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First Tests of 2023 KTM 890 SMT Appear on YouTube

Screenshot from 1000PS video report below.

First riding impressions of the new KTM 890 SMT are rolling in from Sardinia. Below is a report from 1000PS. The narrator’s voice is a bit deadpan, but there is lots of interesting information, including a very positive conclusion of the versatility of the bike and its use for everything from commuting and touring to corner carving.

Have a look:


  1. john says:

    KTM has the ugliest styling in motorcycling. Their front end design is the worst

  2. Donk says:

    Dirck is correct. The 890 is not made in China although the reintroduced 790 is.

  3. Roadrash! says:

    I still love my 2018 690 Duke. However, my butt still hurts a little from going into a dealership a few months after my purchase, to get the Track Pack download, and being told it was no longer available….

  4. Sivan says:

    Current 1000PS video reviews in English are a reading of Apple Safari translation of their written review posted on their website, word for word. I miss their now defunct English reviews channel, this is a very poor substitute.

  5. hans says:

    I’m from Europe. I was intrested in the 890 SMT, but the price is way too high. Base price germany = roughly 15000 euro (incl shipping/handling, dealer prep etc).

    – Cruise control not included (additional 273 Euro)
    – Quickshifter not included (additional 390 Euro)
    – Traction contro not included (additional 243 Euro)
    – MSR Motor slip regulation not included (additional 165 Euro)
    – Connectivity kit not included (additional 156 Euro)

    So you end up paying roughly 16200 Euro out of the door.

  6. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Which KTM s are actually made in China ?

  7. todd says:

    I’m on the KTM forums and it’s loaded with complaints about issues with the 790 and 890 Chinese bikes. I’m glad that I haven’t had any issues other than a torn tank seal and clutch seal on my 690, the only two issues that are common recall items on those bikes. It’s a shame KTM keeps selling these and ignoring the issues.

    • Dirck Edge says:


      • Ed says:

        What do you mean by “no”?” He didnt read it on a Chinese website? The Chinese have no complaints” It’s not made in China? The tank doesnt leak? No clutch seal issues? No recalls? As I writer, i really do expect more from you than I would from a 3rd grader.

  8. I am sure it rides nice but it looks kind of ugly with the bodywork and front headlight wind deflecting thingamabob. If an artist painted it to mask that…ok. Great motor and chassis. And that tank. Looks like a gas can smushed onto the top of the frame. eh…

  9. Mick says:

    Sardinia looks like a cool place to ride. I was really thinking about going there dack then the ISDE was there about eight years or so ago while I was living in France. The wife and I did spend a week riding around Corsica. That place is fantastic. Most of the island is like riding a paved Enduro with a 90KPH speed limit on roads that make reaching 90 nearly impossible. No nanny speed limits there like they have done to The Tail of the Dragon.

    The wife wants to ride Sicily. But it doesn’t look twisty enough to bother. That and I despise travel.

  10. Skybullet says:

    I just consigned my 990 SMT to the Roseville, CA KTM Dealer. I also have a 1290 Super Duke GT. The 990 V twin is in immaculate condition and sold me on KTM performance.

  11. TimC says:

    Sadly the main area of the US this bike works is the Bay Area, then maybe LA/east TN or something.

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