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Honda Issues Statement on Jorge Lorenzo’s Successful Wrist Surgery

Jorge Lorenzo posted this photo to his Twitter page earlier today.

The training injury to Jorge Lorenzo’s left wrist reported by MD yesterday led to surgery earlier today. Here is a brief statement from Repsol Honda:

Jorge Lorenzo sustained a broken left scaphoid while training, the Majorcan then undergoing successful surgery to repair the break.

While continuing his preparations for the 2019 MotoGP World Championship, Jorge Lorenzo suffered a fall while riding just outside of Verona, Italy. After multiple checks, it was unfortunately confirmed that the five-time world champion had sustained a broken scaphoid.

Lorenzo elected to have surgery on the injury, a titanium screw inserted via a minimally invasive technique. He will remain in hospital for 24 hours for further observation. Four days rest will give the injury sufficient time to heal from the operation and physiotherapy can then begin.

Due to the nature of the injury, Jorge Lorenzo and the Repsol Honda Team have elected for Lorenzo to miss the Sepang Test to focus fully on his recovery. His aim is to return fully fit for the Qatar Test, February 23 to 25. He now heads to Madrid for the 25th Anniversary Repsol Honda Team launch on January 23 alongside Marc Márquez. The event will be streamed live here.

See more of MD’s great photography: Instagram


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love to see him back in top form. His ability to ride at 99.9% for lap after lap after lap is simply unbelievable. No, not every race, but frequently. Should be a great year.

  2. bmbktmracer says:

    What is wrong with you people? The article said the surgery was successful and he’s expected to be available to ride at Qatar. That’s great news! It’s unbelievable how dark some peoples’ hearts are, to even consider I was happy about his injury. Jabe and HS1, thank you. You guys can ride with me anytime.

  3. Mark says:

    I broke a scaphoid on left hand – Had surgery in August and cast was not off until December. It is a prime bone in hand. I would not be surprised if we didn’t see him until June.

    • Curtis says:

      I sympathize and your experience would be the same for many of us. These guys are distinctly different. Dr. Mir gave a nice interview on and he indicated “for sure at Qatar”.

  4. joe b says:

    … I dont know, but i’d bet thats from a high side, then slapping his hand as he tumbled.

  5. bmbktmracer says:

    Great news!

    • HS1... says:

      I think it’s too early to know either way. It’s a bone that doesn’t heal well and can become a chronic source of pain. It can also be removed. Press releases from Honda are highly unlikely to tip if there is a problem. I do wish for any MotoGP competitor good health to compete at their best without pain.

    • fred says:

      If you mean that it is great news that the surgery was successful, and the Jorge is expected to be fully fit for the Qatar test and the start of the season, I agree.

      If you mean that you are happy that he was injured, you need to go home and rethink your life. Come back to MotoGP when you are a decent human being.

      • HS1... says:

        The article commented on bmbktmracer is about Jorge having successful surgery. Inferring that his comment was about something else, unless he has established a history that I’ve missed, seems pretty nasty. A completely different article announces the injury.

      • Jabe says:

        I didn’t get the impression that bmbktmracer meant any bad with his comment. I do get the impression that Fred, for some reason, is opening the door for conflict. Maybe Fred should come back to MotoGP when he is done making stupid comments

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