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Toni Bou Displays Crazy Skills That Have Earned Him 24 World Championships (with video)

Bou in 2013, during the middle of his incredible championship run.

Toni Bou is a factory Honda rider that has dominated indoor and outdoor trials competition for more than a decade … earning 24 World championships (12 indoor and 12 outdoor). Aboard Honda’s Montesa-branded trials machine, Mr. Bou is a sight to behold as he performs seemingly impossible tasks … clearing obstacles and otherwise controlling his bike in ways most people couldn’t imagine.  This short FaceBook video is worth a look.

Best of Toni Bou

Toni Bou Can Do Some Unreal Things On A Trials Bike! 😳😳

Posted by Motocross Updates on Friday, October 5, 2018

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  1. Ellis says:

    I am convinced he is the best rider in the world.

  2. Gunner says:

    These guys get injured, for sure! Even Toni got his back injured (badly) during ’18, but came back and beat them all. He is not challenged at all right now and is going to add another couple of titles before retirement.

  3. Mick says:

    What’s really amazing is that he does all that on a four stroke. But that’s what you do if you want all that delicious Honda money.

    I used to ride with a guy in my class who sold four strokes. So he felt that he should ride one once in a while. He would normally kick my butt. But not if he brought the four stroke.

    I should get another trials bike. I haven’t had one since I left the Netherlands five years ago.

  4. T says:

    No big thing, I ride like that every night in my dreams!!!

  5. Neal says:

    Amazing. Magically sticky flat tires and a motor that never stalls.

  6. Wendy says:


  7. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Facebook ? Really ?

  8. wjf says:


  9. Bob K says:

    I’ve only seen a few competitions and am always amazed at the balance those guys have. But stuff like this, I enjoy even more. He’s behaving like the rest of us, just having fun. And that makes it more fun to watch, IMO.

  10. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    Yea, I watched Toni in other videos. The man is remarkedly good, just like I used to be a few years ago… well, maybe decades ago. Oh, alright, like never ago! Dammit, just trying to make this old man feel a little good. 🙂 Seriously, Toni has some great balance and coordination skills. I do wish there were more trials events in my area (PA), but I don’t think there are any, and just a few in Ohio the last I checked.

  11. Rapier says:

    Hasn’t everyone been watching his videos for years on YouTube? What shocks me most is that he has done it so long without serious injury. The ordinary competitions are dangerous but his stunts, so to speak, are off the charts. Falling 15 or 20 feet can do a lot of damage, 100’s and it’s lights out.

    • Dave says:

      I don’t think the trials guys generally get badly injured. Twisted ankle, bumps & bruises, but the speeds are really low and they’re agile as cats, so they usually land on their feet if they have to leave the bike.

  12. endoman38 says:

    You jinxed him!

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