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Jorge Lorenzo Fractures Left Wrist – Surgery Monday

Honda announced today that new Repsol team member Jorge Lorenzo “has sustained a fracture to the left scaphoid while training in Italy … he will undergo surgery tomorrow (January 21) after additional checks.”

It is unknown whether this injury is in any way related to the left wrist fracture Lorenzo suffered last October during practice for the Thailand MotoGP event. He missed four races after that injury, but returned to racing and testing thereafter.

MotoGP testing is set to resume on February 6 at Sepang. Obviously, we don’t know at this point how soon Lorenzo will be able to test or race. MD should know more tomorrow, and we will update this article.

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  1. HS1... says:

    It would be somewhat anticlimactic, now.

  2. Dave says:

    And all of the sudden, Honda’s A-Team are both question marks.

    Will Maq’s shoulder be good?
    Will JL’s wrist heal in time? Will it stop him training?

  3. Scorza says:

    Good!!! We love on and off- road! Dakar please!

  4. VLJ says:

    #99 looking a bit soft and doughy there.

  5. TimC says:

    Motomatters reports it was done doing dirt track.

    What a double-edged butter knife that is – nothing trains traction management like dirt track, but it seems to be where they always get hurt off-season.

  6. TimC says:

    Aside: This is one of the cooler pictures of the dude I’ve ever seen. He usually just looks dorky. Granted, you wonder what’s in the guy’s hand to draw his ire like that.

  7. Artem says:

    Very bad Like his style

  8. BergDonk says:

    Maybe he figures Toby Price’s secret to winning Dakar was his broken scaphoid and Jorge can use it to his advantage too?

    When’s the Dakar wrap coming to MCD?

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