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AC Schnitzer for BMW Motorcycles

If you are an automobile enthusiast, you have probably heard of the AC Schnitzer tuner company located in Germany. You also likely have heard that AC Schnitzer specializes in the tuning of BMW automobiles. Did you know that AC Schnitzer also tunes BMW motorcycles? It has since 2000.

Of course, in Europe, there is a bigger market for tuned BMW motorcycles. As motorcycles become more popular here in the United States, of course, that could change. AC Schnitzer addresses performance, cosmetics and ergonomics with alternate bars, pegs, exhaust pipes, body panels and wheels.

Sometimes, AC Schnitzer will take parts from one BMW and bolt them onto another. The R1200R pictured at the top of this article, for instance, features the headlights from the K1200R, which are much more powerful and incorporate a bikini fairing. AC Schnitzer has the same reputation for attention to detail on BMW motorcycles that it has in the automotive field.

While AC Schnitzer takes great pride in its super-light alloy wheels, which typically save more than ten pounds versus the stock BMW units, this list of modifications to the K1200R Sport, shown immediately above, gives you some idea of the breadth of product available.

AC Schnitzer AC S 1 forged alloy wheels
(3.5, 5.5, 6.0 x 17″)
AC Schnitzer Revolution silencer
AC Schnitzer connecting pipe with or without catalytic converter
AC Schnitzer high performance manifold set
AC Schnitzer Superbike steering conversion
AC Schnitzer carbon cover for steering conversion
AC Schnitzer belly pan
AC Schnitzer rear conversion with pillion cover
AC Schnitzer crashpads basic or premium
AC Schnitzer mirror extensions
AC Schnitzer cover cardan

Take a look at the AC Schnitzer web site for additional information.

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