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Jerez MotoGP Sprint Results

The half-distance MotoGP Sprint race was held earlier today at Jerez. KTM shined by capturing three of the top six positions, including the win.

Brad Binder (KTM) followed teammate Jack Miller before taking the lead with a few laps remaining. Binder held on to win, while Miller was relegated to third place after being passed by Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati).

The race had to be re-started after a nasty looking crash on the opening lap brought out a red flag. None of the riders involved was seriously injured.

Stay tuned for MD’s report on the full Sunday race tomorrow. You can find complete results of the Sprint race here.


  1. Mick says:

    Wow! The first Japanese bike finished in 12th place and only five Japanese bikes finished at all.

    Take that PDF back 25 years into the past and show it to a GP fan. Tell them that this is a race result from 25 years in the future and see if they believe you.

    Both PDF files and this website were around 25 years ago. Just when you think that the internet is still kind of new. Well, define new.

    • John A Kuzmenko says:

      They’d probably say, “What, are the Japanese gradually pulling out of MotoGP?”

      • Mick says:

        The 600cc sport bike was their top seller back in the day. Now it’s race GP on Sunday and sell ADV on Monday. They’re kind of doing it out of habit for now. They need a cool movie to come out or something.

        • Dave says:

          *in America.

          I don’t think 600ss bikes were that popular globally. The win on Sunday, sell on Monday is also a very American cliche. They race to build heir brands in a general sense whether they sell ADV bikes or city scooters.

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