always been its performance in the delicate and important braking-turning-cornering speed phase which Aprilia has managed to further amplify on the RSV4 1100 Factory, not only thanks to the changes to the front end, but also thanks to the new setup of the Öhlins NIX fork, with 5 mm more travel (125 mm total), a choice that lets the rider corner even better.
The suspension system is completed by two other prestigious Öhlins elements: the adjustable series TTX shock absorber and the steering damper, also adjustable. In order to guarantee and further increase stability coming out of turns, RSV4 1100 Factory has also undergone some changes to the swingarm which is now stiffer with a significant increase of yaw and torsion, guaranteeing more precision coming out of corners.

The braking system, already top shelf in the previous version, has also benefited from important upgrades: the Brembo Stylema front calipers, lighter and more efficient, take the place of the M50 calipers and are now fitted with pads with higher friction coefficient performance. The new brake calipers can be combined with the pair of carbon air ducts (similar to those used by Aprilia Racing on the RS-GP), which let you keep the operating temperature under control, ensuring the same exceptional braking performance even in the most extreme use. The curb weight of the RSV4 1100 Factory with a full tank is 199 kg, thanks to the introduction of the new titanium exhaust terminal and the new ultra-light Bosch lithium battery.

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  1. Brad Smith says:

    This bike has more horsepower than my first 4 bikes combined: 1969 CB350, 1979 CX500, 1982 GS750EZ and 1991 DR350S. Yikes.

    • GreenMan says:

      I’d prefer these 4 bikes instead of this crotch rocket, any day.

      That kind of power only make sense on a race track and race track ONLY.

  2. Tom R says:

    Displacement creep/cheater bikes…

    • Dave says:

      Cheating who?

      • Selecter says:

        This was my reaction. The RR remains as a homologation model. For street bikes, more displacement will almost always be seen as a positive attribute.

        I was kinda waiting for when Aprilia was finally going to throw the more bottom-end-rich 1078 into an RSV4. Seems like they just needed a bit of goading from Ducati!

  3. ben says:

    I want that engine in a 1290 super duke R sized upright naked… the tuono is too cramped

  4. Kinicki says:

    It also holds the record for the most pages of “Hype”…..4 pages???

  5. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    There are a total of 17 Aprilia motorcycle dealers on the west coast of America, which sounds fair to middling. 14 are clustered evenly in two and a half cities of Califiornia, 2 in Washington, and 1 in Oregon. I am not interested in boutique motorcycles, even if they are very good, with Italian product support excellence.

  6. mickey says:

    And just like that the new BMW is yesterday’s news

    • TimC says:

      And I guess everyone got tired of pointing out its excess and doesn’t feel the need to here – we got crickets. Which is nice.


  7. Pacer says:

    Take that Ducati.

  8. bmbktmracer says:

    Really gorgeous motorcycle for the well-leathered set. They need to add a 4th rider mode: squid… just to keep the profilers from wadding the thing.

    • Blackcayman says:

      Exactly right!

      It should actually be labeled “Squid”. Even cutting the HP in half is still plenty to get into Big Trouble.

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