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Aprilia Debuts 1078cc RSV4 Factory

2019 Aprilia RSV4 Factory

With the Ducati Panigale V4S (which displaces 1103cc) squarely in its sites, for 2019 Aprilia has announced a new RSV4 Factory displacing 1078cc and gaining a claimed 16 horsepower and 5 foot/pounds of torque (claimed totals are 217 horsepower and 90 foot/pounds of torque). Aprilia also claims the new model has lost more than 10 pounds in weight.

Several other changes to the RSV4 Factory model include the addition of aero-enhancing winglets, the latest Brembo Stylema front brake calipers, and other mods described in the press release below.  Note that the race-legal RSV4 RR model (which still displaces 999cc) remains unchanged, except for graphics.

Here is the press release from Aprilia regarding the RSV4 1100 Factory and RSV4 RR:





Aprilia RSV4 has always set the bar in terms of sportiness and performance, the best example of just what can be accomplished drawing from the valuable experience of a winning Racing Department like Aprilia’s which, in its brief history, has earned 54 world titles, seven of which in the World SBK championship. Skills honed on the track and transferred to the factory product to provide everyone with the same excitement that the motorbikes prepared by Aprilia Racing do.

Unmistakable in its design lucidity and applied technology, the RSV4 is conceived around a 65° V4 engine never before seen on a factory sport bike, a frame which is the heir to a dynasty that has won 18 titles and 143 Grand Prix races in the 250 GP class, enhanced by the most modern applied electronics systems to manage the engine and the bike’s dynamic performance. This is a true vocation of Aprilia, which was the first manufacturer to adopt the Ride-By-Wire multimap accelerator as standard equipment, but above all the first to patent the APRC dynamic control system, with the exclusive features of self-calibration and wheelie control, in the spirit of maximum effectiveness at the service of top performance.

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory

The RSV4 project has always pursued a stated goal: to be the absolute best and fastest uncompromising superbike, the one that comes the closest to Aprilia racing bikes in terms of performance and effectiveness. A premium product at the top of its category dedicated to extremely demanding customers who want top shelf performance and refined technical equipment, provided thanks in part to the use of prestigious materials like aluminum, titanium and carbon.

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory – the latest step in this evolutionary line – boasts exceptional performance combined with a racing frame, suspension, and electronics package, each evolved even further.

In line with the exclusivity of this model, the Aprilia Style Centre has worked hard to make the RSV4 1100 Factory unique and recognizable even by its colors and attention to detail. The color combinations aim to enhance the exclusive nature of prestigious materials such as carbon (on the front mudguard, the side panels, the exhaust terminal guard and the aerodynamic winglets), in contrast with the titanium finish of the street-legal Akrapovic exhaust terminal, the same color as the forged aluminum wheels. For the graphics of the superstructure, an attractive total matt black look was chosen that enhances all the beauty of the sculpture-like twin-spar frame and swingarm made of aluminum. Given the incredible performance achieved by RSV4 1100 Factory, for the first time on a factory superbike, Aprilia introduces aerodynamic winglets on the fairing, thanks to the developments made by Aprilia Racing on the RS-GP prototype from which they are derived. The particular shape designed in the wind tunnel and the inclination at which they are mounted take advantage of the downforce of the channeled air to let the winglets increase stability at high speeds, contributing to decreasing the tendency for wheelies coming out of turns and at the same time increasing stability in hard braking.

Record Performance for the Aprilia 1100 V4

With the introduction of RSV4 1100 Factory, Aprilia makes all the top performance a sport rider could desire available, combined with that character and inimitable sound of the V4 from Noale. There is no other powerplant of its kind that can boast a ten-year-long history of wins. A platform capable of satisfying the needs of the most advanced sport rider and also representing an exceptional base to develop a racing bike. After reaching the benchmark of 201 HP in the street-legal factory configuration in 2017, the V4 from Aprilia reaches another evolutionary crossroad, increasing displacement to 1078 cc. This change was decided based on the experience and the outstanding feedback from critics and the public already obtained with this solution on the Tuono V4, the sport naked version of the RSV4 which went from 1000 to 1100 cc in 2015.

The RSV4 1100 Factory engine displacement is achieved thanks to new pistons with bore that went from 78 to 81 mm; the 52.3 mm stroke remains unchanged with respect to the 1000 V4 engine that still powers the RSV4 RR. The compression ratio of 13.6:1 also remains unchanged. To improve wet sump lubrication, there is a new oil pump with greater flow capacity; the piston temperature has now been lowered thanks to the use of a double oil jet. The timing system boasts optimized intake valve timing, while the primary drive now counts on a longer ratio for fifth and sixth gear. The electronic injection system now uses a throttle valve support with a more aerodynamic profile in order to improve fluid-dynamic permeability. The Magneti Marelli 7SM ECU has a new specific map with limiter management set at 13,600 rpm. This brings maximum power to 217 HP at 13,200 rpm, setting the bar in the category; maximum torque also benefits from these changes, obtaining a clear increase along the entire range of more than 10% compared to the 1000 cc engine and reaching a maximum value of 122 Nm at 11,000 rpm. This is an important value that makes the RSV4 1100 Factory not only more effective in acceleration even from low speeds on the track, but also more thrilling to ride on the road. Last, but not least, the exhaust system was optimized, not only in the layout of the manifolds, but also adding the street-legal titanium Akrapovic terminal as standard equipment, significantly lighter than the previous unit. The new Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory also benefits from finer calibration suited for the revamped performance of its APRC electronic controls package.

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  1. Brad Smith says:

    This bike has more horsepower than my first 4 bikes combined: 1969 CB350, 1979 CX500, 1982 GS750EZ and 1991 DR350S. Yikes.

    • GreenMan says:

      I’d prefer these 4 bikes instead of this crotch rocket, any day.

      That kind of power only make sense on a race track and race track ONLY.

  2. Tom R says:

    Displacement creep/cheater bikes…

    • Dave says:

      Cheating who?

      • Selecter says:

        This was my reaction. The RR remains as a homologation model. For street bikes, more displacement will almost always be seen as a positive attribute.

        I was kinda waiting for when Aprilia was finally going to throw the more bottom-end-rich 1078 into an RSV4. Seems like they just needed a bit of goading from Ducati!

  3. ben says:

    I want that engine in a 1290 super duke R sized upright naked… the tuono is too cramped

  4. Kinicki says:

    It also holds the record for the most pages of “Hype”…..4 pages???

  5. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    There are a total of 17 Aprilia motorcycle dealers on the west coast of America, which sounds fair to middling. 14 are clustered evenly in two and a half cities of Califiornia, 2 in Washington, and 1 in Oregon. I am not interested in boutique motorcycles, even if they are very good, with Italian product support excellence.

  6. mickey says:

    And just like that the new BMW is yesterday’s news

    • TimC says:

      And I guess everyone got tired of pointing out its excess and doesn’t feel the need to here – we got crickets. Which is nice.


  7. Pacer says:

    Take that Ducati.

  8. bmbktmracer says:

    Really gorgeous motorcycle for the well-leathered set. They need to add a 4th rider mode: squid… just to keep the profilers from wadding the thing.

    • Blackcayman says:

      Exactly right!

      It should actually be labeled “Squid”. Even cutting the HP in half is still plenty to get into Big Trouble.

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