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New Ducati V4 Naked Will Make More Than 200 Horsepower

On October 23, Ducati will announce a new model believed to be the Streetfighter V4. With 1100cc, this could be the quickest naked bike yet. The teaser video below indicates output of 208 horsepower and dry weight of just 392 pounds. With aero wings, and the complete electronic assist package found on the superbike Panigale, this will be one serious performance machine.

This will undoubtedly be an expensive motorcycle, but Ducati wants to be at the top of the heap in the super-naked category. Stay tuned.

This is The Fight Formula.See you at Ducati World Première 2020: October 23rd, 11.30 am CEST.Follow the unveil of the 2020 Ducati range in live streaming on our website and on our social media channels.#DWP2020

Posted by Ducati on Sunday, October 13, 2019

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  1. Fred N says:

    It should be well suited to lane splitting.
    In and around before the tin tops know what just happened to them.

  2. carl says:

    UHMMM boring waiting for first manufacture to break 300hp!

  3. RyYYZ says:

    In a perfect world where I had unlimited funds and places to store bikes, and unlimited funds to ride on racetracks or pay for tickets and lawyers to deal with speeding/street racing charges, sure I’d have one of these insanely powerful bikes.

    But back in the real world, where I have to make do with one or two bikes and my funds aren’t unlimited? And doing more than 50 km/h over the limit will lose you your license and your vehicle and result in huge fines?

    I’m glad that stuff like this exists, but they’re largely irrelevant to me.

    • Mr.Mike says:

      “I’m glad that stuff like this exists, but they’re largely irrelevant to me”, is exactly how I feel.

  4. allworld says:

    First MV not Ducati, gee those Italians like to go fast…

  5. Mick says:

    My main issue with the street bike industry is that they will continue to build bikes like this with ever more power and sub 400 pound lie weights. Yeah, sure, fine. You have your spec sheet bike for the heroes who want to stand next to it and pretend they need something like that to properly nogociate a public road.

    Now make a premium spec bike that is 80 to 100hp with a low or, preferably, sub 300 pound lie weight and I’ll bring money, a fairly sizable stack if I have to.

    Unfortunately that money will do nothing but languish. Motorcycle dealers only need to provide me with the occasional new two stroke dirt bike. KTM seems to be the only company interested in making new models of those.

    Bike shopping is so easy now days. Just wait for KTM to develop a new two stroke engine, and go fetch up a new 300XC. The street bikes just clutter the sales floor.

    • Dave says:

      The closest thing available is the KTM Duke 690 – ~70hp/355lbs. or the Duke 790 which goes ~105hp/375lbs. Sub 300lb is just not feasable for a powerful road motorcycle. Has any company ever made such a bike?

      • todd says:

        My 690 Duke is 73hp, 330 lbs. I had a KLX300R that was a hundred pounds lighter than that and it really was awesome (street legal registration).

    • Snake says:

      Exactly right. The industry is full of MORONS who just don’t get it, continuously making new pie-in-the-sky, expensive high horsepower bikes…for an aging, dying community of bikers who still have some money, that they think are lining up for their wares.

      All the while, complaining that “Millennials” just don’t “get it” and why aren’t they lining up to buy this stuff?? Because, you morons, a Millennial can’t afford your $16,000+ fantasy bike with 140+ horsepower, can’t afford the insurance even if they could afford the hardware, won’t buy something so oversized for their urban-based needs, plus a good percentage of them can’t fit on your stupid-tall ADV-influenced design paradigm.

      So you win in the short term with a few conquest sales…and lose, absolutely HUGE, in the long term as you make your industry even more irrelevant to today’s generational living.


  6. gpokluda says:

    Whatever. I will say the only good thing about bikes like this Duc is that the advancement in engineering and design will eventually trickle down throughout the industry.

  7. Frank says:

    Go head-on with your bad self Ducati and keep building bikes designed to excite the mind and senses. Nobody does it any better than you guys.

  8. Frank says:

    Too much this, not enough that…You gotta’love these guys at Ducati building awesome dream machines designed to excite. All practical minded riders look elsewhere, this bike is not for you.

    You go guys..keep doing it!

  9. Randy Talburt says:

    I LOVE that motorcycles have come so far. However, I COULD, ride this bike (and not to it’s potential), but I wouldn’t buy it. They almost had me with the 1100 Scrambler, but they still don’t get it. I don’t want modes, ABS,wheelie control,smart suspension,etc… What would this bike weigh, cost, without all those to turn off? No fiddling with buttons to go for a ride. I’ve got more motorcycles than would makes sense now. I’ve make peace with fuel injection. I’m losing the closest Ducati dealer to me and I can’t help. My next bike purchase is going to be a Suz DR650.

    • Ralph W. says:

      “I don’t want modes, ABS,wheelie control,smart suspension,etc…”

      Agree. They should get rid of all the unnecessary rubbish and lower the prices. They are concerned about declining sales numbers. Lower prices would help.

      • fred says:

        Regardless of what you two want, over 200hp and under 400lbs means that the bike will be brutal. The electronic aids just mike keep a few riders alive a bit longer.

        It really doesn’t make sense for a bike mfg to spend huge money on engine, brakes, and suspension, then go cheap on electronics.

        If you want cheap, there are less expensive bikes available. If you want fast, the price tends to be fairly high.

      • Dave says:

        I’m sure their market research tells them that they’re not going to sell more units of a bike like this at a lower price, they’ll only make less money per.

        • Ralph W. says:

          You missed the point. Both Randy and I were talking about bikes in general, not just this bike. I have no interest in this bike because I can’t use all of its power where I live. So rider aides or no rider aides, I would not buy it. But there are a lot of bikes I would buy that are significantly more expensive because of their electronic rider aides, which I don’t want anyway.

          • Dave says:

            Which bikes have gotten significantly more expensive? Premium bikes were expensive before electronics started coming with them.

          • Ralph W. says:

            Which bikes are significantly more expensive? All of the bikes which have extensive electronic systems. Some electronics are replacements for essential systems, such as electronic ignition, fuel injection and instrumentation. These don’t make bikes more expensive than they need to be, and possibly are cheaper than the old systems. But rider aides and many other electronic gizmos are not essential and add a lot to the price of new bikes. How much they add depends on how many and how sophisticated they are. If you are happy to pay for them, don’t complain about the prices of new bikes. Do I have to mention again that I’m talking about all bikes and not just premium models?

  10. Modaco says:

    These crazy guys at this little factory in Italy building these exotic beasts.
    Turning passion into physical reality.

    Reminds me of what an ordinary man I am, that I can’t imagine let alone build something that awesome.

    Haters complaining about the HP numbers and power delivery… LOL
    The bike is gonna be badass.

    • bmbktmracer says:

      Where did you find “haters”? I read every post. People have opinions and experiences, but that’s the purpose of a forum. My takeaway is that the forum is amused by a 208 HP motorcycle.

  11. Mike says:

    As soon as my 115 rwhp z900 proves to slow for me in real world riding applications I’ll certainly give this bike serious consideration providing of course that the soon to be released Z H2 proves inadequate.
    At $8000, I suspect I’ll have my z900 a long time. And I’m good with that. 👍

  12. Grover says:

    200+ HP? Boss Hoss had that decades ago…

    • downgoesfraser says:

      Weight? Both are are ridiculous street bikes, but the Duc should go around corners.

    • Kent says:

      Yes, the Ducati will be ridden, and not just trailered to shows.

      It’s more horsepower than anybody “needs” or can use on the street, but I’d love to scare the hell out of myself on one. Once.

  13. ilikefood says:

    I’ve had a ‘09 Ducati Multistrada for almost 60k miles now, and it’s been the most reliable bike I’ve owned so far.

    • TF says:

      I’ve owned three Ducs including two Multis and an 1100 Hyper. Minimal issues with all of them. Conversely, I have a Yamaha R3 that sits next to my current Multi in the garage. The R3 has been recalled 6 times. There are no absolutes despite what the Duc haters want to believe.

  14. DonM. says:

    All the Kawasaki Ninja H2 owners are yawning.

  15. mickey says:

    Yep you’re right it did say – fairing. Naked it is then.

  16. bmbktmracer says:

    I suppose if find yourself bored with a mere 180 HP…

  17. falcodoug says:

    What ever.
    Just give me the new Tuono.

  18. TF says:

    Here we go again, everybody else’s motorcycle is too fast!

    Ducati just wants to sell motorcycles. If HP numbers sell bikes, that’s what Ducati will market. Some manufacturers also go to great lengths to make good looking bikes but there is nothing practical about a good looking bike……other than the looks help them move quickly from the sales floor.

  19. Sean says:

    And it will be in the shop monthly. (yes, I’ve owned a Ducati)

  20. Shoeman says:

    My wife hears the complaints every time I ride my Yamaha MT10: at 419 pounds dry, and 150 Horsepower, I just can’t accurately replicate Rollie Free’s classic Bonneville Salt Lake ride of wearing a bathing suit and riding stretched out over the tank and seat. Now, with 40 less pounds, and 58 more horsepower, I look forward to getting that all-over tan while riding this Ducati nearly nekid, clothes torn off from the wind force at top speed!

  21. ilikefood says:

    208 hp… at 12,750 rpm. Battle of marketing brochures. This bike won’t feel powerful in the actually usable rev range, but hey, 208 hp is a big number, right?

    Peak power numbers are pretty useless, especially on a naked bike. In order to make 208 hp at 12,750 rpm, the engine has to be tuned to be most efficient at high rpm, and therefore inefficient at lower rpm. Given the same displacement (and no complex variable valve timing trickery), a 208 hp engine will feel weaker than the same engine tuned for mid-range power that makes, say, 150 hp peak power. That’s why the first-gen R1 feels stronger than the new generations that give up usable power for flashy peak power numbers.

    • todd says:

      Hardly. This bike will accelerate twice hard as your run of the mill 104 hp bike. If you want to experience full power, you use all of the rev range. If you want to ride slower, you use less throttle.

      • Ralph W. says:

        I stopped caring about which bike has the most power when they exceeded 150hp. My biggest bike makes 145hp at about 10,500rpm. If I rev it out to that to access all of its power I’m over the speed limit, even in first gear. In second gear I’m so far over the limit that my licence will be suspended if I’m caught. Unfortunately, I live in an area that is heavily policed. A prominent motorcycle journalist said that in real-world road riding we rarely use more than 80hp. If you have a high-powered bike, find a power chart for it. You might be surprised at how little of its power you use.

      • Ralph W. says:

        It isn’t always easy to find the power charts you want. An example – the Suzuki Bandit 1250 has about 20hp more than a 2016 R1 at 6,000rpm, which is about the revs typically used on road. Of course, acceleration is also affected by weight and the Bandit is heavier.

        • todd says:

          Just because you cruise around on the Bandit at 6,000 rpm (and probably nowhere near full throttle) doesn’t mean you would ride around on an R1 at 6,000. Also, if you were in some kind of hurry where you cared about how much power you were extracting, I doubt you’d be tootling around at 6,000 rpm!

          • Ralph W. says:

            I was just giving an example of what “ilikefood” said. High maximum power output means less power at the revs we commonly use. To use all of the power of bikes like this we have to travel at highly illegal speeds. If you live somewhere that you can get away with it, lucky you. I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time searching for power charts. They were two I found easily.

    • Neal says:

      It depends on gearing. If 12k is at 60 mph in first, you can probably use most of the power on most rides. If it’s 90, you can’t.

      • mickey says:

        My 1977 Kawasaki 1000 with less than 90 hp went over 60 in 1st gear at way less than 12K rpms 42 years ago. No way this 200 hp bike is going to be slower than that.

  22. Tank says:

    I don’t think the answer to slowing motorcycle sales is more HP.

  23. Tom R says:

    It’s 2025. The first 240HP street legal motorcycle is announced. Motorcycle Daily commenters will ponder how we ever lived with the sub-200HP motorcycles of a decade ago.

  24. mickey says:

    It said + Fairing …is it still a naked bike if it has a fairing?

    Regardless should be exciting to rip around for a little while if you have the room to let it stretch it’s legs. Where I live unless you go out on the expressway, there isn’t a straight road long enough to experience any of the top gears on a 200+ hp motorcycle.

    My son has trouble using 4th-6th gears on his MT-10 which makes about 50 hp less I believe.

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